The Freelance Copywriter’s Unfair Marketing Advantage


This week we’ve been focusing on the business of freelance copywriting. There are two good reasons for that.

First of all, the demand for quality online content and copy that converts has exploded in the last several years. And that demand will only grow.

That means a lot of opportunity for freelance copywriters.

It also means copywriters have an unfair advantage when it comes to marketing themselves. Why?

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10 Tips for Kicking Ass as a Freelance Writer

Kick Ass!

Want to be the greatest, most in-demand, kick-ass freelance copywriter ever? It’s not about the basics, like knowing how your spellcheck works or being a grammar god. You do need those, but being really good at the basics only gets you to “competent.”

Not great. Not kick-ass. Just competent.

So what’ll take you to the next level? What’s going to make you fantastic? What tricks help you hook your readers, get clients clamoring, and bring you the success you want?

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Freelance Copywriting Success:
How to Tie a Bow Around Your Work


The Internet is bloated with freelance writers in search of opportunity. And that shouldn’t be any surprise. An online writing career holds the promise of limitless possibility–as long as you’re willing to work hard and climb your way up rung by rung.

The pay is solid, the flexibility fantastic, and (let’s face it) the commute is about as good as it gets.

So how are we supposed to compete against the flood of freelancers on Elance, Guru and Constant Content, many of whom are willing to work for rates that would barely pay the rent on a fifth-floor Bangalore walkup?

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The Killer and the Poet:
How to Get Rich as a Copywriter

Ogilvy on Advertising

‘Most good copywriters . . . fall into two categories. Poets. And killers. Poets see an ad as an end. Killers as a means to an end.’ If you are both killer and poet, you get rich.
~ David Ogilvy

Who knew that a dead Scottish ad guy, writing 25 years ago, would so succinctly capture what the Third Tribe was all about?

But if you’re an advertising history junkie like I am, you’re not surprised. David Ogilvy was one of the original (and great) Mad Men, with a knack for combining art and brilliantly effective commerce.

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Landing Page Makeover Clinic #17:

Landing Page Makeover

This is another addition to our ongoing series of tutorials and case studies on landing pages that work.

Martin Schloss and Cars Helping America wants to see a lot more folks donating cars to charities. In a recession, though, people are hanging on to their aging cars longer. The good news is that 1/2 the folks who call the toll-free number are ready to donate that day. Of the total donor base, more than 1/2 are first-time donors.

The pluses for CHA? : 1. they take junkers with free towing; 2. because of CHA’s many connections, they can get donors top dollar; and 3. they can act fast. They also belong to the BBB, a strong mark of consumer credibility.

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How To Be 20% Funnier Than You Really Are


My name is Brandon, and I have achieved blogging success:

  • I live with my wife’s parents.
  • Nobody knows who I am.
  • And I am constantly asked, “When are you getting a real job?”

Thankfully, Twitter needed a Kathy Griffin to join their Angelina Jolies on the Suggested User List. Several months later, I have over a half million people following me. Most of them? They have no idea who I am either.

So why are they still following?

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The Susan Boyle Guide to
Being Loud and Proud

Susan Boyle

Isn’t calling attention to yourself… wrong?

Some people certainly think so. We are raised to admire the quiet hero, the saint that sacrifices without hope of thanks or recognition, the humble servant that gives the glory to God. We scorn people that brag, take too much credit, or appear to be enjoying their success too much.

Then you have another school of thought that rallies around the motto of, “If you don’t toot your horn, no one else will.” They tell you to be proud of what you’ve accomplished, ask for help when you need it, and fill your resume with details of your life’s every victory. Do anything less, and you’re not just naïve. You’re wasting your potential.

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Three Tips for Creating Your Own Independence Day

American Flag

July 4 is Independence Day here in the States, which, for most of us, entails the risk of losing:

  • your fingers to cheap fireworks;
  • your waistline to hot dogs;
  • your liver.

All of which, as a red-blooded American, I support wholeheartedly. But if you’re spending today celebrating the country’s independence, how about putting some attention on your own personal independence?

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How to Write an Ebook that Sells

Kindle Ebook

You need something to sell if you want to make money online. Writing an ebook is still one of the best ways to do it.

Most sites are disappointed by the nickels and dimes that come in from advertising. If your site gets massive amounts of traffic, it can work, but if not, you’ll want to find a much more profitable source of revenue.

But most of us find that it’s not all that easy to translate high-quality content from your blog into a high-quality ebook.

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Old-School Marketing No Longer Working? Blame Canada

Blame Canada

Canadians are a funny lot.

They use strange words and spell with a U. They kiss cod. They enjoy being frozen solid nearly 8 months a year, and they call their money Loonies and Toonies.

Don’t get me wrong; they’re nice people just the same. They’re nature lovers and humanitarians and they like things simple and friendly.

And contrary to popular belief, they’re actually pretty smart.

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