Beyond Eyeballs: The Three Body Parts that Create Real Revenue


The advertising world is obsessed with “eyeballs.” If you want to sell ads on your blog, for example, you’ll have to show potential advertisers how many unique users are coming to the site each week–how many eyeballs are looking at your stuff.

But readers are made of more than eyeballs. If you want to get beyond advertising to where the real money is, and find your village of profitable customers, you’ll need to get beyond simplistic eyeball thinking and start addressing whole human beings.

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How to Write With Confidence


Writing sounds easy enough, right? Just slap some words onto a page, spell-check, sense-check, job done.

Piece of cake.

Or at least it would be if you didn’t start second guessing yourself.

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Come Hang with Brian and Sonia in Austin!

Austin Skyline

I love and dearly miss my former hometown of Austin, Texas. Luckily, each March thousands of webheads converge on the heart of Texas for the unofficial “Spring Break of the Internet” at South by Southwest Interactive.

I’ll be wearing my SXSWi 2000 t-shirt just to pull rank. :)

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How to Succeed at Content Marketing
Even if Your Content Skills Suck

Sad Content

Turn on your TV at 6 pm. What do you get?

The news, right?

Then turn it on tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the week after.

You can turn in on at any day and guess what?

The news is still on at 6 pm.

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“The Catcher in the Rye” and the
Art of Phony Marketing

Catcher in the Rye


It’s the new catch-word in online marketing, whether in corporate circles or among the entrepreneurs who can make the most of it.

But what does it mean?

Let’s cut our losses and forget the clueless corporate crowd. It’s much more interesting to focus on the micro-businesses that are cropping up everywhere (with more coming due to the blessing-in-disguise layoffs this recession is fueling).

Many well-intended souls are all about authenticity. After all, this means you don’t have to care about that phony marketing and sales stuff… you know, like understanding human psychology and engaging human emotion.

How’s that working out for you?

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The Thesis Theme Affiliate Program
Gets Serious

Missy Ward

In the short time the Thesis affiliate program has been around, we’ve paid out close to $100,000 in commissions to our affiliates. But in 2009, that number is going to get bigger… a lot bigger.

To make that happen, we’ve brought Missy Ward on board as our new affiliate manager. Missy is the co-founder of the industry-standard Affiliate Summit conference and an icon in affiliate marketing circles.

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How to Sell High Ticket Items in a
Dwindling Economy


Sure, the words “disposable income” aren’t on anybody’s lips these days – but that doesn’t mean higher priced goods and services no longer have a market. While your competitors are undercutting each other’s prices – you can still come out on top and make more money than all of them without getting dragged into a price war.

Unlike a few years ago, where the most compelling reason to own a more expensive product or service was the brand itself and the way it distinguished you, these days people are starting to shift more toward “practical luxury”. Every feature is examined, every possible comparison is made, and every benefit is played over and over again in the customer’s head.

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The Seth Godin Interview:
How to Become a Leader

Seth Godin - Tribes

Seth Godin needs no introduction to this crowd. And there’s a good chance many of you already have a copy of his latest book, Tribes.

If not, Tribes is all about leadership in a post-geography world. The Internet allows anyone to become a leader of a tribe big or small, with members from across the planet. And people want you to lead them in all sorts of contexts.

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Is Your Tribe Holding You Down?

image of a Third Tribe spear

There’s a great divide in the online marketing world at the moment.

On one side is the Tribe of the Cool Kids. They’re part of The Conversation. They use the niftiest open-source tools. They have trendy haircuts. They’re about voice and influence and attention.

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The Doctor McCoy Guide to
Healing Sick Content


Is your content ailing and in desperate need of medical attention? Is it vibrant, powerful and compelling or is it dull, weak, and boring? Does it have acute or chronic symptoms of illness?

Can you save the patient or is it time to pull the plug and give your work a proper burial?

Perhaps you need some direction from “Bones”. No, I’m not referring to the lovely and talented Emily Deschanel. I mean the real McCoy.

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