How to Protect Your Digital Publication


On Search and Social, host Loren Baker and Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor of SEJ, discuss the importance of setting up an editorial mindset when working with multiple guest contributors — and protecting the authority and reputation of a blog by governing such content.

Listen in to get all the details.

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How to Write a Heroically Effective Email Autoresponder Series

build an autoresponder that champions your business

Autoresponders are the hardest-working, unsung heroes of content marketing. They’re a series of emails you write once and set up to send out at pre-set intervals to anyone who asks for them.

They keep working day and night, continuously reaching out to your audience with valuable content and relevant offers.

They work for you whether you’re writing, eating, sleeping, or playing with your pooch. They never get tired, and they never give up.

That’s pretty heroic.

When used correctly, autoresponders can add serious momentum to your business. But when you sit down to actually write your own autoresponder series, you may feel stuck or confused.

To clear up any bewilderment, here’s a clear list of email autoresponder recommendations, with practical advice about how to actually write the damn things.

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How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout, without Losing Business, or Your Health


Entrepreneurial burnout is something that can creep up on you without you realizing it.

On Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker shares his own experience with it and discusses the quick steps to avoid it.

One of the subjects Chris is most vocal about is entrepreneurial burnout. Why? Because he experienced it firsthand and wants to save you from doing the same.

By December of 2009, Chris was working like a mad man — 15-16-hour days, 7 days a week. Business was very good, but working so much was taking its toll on his health and impacting his family.

Chris ended up in the hospital from exhaustion and knew something had to change. He and his wife took some time away, during which they decided Chris would become the virtual CEO of their business.

By 2010, they had done it; now Chris has 3-day weekends every week, and works 6-7 hours a day Monday through Thursday.

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The Difference Between Responsibility and Control


Discover why an Editor-in-Chief doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) controlling in order to be responsible.

When you recognize the difference between being responsible and being controlling, you can aim to embody the qualities that will help you work with ease and become more productive.

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Don’t Create Your Content Strategy Until You Research These 6 Things

what to investigate to build a better content strategy

I’m here today with a reminder about an all-important truth when it comes to content strategy: research is everything.

When I evaluate copy and content strategies, I often see what amounts to copycat content.

Not that these people are stealing. No.

Typically, it’s clear to see they are working off of limited information (perhaps their client is stiff-lipped) or simply looking around to see what everyone else is doing — and then creating something similar and safe.

Both those approaches will lead you to a content strategy that is DOA: Dead on Arrival.

Here are six areas you should research to avoid that, so your content marketing gets — and holds — your audience’s attention.

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3 Resources to Help You Build Outstanding Online Courses

Copyblogger Collection - craft superb online courses

“Choosy moms choose Jif” is one of my favorite taglines, for peanut butter or otherwise.

The product’s message stands for more than just peanut butter.

Jif paints a subtle picture of an elite group: choosy moms. Choosy moms only buy the best food for their children.

Any mom who aspires to be part of a group of selective moms would value what Jif represents and feel good about purchasing the brand of peanut butter.

When you turn your educational content into an online course or membership site, how can you communicate to your potential students or members that you have the knowledge that will help them become the people they want to be?

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to structure and sell your natural expertise
  • How to attract students who want to learn from you
  • How to create a valuable lesson plan that sells your online course and motivates your students

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Jonny Rants His Sinuses Clear About Social Media Strategy


What happens when we become so focused on new social media tactics that we lose sight of our goals?

We all have a finite amount of time and energy. Every moment that we spend on social media is a moment that we aren’t spending producing our shows.

Should we be spending all of our time on our shows or are we better off using Pareto’s 80/20 Principle, which states that 20 percent of our efforts gives us 80 percent of our results? Of course, it depends.

Today on The Showrunner, hosts Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor go further than that and help you define a strategy for social media, rather than tactics that could distract you from your larger mission.

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Critical Mistakes that are Hurting Your Membership Site


In the seventh part of The Mainframe’s membership series, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett reveal the mistakes membership site owners make that harm sales, customer experience, and reputation.

Listen in to get all the details.

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How to Create Videos and SlideShare Presentations that LinkedIn Loves


Listen in to The Missing Link as two expert guests share how you can create videos and SlideShares that work for LinkedIn.

It’s easier than you think to create visually appealing videos and SlideShare presentations from the content you’ve already created.

Your content is worth more when shared in different formats.

So, you’ll want to listen closely to this episode to learn valuable information you can put to use right away.

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5 Surprising Ways Podcasting Prepares You for Writing a Book

how to go from podcast to book

The only way I got through English class (in any grade) was by cheating. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.

I was a dyslexic kid who tested at a second grade reading level when I was entering the eighth grade.

I felt stupid and worthless.

If you had told me then that I would one day be the author of a book that would appear on the front table of every Barnes and Noble in the U.S., I would have thought you were crazy and/or lying.

Crazier things have happened, however, and I credit podcasting with making this dream a reality.

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