Who is the Internet Marketing for Smart People Course for?

image of Albert Einstein

It’s only for people who want:

  • A systematic, simple way to get a good grasp of the power of effective online marketing.
  • Easy-to-navigate tutorials on the “Copyblogger method” of creating a profitable online business or marketing your offline business online.
  • An organized reference guide to the “best of the best” that’s appeared on Copyblogger over the years.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #26:

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

Karen Omerod wants babies to be more comfy and parents less hassled dressing them. She’s designed an adorable line of yoga-styled, easy on/easy off, tops and bottoms. What’s not so cute is that Karen’s sales are poor.

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How to Monetize Your Site Without
Causing an Audience Revolt

image of riot police

If you haven’t experienced it, you’ve seen it.

Whether you’re a blogger or a marketer — or both — you’ve seen an audience rise up in revolt the moment someone tries to make a buck.

You’ve sold out! You didn’t disclose!

Whatever the contention, one thing is clear. Something backfired and backfired hard.

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Get a Great Deal When You Join Third Tribe Before June 1, 2010

image of Third Tribe logo

Are you stuck in the middle with your online marketing?

Too much integrity to be an Internet marketing huckster, and too much respect for cash flow to be a social media idealist?

What if I told you the middle is exactly the place to be?

And what if I also told you that you can get a ton of Internet marketing education for pennies on the dollar, all while meeting up with like-minded people who can help take your business to the next level?

All at no obligation?

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How to Overcome Your Three Greatest Blogging Challenges

image of climber at Mt. Everest

Let’s say you thought it would be pretty neat to climb Mount Everest.

You find two “how-to” web sites that explain what’s involved.

One details a tough training regimen, spells out all of the financial costs, has a serious conversation with you about the risks, and gives you a complete list of the gear you’ll need to maximize your chances of a successful ascent.

Another tells you that since you go for a 20-minute run every day, you’ll be totally fine. Nah, don’t buy a bunch of fancy equipment. Just wear your flip-flops and a sweater.

Who’s doing you the favor?

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Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up:
Week of May 17, 2010

Let's Do it for Johnny!

Last week, I told a story about how Brian lured me down to Texas, loaded me up with tequila, and convinced me to become a walking endorsement. Now, I’m biased, but I thought that was funny. But what was more funny was that there were a handful of people who actually thought I had gotten “Scribe” and “Thesis 4 LYF” tattooed onto my arms.

This misunderstanding proved that sarcasm doesn’t always translate online. But more troubling, it also established that people feel that the ladies walking the streets around that tattoo parlor and I have similar opinions about what money can buy.

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How to Write Your Ass Off

image of mysterious figure

My name is not Johnny B. Truant.

This isn’t meant to be any kind of a coming out. Based on my informal survey (so informal that no questions have been asked), most people rightly assume the moniker is too preposterous to be real anyway.

I could tell you the name I was born with, but there wouldn’t be any point. That’s not the person you know.

Everything written in the blogosphere was written by Johnny. Everything said in an interview or a course was spoken by Johnny.

Johnny built the business I have today. Without Johnny, that business doesn’t exist.

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Three Training Tips to
Become a Better Blogger

image of dumbbells

I don’t go to the gym.

I could. There’s a gym right here in my town. I’d like to be stronger, faster, and more badass. But I don’t go to the gym, and the reason has nothing to do with my not wanting to get all of the benefits of a good workout.

It has to do with the fact that when I want results, I want them now.

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How to Promote Your Blog on TV for
Way Less Than You Think

image of television

The idea of advertising a blog on TV is just plain crazy. Right?

Well, it used to be. But with the introduction of Google TV, that crazy idea isn’t so crazy anymore.

Google TV is part of Google AdWords, and it works much the same way. It’s an auction-based system where you choose the price you want to pay. Obviously, the more you pay, the more people you’re likely to reach. But it’s possible to run an ad on network television for as little as $20.

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How to Write an Article That Draws
Thousands of New Readers

image of cheering concert crowd

Imagine you woke up this morning and wrote an article.

Just another article like all the articles you’ve been writing. Except something is different about this one.

Tons of folks are clicking on this article. They’re reading it and forwarding it to friends. They’re signing up to your newsletter in droves. The numbers go into the hundreds, then into the thousands, then into the tens of thousands.

What was it about that single article that created such a surge of traffic?

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