A First Look at Raven’s New Content Marketing Tools …

Image of Raven Tools Logo

Running the data for Copyblogger Media is no small task, so we’re big fans of tools that make our lives easier. At the top of that list is Raven Tools’ marketing software.

And yes, we love them even more for the fact that Raven’s Content Manager tightly integrates with our Scribe content marketing software system … but that’s just one of many reasons.

Like us, the Raven team is constantly working to improve their software and to make sure it meets the needs of the ever-evolving content marketing industry.

I just found out that they’re about to update their Raven Content Manager in a major way, and I couldn’t be more excited.

What’s ahead for Raven, and — more importantly — what does it mean for you?

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6 Simple Ways to Make a Good First Impression Online

Image of Rotary Phone

You’ve heard it before, I know. You have seconds — seconds — to make a good first impression with your brand.

Depending on who you ask it might be seven seconds. It might be three. It might be a split second.

You’ve got to make an immediate positive impact, or you’re toast. The worst part is that you may never get the chance to make an impression again.

The pressure’s on. Where do you start?

I’m here to tell you that it’s actually not that complicated.

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sweat Email Unsubscribes

Image of Empty Desk

Do you take it personally when someone unsubscribes from your list?

You’re a smart content marketer, and you know that building a qualified list of email subscribers is an important part of your overall online strategy.

But as you build your list (and consistently send out useful, compelling content), you’re inevitably going to lose some of those subscribers.

A lot of email marketers take it very personally when people drop off their list. They fret and sweat over every lost reader.

But I argue that there are many reasons why you want to celebrate — not mourn — when someone unsubscribes from your list.


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Heading to SMX East? Here’s How to Save $400

image of SMX East logo

Are paid search or SEO important parts of your content marketing strategy? If so, you’ll want to take a look at Search Marketing Expo — SMX East — taking place in New York City from October 1-3.

Register before Super Early Bird rates expire next Friday, July 27, and you can use our discount code smx100copy to save a total of $400 off onsite All Access rates.

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The Deceptively Simple Steps to Persuasive Writing That Works

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some ways you can keep your reader’s attention. But I didn’t mention one of the most important techniques — one that requires no particular writing ability, no creativity to think of a great hook, and no hours of research to find the most compelling facts to tell your story.

This easy technique is infinitely versatile. I use it in nearly every piece I write. (I even use it in email.) But it’s so deceptively simple, you might not be taking full advantage of it.

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Why B2B Brands Need to Create Long-Form Content

Image of a Selectric typewriter

Brands must learn to master the art of short-form storytelling.

Technology enables it; and consumer attention spans demand it.

Whether it be a 6 to 15 second video, a single photo, or 140 characters of usefulness, there’s no doubt that companies must learn how to tell their brand story quickly and efficiently.

But with all the hype about short-form storytelling, too many brands often forget about the longer brand narrative, and they are making a big mistake by doing so.

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