Forget Everything You Know About Making Money Online (And Start Making Some)

Teaching Sells

More people than ever are trying to make money online these days. And it seems just as many are frustrated with their results so far.

If you’re having trouble creating an online business, it might be because you’re following approaches that really don’t work anymore. The truth is, some models that worked a few years ago for early adopters are difficult if not impossible for new players to successfully get going today.

The key to avoiding this frustration is to see where things are going and become an early-adopter in the next big wave of the commercial Internet. Of course, even if you’re already doing well, it never hurts to take a look forward, right?

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How to Become an Expert on Nearly Any Subject


The key to online success is authority. The key to authority is knowing what the heck you’re talking about, and being able to express it well.

So what’s the key to knowing what the heck you’re talking about?

One of the things that holds people back from creating information-based businesses is the insecurity that they’ll never be able to learn enough to be an expert. Here’s how to become insanely knowledgeable about nearly any subject under the sun.

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Six Ways to Get People to Say “Yes”


Getting people to say “yes” is the goal for any sales message. It’s what psychologists call “compliance.”

However, my first exposure to the idea of compliance was not in a psychology book, but beneath a tree decades ago when my grandfather, in a moment of playfulness, showed me something startling with a stick and a few red feathers.

One day, he handed me a long stick with a clump of red feathers taped to the end and said he wanted to show me something. He had a familiar, mischievous look in his eye, so I knew it would be fun.

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The Marvin Gaye Guide to
Unique and Exceptional Content

Marvin Gaye

Smart online marketers and publishers know the secret to success is unique content. And yet, that’s often easier said than done.

Social media is filled to the brim with regurgitated news, views, advice and tutorials. The original idea that everyone’s unique opinion would make the difference just isn’t holding up.

It takes something more than your opinion. Because, you know… everyone’s got one of those.

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The Return of Teaching Sells

Teaching Sells Logo

Teaching Sells will be opening back up for enrollment in February. Before that happens, however, we’ve got lots of free content that should help you decide if Teaching Sells is right for you.

If you’re not familiar with Teaching Sells, it’s basically an extensive set of courses designed to help you create and market online training programs. We cover everything from finding a niche, positioning against the competition, collaborating with experts, creating quality multimedia content, building membership sites, educational marketing, copywriting, launch strategies, pricing, joint ventures, and much more.

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Are Content Thieves Stealing Your Revenue?

Content Thief

I recently followed an interesting online conversation about people who read forums or blogs with ad blockers in place, so they get the content but they don’t see the ads that support that content.

A few well-known Internet marketers referred to this as “theft.” It’s an interesting perspective. Ads pay the bills. If readers don’t see the ads, eventually the advertisers will pull out and the bills won’t get paid.

There’s just one problem with this line of thinking.

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The Winnie the Pooh Guide to Blogging

Jack Ass

Sometimes, expert advice comes from where you least expect it. Winnie the Pooh himself will tell you he is a “bear of little brain,” but he also has an uncommon, clear-eyed wisdom.

You may have heard of The Tao of Pooh. But what about The Blog of Pooh?

Given that the happiness and feelings of his friends are Pooh’s chief concern (other than hunny, that is), he’d likely build a strong community as a blogger. Here are six social media lessons we can all learn from the lovable bear who’s stuffed with fluff.

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Here’s How Word-of-Mouth Marketing Really Works

Word of Mouth Works

There’s an old saying in the world of advertising:

Tell your story, or someone else will tell it for you.

Now that mass marketing channels have fragmented and social media has blossomed, getting someone else to tell your story sounds pretty damn good. But, from the look of things, most companies just don’t get how this stuff works.

It’s simple, right?

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Avoid Copy That Makes You
Look Like an Ass

Jack Ass

Remember the old saying about what happens when we assume? We make an ass out of u and me.

But let’s face it… when you make assumptions about your prospects, it’s only you who looks like an ass. The prospect just goes looking elsewhere.

We all have different motivators in life. Some people want a quiet, comfortable existence so they can feel good about every day. Some want to seize the spark of creativity and reach their ambitions. Others simply seek financial security so they can pay the bills at the end of the month.

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Are You a Fancy Nancy Writer?

Fancy Nancy

Do you know Fancy Nancy? She’s a rather endearing character for children created by writer Jane O’Connor and illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser.

Fancy Nancy prefers fuchsia to pink, tomes rather than books, and parfaits over boring old ice cream. And, bien sur, if you can say it in French, so much the better. There is nothing so ordinary that Fancy Nancy won’t add sprinkles, ruffles, or glitter to fancy it up.

This is a charming quality in a seven-year-old.

But it’s a fatal one in a copywriter.

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