Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services, and Make Bribes

58 Killer Offers

This is the third installment of the 58 of the World’s Greatest Offers series from Dean Rieck.

We’ve already looked at some classic response-boosting offers along with offers that lower risk, reduce price, and increase urgency. Now let’s look at offers that improve terms or that offer services or bribes.

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What Aristotle Can Teach You About Ethical Blogging


We already know that Aristotle can make you a more effective blogger. But can he make you a more ethical blogger, too?

And, in today’s online world, where transparency can occur whether you want it to or not, aren’t they really the same thing?

My favorite Aristotelian work is likely Nicomachean Ethics. I love the ideas involved: how personally demanding Aristotle’s ethical system is, and how difficult and challenging it is to live out. Of all of the ethical systems I’ve studied Aristotle’s stands head and shoulders above them all by offering many concepts and principles that should be present in any quality ethical system.

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Time Management for Creative People

Creative Time

When it comes to writing and other creative work, time management is crucial. For example, I have a certain writing “zone” when I can get the words out, and if I miss it, the day is pretty much shot as far as writing goes.

I just finished reading Time Management for Creative People, a free ebook released by writer and creativity coach Mark McGuinness. It’s a really well done 32-page download that provides practical time management and productivity tips tailored specifically for those performing creative work.

You can get your own free copy at Mark’s blog, grab the PDF directly, or read it online.

Or if you prefer video to reading, watch this time management training interview, in which Mark explains some of the key ideas from the ebook.

Landing Page Makeover Clinic #8:

Landing Page Makeover

Today’s makeover is for Steve Lee’s fiction thriller, What If …? Trying to sell a novel direct is a daunting task, and frankly few will sell enough copies to be profitable. (Those that did usually had a tremendous ‘hook’ and lucked into the right place, right time, right message astral alignment to generate a lot of buzz.) When he wrote me last month, he was seeing a 1% conversion. His desire is to double, perhaps even triple the rate.

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Offers That Reduce Price and Increase Urgency

58 Killer Offers

This is the second installment of the 58 of the World’s Greatest Offers series from Dean Rieck.

As we’ve seen, the whole point of this series is to help you accomplish the three things you must do in order sell: 1) make an offer, 2) provide information to help people accept your offer, and 3) provide an easy means of responding to your offer. We kicked off the series by listing a few classic offers and offers that reduce perceived risk.

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Why Writing Like a College Student
Will Kill You Online

College Students

This is a guest post by Brian Lash.

When was the last time you curled up with a good book of college essays? Ever perused a great sales letter written in the style of an academic paper?

The college (read: deliberately formal) style has its place in the ivy-coated corners of the world. But it doesn’t belong in our new media blogs, podcasts, and videos. Because it isn’t conversational. It doesn’t match the medium. And it just doesn’t jive with expectations.

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Free Sneak Peek at the
Blog Mastermind Program

Yaro Starak is about to close the doors on his Blog Mastermind training program on December 10, so he’s offering a free look at one of the lessons in the course. As I mentioned when I reviewed the free ebook that preceded the paid course, Yaro’s blogging approach is effective because it focuses on recurring income from affiliate marketing, rather than just AdSense and other advertising programs.

So, if creating your own membership-based training program is not for you, check out the free sample lesson from Yaro and see if his approach is a better fit. You’ve got about 5 days to make up your mind, however, before he stops accepting new members.

Disclosure: I have been one of Yaro’s affiliates since he launched the program, because I previewed and helped beta test it. It’s quality stuff.

Offers That Raise Response and Lower Risk

58 Killer Offers

This is the first installment of the 58 of the World’s Greatest Offers series from Dean Rieck.

Are you ready to start making offers that have been proven effective, time and time again?

This is the first of four articles where we’ll look at 58 offers that have proven to be winners over the years. I’ve organized the offers by function to make the list easier to use. This includes offers to raise response, lower risk, reduce price, increase urgency, improve terms, offer services, offer bribes, increase profits, and generate inquiries.

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The Cosmo Headline Technique for Content Inspiration

Beyonce Cosmopolitan Cover

Ever come up completely blank for a blog topic?

You’re itching to get a quality post out, something that attracts attention and enhances your blogging profile. But you just can’t seem to come up with anything compelling.

Here’s a technique that may work for you, and you’ll owe your success to that bastion of respectable women’s journalism, Cosmopolitan.

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58 of the World’s Greatest Offers

58 Killer Offers

Getting people to buy something online requires you to do three fundamental things:

  1. Make an offer.
  2. Provide information to help people accept your offer.
  3. Provide an easy means of responding to your offer.

So one way or another, it’s all about offers.

What sort of offers? Generations of selling experience reveal an endless variation of offers you can make to sell products and services. But some have become favorites because they work reliably again and again.

58 of the World’s Greatest Offers is a series of four articles from Copyblogger contributor Dean Rieck. In this series, Dean provides you with a handy resource of offers that have proven to be winners over the years. Remember that many great offers are combinations of two or more individual offers, so feel free to mix and match.

The offers are organized by function to make the lists easier to use:

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