The Value of Crafting an Entrepreneurial Vision (and Sticking to It)


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a scientist turned digital artist, animator, entrepreneur — as well as an academic escapee.

She has a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo and has over 15 years of experience in research. During this time, she has generated $340,000 in funding, prepared manuscripts, and lectured.

Today, she is the founder of, where she explains scientific concepts by creating simple graphics, infographics, custom animations, and explainer videos.

This year, she was named one of the 25 entrepreneurs to watch by

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Freaking Out Over the Thought of Writing a First Draft? Try Scaffolding


Your idea stretches out to the end of nowhere. One hundred words? One thousand? What’s the angle? The structure?

That’s just one decision among many you must make before you write. And just one more decision that adds to your anxiety.

Fail to figure this one out and your idea sits idle. Deserted. Should this indecision persist, over time you’ll accumulate a storehouse of hollowed out concepts. Your very own creative blight.

Fortunately, scaffolding can help you avoid this mess.

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Content Marketing Is Easier When You (Partially) Delegate These 12 Tasks

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You might believe that it somehow gets easier — or requires less time — to market your business as your online presence grows.

You’d be wrong.

Instead, you switch from working your tail off to get known to working your tail off to keep up with being known.

Even if you stairstep the number of platforms, channels, and methods you use, there comes a point in which you just can’t keep up with it by yourself, let alone continue to grow into new areas.

The only options are to embrace the marketing ceiling or start delegating some of the marketing work.

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6 Steps to Building an Audience That Builds a Business


It’s taken awhile, but the startup world is starting to recognize the power of building an audience before building a product. That’s music to our ears.

That’s the way Copyblogger Media grew out of a one-man blog. Back in 2012, while chronicling how that happened, Brian Clark coined the term minimum viable audience, effectively tying content marketing to the lean startup movement.

A case study on Copyblogger Media in The Lean Entrepreneur brought the message to a wider audience of entrepreneurial hopefuls. Now, Joe Pulizzi is dedicating an entire book to the subject, which may well provide the tipping point.

It’s called Content Inc., and in this episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, Joe joins Brian to provide the methodology that many, many companies have used to turn an audience into successful products and services. Plus, Joe shares several examples of companies you may have never heard of that have used content as the catalyst for a startup business.

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The Evolutionary Process of an Entrepreneur


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is the creator, publisher, and editor of Foundr Magazine, which launched in 2013 and has become a six-figure business.

Foundr is a monthly digital magazine, which has had more than 100,000 downloads in its first 15 months.

He also hosts a weekly podcast for Foundr where he interviews the greatest minds in business today and has created a training platform that provides educational video courses for young entrepreneurs.

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How an Editor-in-Chief Creates Editorial Standards, Part Two


This week’s installment of the editorial standards series on Editor-in-Chief outlines three digital publishing best practices you can implement right now.

Get ready to start making details a priority …

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How to Avoid Obscurity by Misusing Language


Language is software (your brain, the hardware). A form of coding. It communicates information, and ideas travel from one person to the next through language.

As babies, our first goal is to learn the language. Master the fundamentals. Learn your scales. And most of us are fully satisfied with this.

Great writers, however, aren’t.

They go on to experiment with language. Bend it to their will. Manhandle it. Even misuse it.

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5 Things to Take Advantage of When You’re Starting Something New

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When I first started publishing content, I was obsessed with one question:

How long will it take me to grow a huge audience?

Blog readers and email subscribers … I wanted them. In vast numbers.

And I wanted them right now.

I wish I’d had a crystal ball to see all of the very real benefits I had when I was just starting to build an online presence, without the audience or subscribers.

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3 Resources to Help You Spread Your Message to the Right People with Smart Content

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I write my best drafts in my head while taking a walk or washing dishes.

But in order to complete those drafts, I need to transcend the solitary activities that enabled me to write them and tap into the minds of the people I’d like to reach. I need to strategize how I’m going to turn my ideas into refined digital content.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will help you get out of your own mind and effectively spread your message to the right people through smart content. You’ll learn:

  • How to position your ideas for content marketing success
  • How to reach your ideal clients and customers
  • How to write for an online audience

You know what else I can do while taking a walk or washing dishes? I can listen to podcasts. Content I want to hear goes straight into my ears.

If you’d like more information about using valuable podcast content to drive digital commerce, don’t forget to sign up for Brian Clark and Jerod Morris’s free webinar on Thursday, August 27, 2015.

Space is limited, so grab your spot right now!

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Introducing PR is Dead: Your Guide to the Ever-Evolving World of Digital Public Relations


In today’s fractured and ever-changing media landscape, doing PR the old way isn’t going to cut it.

PR is Dead will explore techniques and ideas for integrating new ideas with appropriate stand-bys to get the most from your public relations program.

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