5 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Working with a Hollywood Actress

image of Brea Grant

Can social media make you famous?

Come on, you know you’ve thought about it. Who can resist dreaming about a post going viral and getting hundreds of thousands of visitors? Or having tens of thousands of followers on Twitter who follow your every move? Or checking your email and having hundreds of messages from your adoring fans?

It can happen. I know, because I helped make it happen for my friend Brea Grant.

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Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2009

Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2009

We’re honored that Copyblogger has been chosen as the top blog for writers for the fourth year in a row. Thanks to Michael Stelzner for the nod, and for holding this terrific competition.

Here are all the winners with Michael’s commentary. If you’re interested in writing online, you’ll get a lot out of adding each of these to your daily reading.

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How I Got 294 Comments With One Blog Post

image of computer keyboard

How’d you like to learn how to get a massive amount of comments on one blog post?

Better yet, what if you could use those comments to convince your readers to buy your products or services?

Because you can. In this post, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of a strategy Laura Roeder showed me to pull in 294 comments on my post and eventually attract more than 30 consulting clients.

It uses all of the copywriting techniques and psychological triggers that we promote here at Copyblogger, but it combines them in a unique way that generates a lot of buzz.

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Is Branding Dead?

image of rock climber

Sure, there are still some iconic brands. Apple, Nike, Coke.

But those are giant companies. They go by different rules.

For the rest of us mortals, does the traditional idea of a brand — an iconic emotional shortcut that lets customers identify with a product — make any sense anymore?

Won’t smart, lean, agile little companies eat the big, lazy brands up?

After all, a village business doesn’t need a brand, right?

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Holding Back Online? 5 Ways to
Share Your Story with Confidence

image of rock climber

This blogging and social media thing is easy, right?

Set yourself up with a free blog, have something you want to post about and off you go. Tweet about it, hook into Facebook and you’re flying. As easy as baking candy.

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What a Drunk Swiss Guy Can Teach
You About Handling Criticism

image of drunk man with lampshade

One of the most interesting lessons I learned about blogging happened in the basement of a Swiss pub on Christmas Eve.

Back in 1999, my brother and I went to visit our sister in Switzerland. Somehow, we all ended up in this basement room at a pub in Interlaken with some locals. For some reason, the lights started going on and off, and I caught this look on my sister’s face. There had been some groping during one of the dark intervals.

I went up to the offender and said, “Hey. You’re going to need to keep your hands to yourself.”

And he, quite drunk, puffed up and stared into my eyes. He said, “What are you going to do about it, friend? You’re a long way from home.”

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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Niche

Ever feel like all of the “good” topics in your niche have already been worn out by more popular blogs?

A post about getting more blog traffic or living more frugally may be interesting the first time you read about it. Maybe it’ll even catch your attention the fifth or tenth time you see it.

But what about the 50th time? Or the 100th? Doesn’t it get a little … tired?

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The Complete Newbie’s Guide to Marketing


Think it’s the lack of advanced techniques that’s been holding you back?

Think your blog isn’t finding readers because you don’t have the coolest plugins? Or that your sales page doesn’t convert because you couldn’t afford the 1,999 Secrets of Ninja Marketing Masters product that got released last month?

Think the secret to successful marketing and running a profitable online business is some piece of Jedi mastery that you would need to study for years to learn?

Not even close.

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How To End Writer’s Block Forever
(And Make Readers Fall In Love With You)


Think back to the last time you felt the crushing pressure of writer’s block.

When that locked-up feeling of helplessness transformed a blank page (or post) into a terrifying testament to your own private insecurities, what did you do? Did you curse your frozen creativity, try to wrestle an idea out of your head — or worse yet, retreat altogether from the keyboard to escape?

We all have our private ways of handling the freak-out moments that every writer (no matter how prolific) falls victim to. But wouldn’t it be better not to freak out at all? There is a way — and it’s easier than you think.

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5 Ways to Market like a Psychotherapist

mental map

Psychotherapy, a discipline intended to help people, is actually a form of marketing.

Does that thought make you uncomfortable? Or even seem a little creepy?

American psychiatrist Jerome Frank put it eloquently over forty years ago: psychotherapy is the art of Persuasion and Healing.

A good therapist needs to do more than just teach her clients to have more positive feelings.

She actually needs to sell those feelings, in order to get the results her patients want.

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