The Writer Runs This Show

We have the technology.

We have the business skills.

We have virtual ink by the barrel.

The writer runs this show.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #27:

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

Most days I just don’t know what’s safe to eat or drink, but I’ve always thought that soy was a better, more nutritious choice for my protein needs — didn’t you? More vegan and all that.

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The 7 Essential Steps to Creating
Your Content Masterpiece

image of Johann Sebastian Bach

In the UK, we have a derogatory term for newspapers: chip wrappers. No matter how good, today’s front page wraps tomorrow’s fish and chips.

Bloggers can relate. You slave for hours to write a stellar article that bursts into the limelight for only a few days, or even hours, before it’s forgotten. Readers who find you this week won’t know what you wrote last week, much less last year.

It’s tough to feel like even your best work is destined to become nothing but a chip wrapper.

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The Grateful Dead 4-Step Guide to the Magical Influence of Content Marketing

image of Deadhead sticker

What did one Grateful Dead fan say to the other when the drugs wore off?

“Man, this music sucks!”

Jokes aside, no one can argue the cultural influence of the Dead and the legions of loyal Deadheads who continue to love the band. And a big part of how it happened was due to the band’s pioneering content marketing approach.

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Improve Your Writing Overnight with the Rule of 24: Guaranteed

image of number 24

Few things in life are guaranteed. This is especially true if you are a writer.

But this one rule — The Rule of 24 — is guaranteed. Iron clad.

Doesn’t matter who you are, what you write, how you write, or how hard you try to prove this wrong.

You won’t.

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Dr. Evil’s 7 Tips for Achieving Worldwide Marketing Domination

image of Dr. Evil

Usually we save all the sneaky tricks and techniques for the newsletter, but today I’m feeling rambunctious so I decided I’d uncork some of the good stuff.

Don’t read today’s post unless you want to reach out and scoop more than your fair share of customers and sales. If you’re already making more money than you want, this one’s not for you.

Are you evil enough to join us?

OK. Here are 7 dastardly, fiendish, and just plain frickin’ evil tactics to get ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

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7 Strategies for Escaping
“Me Too” Product Launches

image of rocket

Are you noticing an awful lot of launches nowadays?

Well, it’s not just you.

As many bloggers jump off the Adsense bandwagon, they’re getting into the launch game, with a neverending stream of premium eBooks, white papers, audio interview series, video courses, membership sites, networking events, webinars, conferences, consultation packages, private coaching groups, print books, physical items, and anything else that could be wrangled together into a marketable asset.

And because bloggers are good at creating content, they don’t just release these products without any buildup. They’re conducting multi-stage launches with tons of strong content.

So if you’ve got something to bring to market, is there any point? Is there any way to cut through all this noise?

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When to Stop Drinking from the
Information Fire Hydrant

image of fire hydrant spraying water

I’ve been working with people and helping them figure out their personality styles for years, but I’m brand-new to blogging.

So I did the logical thing and started researching. How to write an interesting post, how to target my audience, how to find my writing voice.

If you’ve ever thought about trying a brand-new endeavor — like starting a business or a blog — you’ve probably done something similar.

Problem is, there’s so much information out there, you can start to feel like you’re drowning.

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20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks

image of woman making disgusted face

Admit it … you’ve wondered.

You’re writing and writing and writing, and a few people say they like it, but you’re just not getting results. Traffic is coming in at a trickle, links are hard to come by, and your comments section is about as lively as a nightclub at breakfast.

And you can’t help wondering …

Do you just need to be patient, waiting for your traffic to snowball?

Or could it be possible that, really, your content sucks (thereby breaking the first rule of Copyblogger), and everyone is just being nice so as not to hurt your delicate artistic feelings?

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Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up:
Week of June 14, 2010

Let's Do it for Johnny!

The problem with doing what I do online is that I have no idea how to describe what it is that I do. You may think that’s dumb fodder for a Wrap-Up intro, but since I’ve established that gloomy 80’s guitarists and product placement tattoos are fair game, an identity crisis should fit right in.

Telling folks that I build blogs and websites is accurate but doesn’t give the whole picture, since I also do consulting and create courses and other stuff.

If I tell them I’m a blogger, they get all confused and think it’s slang for “unemployed.”

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