5 Ways to Blast Off Your Freelance Writing Income Through Massive Action

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... go big or go home

You know how to reach success as a writer because you’ve heard it a million times: It’s all about the baby steps, baby.

Break down your goal into manageable chunks and take one tiny step at a time towards your vision so you don’t get overwhelmed — and you’ll make steady, if slow, progress.

Well, maybe that works for some people. But for me, taking teeny steps towards my goals is hugely demotivating.

Seriously, when I think about sending out a single email sales letter, making one cold call, or buying the supplies I need for my business one Post-it note at a time, it makes me want to just give up and binge-watch Project Runway instead of writing.

And I suspect a lot of writers and entrepreneurs are the same way.

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10 Ways to Piss Off David Ogilvy (Free Poster)

tip of the day - don't make David mad

You won’t like David when he’s angry.

Sure, he may be a gentleman with brains, but this English oven salesman turned chef turned farmer turned advertising giant has a temper.

For example, when he sat down to write only to find he had no ideas, he said, “I get bad-tempered. If my wife comes into my room I growl at her. (This has gotten worse since I gave up smoking.)”

In a note to the heads of his offices before planned visits he wrote, “Waiting for food puts me in a foul mood.”

But it seems he reserved his strongest moments of outrage for advertising.

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Podcast Interview Best Practices from a Guy Who Publishes 3 Per Week


Jonny Nastor posts three new episodes of his interview show Hack the Entrepreneur each week. So he has learned a thing or two about conducting interviews.

We pick his brain in this episode of The Showrunner.

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How to Deal with Creative Block and Creative Envy


There are two things that consistently get in our way of being creative entrepreneurs — and with a little bit of intentional effort, they can both be avoided.

If you’re a writer or designer, creative block and envy can easily limit your productivity.

So what’s the best way around it?

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Deadly Conversion Busters: How to Craft Your Uniqueness and Stand Out from the Competition


How do you get your market to notice, remember, and value you, when there are so many competing and conflicting messages out there vying for their attention?

And why did Tony record this session from within a pillow fort?

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6 Simple Rules for Writing Effective Dialogue


Why talk about dialogue in a podcast about online writing? Dialogue builds tension and allows you to show instead of tell. And so much more.

People love to read dialogue.

We gravitate to the words on the page that are surrounded by quotation marks — the speech marks — because we know that two humans are going to interact … and we’re drawn to the drama.

As Alice said in Alice in Wonderland, “What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?”

The same holds true for online copy. We want our pictures. We want our conversations.

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4 Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations

how to write a compelling audio presentation

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on April 2, 2009. We’re running it again today to show you how to take advantage of the powerful combination of copywriting and audio content.

There’s nothing easier than audio content, right? Just fire up your recording software or teleseminar service and start talking away.

Well, sure … but “easy to create” doesn’t guarantee anyone will listen (or keep listening).

Take some time to structure and prepare for your recording, however, and you can crank out exceptionally engaging audio content that still only takes a fraction of the time that polished writing would.

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The One Quality All Popular Podcasts Share


Podcasting isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the data suggests that podcasting is only growing. But should you join the bandwagon and start one?

Here’s the thing: Podcasting is the only truly mobile medium. With a podcast, you can communicate with your audience while they are driving, exercising, or cleaning the house.

It’s hands-free and eyes-free. Unlike text or video.

Besides, a podcast allows a level of intimacy unlike any other medium. You are in people’s heads.

If you look around, it looks like everyone and their brother is launching a podcast. Should you? Or is podcasting just a bubble that will eventually burst?

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Stephanie Halligan on the Compounding Effect of Daily Content Creation


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur has dedicated her life to making the world a better, brighter place … with the power of doodles.

She was a Financial Empowerment Consultant and the founder of The Empowered Dollar. During this time, she helped millennials and low-income families fix their finances and feel empowered to take control of their financial destinies.

Her latest and fastest growing venture is Art To Self, which she started earlier this year. It is a website and newsletter of daily art and inspiration sent straight to your inbox.

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Annie Pratt on Resilient Leadership: How to Build a Smart, Agile Business by Crafting an Incredible Team


Turnaround and team expert Annie Hyman-Pratt joins Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer host Sonia Simone to talk about her work on the front lines of team-building and managing extraordinary people in the face of tough company challenges.

One of the reasons Sonia founded her own company (with her wonderful business partners, of course) is that the way most companies approach their teams is pretty pathetic.

Micromanagement, out of control executive egos, poor decision-making, disrespect, bottlenecks, frustration … we could go on and on. Too many companies, both large and small, have cultures that are, very simply, broken. And broken cultures lead to poor business performance.

In the midst of all that, Annie Pratt isn’t afraid to wade in and make things right. She’s a master of organizational structure and smarter leadership habits — creating teams that are marked by respect and accountability.

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