The Richard Branson Guide to
Making Money With Blogs

Richard Branson

I wanted to be an editor or a journalist… but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my magazine going. ~Richard Branson

You’re not a writer.

You’re not a content producer.

You’re not a blogger.

You’re an entrepreneur.

The Ultimate (Free) Landing Page Resource

Landing Pages are like Putting Greens

I finally got around to creating a landing page for all the great articles and case studies that Roberta Rosenberg has done on landing pages in the last year. It’s a pretty hefty resource, and I haven’t seen this much landing page advice in one place outside of a paid product.

Also, I realize there are some who are still fuzzy on the whole concept of what a landing page is. Or you may think of a landing page in only one context (such as PPC) without realizing all the ways they are used. So I added a comprehensive definition and some examples as well. Check it out here.

P.S. Oh, and if you’re wondering what golf has to do with landing pages, well… you’ll have to see for yourself.

Five Lessons From Newspapers to
Boost Your Blog’s Circulation


It’s been said many times that printed newspapers won’t last – they’ll be killed off by the web.

And that would be a shame: the death of papers would see the demise of some tremendous writing and editing skills. I should know – my last job on a newspaper was just last year.

So, while we still have ink on paper, here are five things you can learn from newspaper editors and reporters to improve your blog’s copy.

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Will RSS Ever Go Mainstream?

RSS Marketing

When I first started Copyblogger, I was a huge RSS evangelist. As a long-time email marketing guy, I was sick to death of overzealous filters, deliverability issues and the low-level of trust people had for online publishers thanks to the spammers.

Over two years later, email is still very much alive. That fact is most evident with my other projects, but even here at Copyblogger over 6,000 people subscribe by email and they tend to be the most responsive.

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6 Ways That Bloggers are Like Rappers

50 Cent and Shoemoney

Bloggers and rappers are pretty much the same people. As Chartreuse smartly pointed out:

What we have in the blogosphere is the generation that grew up on Tupac vs. Biggie playing the same game in their universe.

Not convinced? Here are six similarities that leave very little room for doubt.

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Rank Checker From SEO Book

Rank Checker

Hey everyone, I’m back in town and working on a new post as we speak. But in the meantime, just wanted to share a pretty powerful free tool that Aaron Wall recently released.

Even though we’ve corresponded for the last couple years, I finally got to meet Aaron in person at Elite Retreat, and he’s both smart and laid back. His new Rank Checker tool for Firefox is really useful for checking your search engine rankings across Google, Yahoo and MSN… and doing it privately.

Check out the details and download Rank Checker here.

How to Price Freelance Writing:
It’s All About Value

Beach Money

If you go looking for advice on how to price freelance writing work, you’ll find that one thing gets repeated nearly everywhere: don’t lowball yourself. There’s a natural tendency in business to feel like you need every client you can find, and that can often mean settling for a below-market rate in exchange for simply having the work. The standard advice is, “don’t fall into that trap.”

That’s a good, solid idea – as far as it goes. But there’s another aspect of the issue that doesn’t get discussed as often as it should. Namely, that setting rates and making determinations about who to work with should be as much a function of value as it is of price.

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The Art of Blogging:
Business or Pleasure?

The Art of Blogging

Nowadays, everyone seems to think that making money as a blogger is a piece of cake. A lot of people make the mistake of starting out by picking a niche they are not exactly passionate about simply because it pays well.

In other words, they are just in it for the money and somehow consider this a sound business model. It’s easy to show up day after day if the pay is good, right?

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Copywriting Maven’s Creative Plan Marketing Makeover #1

Lightbulb on

In developing this new Copywriting Maven Makeover Series, I wanted to make sure that I provided useful information to Copyblogger readers without giving too much of the proprietary information away. Therefore the format for my critiques will be somewhat different than the landing page series.

The simple “10 points” approach doesn’t work as neatly here. So, for now at least – and subject to change as we go along – I’ll provide a short background outline and then X number of points under What Works, What Needs Work, and Maven Mull-Overs.

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Heading to San Francisco

Elite Retreat

I’m off to San Francisco to present at Elite Retreat… so it may be tougher than usual to get me by email this week. But we’ve got great content already lined up, so never fear.

Wait, you didn’t think I was leaving for good, did you? I promise if that ever happens, I’ll give you more than a Queen video as explanation. Don’t you just love the beginning of April? :-)

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