Warning Signs You Might be a

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blogcrastination (blŏg-krastuh-ney-shuhn) — the deferment of writing a blog post to a later time; often a mechanism for coping with anxiety.

If you’ve been a blogger for long, you know how ugly blogcrastination can be.

It disrupts your goals, stifles your spirit, and makes you second guess your decisions. It can take you from writing a post every day to letting days, weeks, or even months go by without writing.

It can even make you question whether you’re really cut out for blogging.

I know because I’ve been there, and the good news is that there is a way through it.

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The Mercenary’s Guide to Building
Your Internet Marketing Empire

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I don’t kill people for money (I do that for free).

I’m not wanted in 17 countries.

And I don’t ride on a steel horse.

But by many standards, I’m somewhat of a mercenary.

It started a few years ago, when I cut my teeth online by playing around in the internet marketing game.

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Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up:
Week of April 5, 2010

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If you’re like me, you may have missed a lot of this week’s Copyblogger content because you ate so much Easter chocolate last weekend that you:

  • passed out in the center aisle at Wal-Mart
  • were declared dead by Mort, the acting manager
  • were incorrectly tagged at the morgue due to budget cuts
  • were shipped off to a medical school as an indigent cadaver

and then woke up in front of visiting pre-med students who were just about to remove and dissect your kidney.

So this week’s review couldn’t possibly be more timely. You know, if you’re like me.

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Are You Burning Your
Most Important Writing Client?

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If you’re a writer, congratulations! You have magic to be envied.

You possess the rare skill of being able to make something from nothing.

You can change thinking, create emotions, paint pictures in your readers’s minds. You can manufacture money from thin air.

Just by moving your fingers across the keyboard.

Through the alchemy of writing, you can take what makes you unique and turn it into consistent revenue. Write with a plan and you can turn your thoughts into an asset that keeps paying you over and over and over again.

Yet many writers make the same mistake . . . over and over again.

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6 Questions to Ask for Powerful Testimonials

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This is the second and final installment of The Secret Life of Testimonials.

Most of us ask for testimonials. And if we follow up and pester our customers enough, we get testimonials.

There’s only one problem. Our testimonials have no power.

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11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing

Do you sound smarter when you use big words?

According to a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology , the answer is no.

In fact, complex writing makes you sound small-minded. Just consider the title of the study: Consequences of erudite vernacular utilized irrespective of necessity: problems with using long words needlessly.

Wouldn’t it be better to title this study something like The effect of using big words when you don’t need them?

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5 Things Depeche Mode Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing

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I was walking the streets of downtown Austin between SXSW parties last month and someone asked me when I was going to do another pop-music-analogy post on Copyblogger.

“What do you want to see?” I asked.

“I bet you can’t do one using Depeche Mode songs, “ he challenged.

“I bet I can,” I countered.

“Look at that guy in a dress playing the oboe!” he replied.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #24:

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

David Gilbert wants to help parents monitor their school-aged children’s activities online. He’s done his homework and knows his demographic stats cold. He also has a good handle on the main reasons why parents buy these kinds of products. Helpful, too, is that his price point is very affordable — equivalent in value to approximately one month of broadband service.

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Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up:
Week of March 29, 2010

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So this is the second week of the weekly wrap-up, and Brian seems to suspect that I might need encouragement to keep going or something. I tell him I don’t need encouragement as long as the pay is good, and that’s when he tells me for the last time he’s NOT paying me, and then throws rocks at me until I drop his wallet and scamper back into the bushes.

Really, the question is why these Saturday installments exist, and why I’m the guy writing them. And the answer is that like many of you, I have a short attention span. A weekly reminder gets me back on track, so maybe you might need . . . oh, look . . . shiny!

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10 Tricks For Getting Inspired to Write

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There comes a time in every blogger’s life when the thought of writing another blog post makes you want to . . . well . . . gag.

You know you should write, you know your readers are expecting to hear from you. But sitting down to crank out another post is like throwing your bucket down the creative well and coming up with nothing but mud.

The well is dry, baby. Nothing more to give. And yet somehow you have to find something to say.

The question is, “How?”

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