The Power of Less

The Power of Less

I just finished reading Leo Babauta’s new book The Power of Less. Simply put, it’s wonderful, and I think everyone should read it.

I could do a praise-filled review like Tim Ferriss, or even a video endorsement of the book like Chris Brogan… but I’m not going to.

I’m going with less.

Pick up a copy of The Power of Less today. I give it my highest recommendation, and it’s less than 12 bucks at Amazon.

How to Super-Charge Your Content
With Emotion


There’s a specific reason why I wake up in the morning and end up writing 3-4 articles before I even hit the first sip of coffee. It’s because I’m all charged up.

The emotions are flowing:

  • I’m happy.
  • Or I’m sad.
  • Or I’m frustrated beyond belief.

And the reason why I get into these crazy moods is because I’ve just read a blog post. Or someone’s just written me an email that I strongly disagree with, or maybe simply asked me a question.

I don’t need caffeine to get going.

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Warning: Contents Are Hot

Flame Tango

Sure, your content needs to be useful. Yes, absolutely, it needs to improve your readers’ lives. And without a doubt, it needs to strengthen your relationship with your content community.

But sometimes, you just want to get some sizzle going.

Here are some ideas for when you want to create content that’s hot enough to burn your readers’ fingers.

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The Stoic Approach to
Successful Online Publishing

Marcus Aurelius

When most people hear the word “stoic” the first things that come to mind are “boring” and “dull” – both negative characteristics. That’s too bad. Because there’s a lot we can learn from the Stoics of ancient Greece.

Most don’t realize that Stoicism was a tried and true ancient way of life, a way of engaging the world. While there were many Stoics and many variations on the central tenets, here are 3 basic principles that I have taken to heart:

  1. You should not worry about or place value in anything you cannot control.
  2. You should spend most of your time doing, not thinking or theorizing or planning.
  3. You should strive to locate happiness in things you can control.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #13:

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

Lucky Makeover #13 is our first makeover out of the gate for 2009 – and we’ve got a top-rated author who knows how to sell books about using Crystal Reports software but can’t seem to move his fans from “one-sie” book sales to full-fledged membership.

You’d think the opportunity to get a ton of new material – before official publication – and direct access to the author would make for a profitable conversion rate. Yes, you might think that, but alas, author Brian Bischof says, “Nope. My landing page just isn’t converting well.”

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How to Succeed Marketing to
Generation “G”

Generation G

There’s a brand new generation for online marketers to adapt to.

This time, however, the generation is not defined by date of birth. This generation is defined by repulsion at the corporate and political greed that has plummeted much of the world into economic doldrums.

In other words, Generation “G” is all about generosity and sickened by greed.

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Here’s Why People DON’T Buy From You

Frank Kern video

Why is it that some people seem to easily sell tons of stuff, almost effortlessly? And why do some others seem to be doing all the right things, working really hard at it, and not getting the success they want?

Frank Kern outlines the three biggest reasons why people don’t buy from you in this immensely educational video. Kern nails the true root of sales persuasion, and it has nothing to do with “strong-arming” people into buying from you.

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How to Use Content Marketing to
Turn Prospects into Buyers

Get Results

What’s all this you keep hearing about content marketing these days?

Well, basically it’s what we’ve been talking about on Copyblogger for the last three years. It’s all about using relevant and valuable information to turn prospects into buyers.

When I talk to people about the topic, however, it seems many have a hard time getting their heads around it as an overall strategy. If that’s you, or you just want to hear from some of the leading authorities in the field of content marketing, you’re in luck.

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When Sex Refuses to Sell


I remember the first big spike in traffic we received at the online publication I edited at the time.

It had to do with large breasts.

And it was one of the first lessons I had in traffic and – more importantly – quality traffic. It’s a lesson I still remember today when I write my blog.

Readers, Readers, Readers

Something journalists have in mind when we’re editing newspapers, magazines or online news sites – apart from reporting the news – is readership. That’s why headlines, for example, not only tell the story but often do so in an intriguing, thought-provoking way.

It’s also why some stories are chosen over others: they’ll be more interesting to readers.

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Do You Have Enough Passion to
Be a Renegade?

Career Renegade

Imagine that your occupation involves doing what you truly love, regardless of money.

Now imagine you do actually make good money doing what you love.

Let’s face it, unless you’re a trust fund kid or the developer of a Web 2.0 site, money still matters.

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