Tenacity and Tissues (or, a Specific Example of Why You’re More Capable Than You Think You Are)


Editor-in-Chief host Stefanie Flaxman likes being extremely prepared when she learns something new.

She wants to have gotten a solid eight hours of sleep the night before. She wants to be in her office, at her desk, working on her iMac. She wants to have her favorite brand of green tea in hand.

But that can’t always happen.

So, this past January Stefanie found herself learning something new in a conference room in a hotel in Dallas, Texas, with a pile of tissues in her lap.

Why did she have tissues in her lap?

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6 Proven Ways to Open an Article with a Bang


Master copywriter Eugene Schwartz often spent an entire week on the first 50 words of a sales piece — the headline and the opening paragraph.

Sound excessive?

Well, just imagine how disappointed you’d be after reading a killer headline for an article only to lose momentum and interest on the first sentence.

It happens. Here’s how not do that.

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Why Right Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Your Podcast


A multitude of factors are converging to make now the perfect time to launch a podcast. But should you?

In the first episode of The Showrunner, host Jerod Morris explains the factors contributing to the current podcasting boon and walks you through how to decide if you have what it takes to run a successful podcast.

Jerod and a host of family, friends, and experts paint a vivid picture of the current podcasting landscape.

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5 Ways to Get More of the Online Attention You Crave

image of Elvis Presley toy

Listen — I remember what it was like.

Working hard on writing the best content I could. Content that solved reader problems, was interesting to read, showed some personality, and furthered my business goals.

Spending hours on posts that got nice attention from my small audience — but having trouble getting traction with a larger crowd.

It was working, but it was slow. And that’s frustrating. It’s hard to know you’re on the right path if only a few people are paying attention to you.

Over the months (and years), I learned some things about how to get that traction and grow my audience. Here are some of the most important ones I found.

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On Taking Responsibility for All of the Communication You Put Out Into the World

You have to communicate clearly before you can form a bond with an audience

I’d like you to take a trip back with me for a moment to first grade. Specifically, when I got my first report card during my first marking period in first grade.

Like both my mother and father before me, I received a certain comment in the miscellaneous section of my report card.

I got average to good marks in all the subjects I was learning at that time, along with this extra note …

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How a Minimalist Design Made an Unexpected Impact on Book Sales


Once in a while, you make a decision that affects your business and 100 percent of your revenue stream.

Such was the case with Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist, except that he had someone else to share the blame with when things fell apart — Brian Gardner.

Nearly a year ago, Brian redesigned Joshua’s website, and along the way Brian insisted he remove the sidebar … which was where Joshua was selling his books. In the spirit of minimalism, they felt it was necessary, and the impact it had was something neither one of them expected.

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How to Launch Your Product the Right Way


How do you get people to buy what you sell?

In this episode of The Mainframe, hosts Chris Garrett and Tony Clark discuss the proven launch approach that will give you the best chance of success, without resorting to those sleazy sales techniques we all try to avoid as customers.

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How Demian Farnworth Will Make You Read Every Single Line of This Article


Quite a challenge, right? Especially since Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth is a podcast. Trust Demian on this one.

Demian’s daughter and her strand of pink hair. The first-ever triple BMX backflip. A throbbing finger.

Strange way to begin a podcast about getting people to read every single line you write. But it’s a proven method to make content irresistible.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Publish a Curated Email Newsletter? [Infographic]

Curated email newsletter, decision tree

Let’s start with the basics. What is a curated email newsletter?

Think Dave Pell’s Next Draft. Quartz’s Daily Brief. Peter Cooper’s Cooper Press. Brian Clark’s Further. Brian Gardner’s No Sidebar. Pamela Wilson’s Weekend Digest. Ryan Hanley’s The Sunday Seven. Jason Hirschhorn’s MediaREDEF.

What do all of these email newsletters have in common? They all sift through a mountain of information on a specific topic (like news, health, HTML, entertainment, lifestyle, content marketing) and pluck out the best content.

This is what it means to curate.

They then package that curated content into an email, add a little commentary about each link, and deliver it to your email inbox.

Some do it daily. Others do it weekly.

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Should You Really ‘Walk in the Direction of Your Fear?’


We are often told to “walk in the direction of our fears.” But is that really good advice?

Is it possible our fears know something we don’t … and that we should listen to them?

In this episode of The Lede, the third in the Hero versus Villain series, hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth take up this debate — and yes, another special guest is invited.

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