The Doomsday Cult School of Specificity


Imagine it’s late afternoon, Sunday. You are curled beneath an afghan, still bloated from the fried fish you inhaled for lunch. You are sleeping heavily. Until your doorbell erupts.

A young woman in a peasant top and floral pencil skirt is standing at your doorstep.

She looks over her shoulder. A tall man wearing a black button-up oxford and a white tie nods from the sidewalk. He’s leaning on an umbrella.

She then looks you square in the eye and says, “Are you ready for the end of the world?”

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10 Innovative Approaches to Creating a Minimum Viable Product

the perfect time to prepare for a launch

Where I live, you can tell when summer arrives.

Long rows of plowed dirt as far as the eye can see. Dense waves of green wheat bending beneath the wind as far as the eye can see. Knee-high corn stalks as far as the eye can see.

It’s a perfect time to break out the cut-off jean shorts, steel beverage tub, and a Russian science fiction novel.

Circumstances may be different for you, but no matter where you are, the slow pace of summer is also the perfect time to prepare for a product launch.

Why prepare in the summer? And why launch a product?

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The Proper (and Safe) Way to Republish Old Articles


Content syndication is kind of like guest posting on steroids. You get all the benefits of guest posting without the work.

However, what’s interesting is that a good content syndication strategy begins with guest posting, which builds your visibility.

And once your visibility grows, and you have a few super popular articles on your site, then you can start chasing down your syndication opportunities.

This episode of The Lede will teach you how to do just that.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Leads and Make Sales


Sales prospecting can be a challenge. But luckily, LinkedIn makes it easy — if you’re smart about how to use it.

Eve Mayer (a.k.a. @LinkedInQueen) is one of the most influential women in social media according to Forbes & CNN, and in this episode of The Missing Link, she shares her insights into how to use LinkedIn for sales leads.

If you have ever been in sales, you know how frustrating it can be to find qualified leads. And while LinkedIn makes sales prospecting easier, if you are not careful you can easily ruin your opportunities.

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Q&A: Duplicate Content Worries, and Other Questions from the Audience


What’s the best thing to do about Google’s “duplicate content” penalty on our sites, especially for sales pages?

How do you stand out with a general advice site?

And where should we start with a brand-new content site, when we’re not sure what kind of authoritative content to create?

These were three great questions from our wonderful audience — answered in today’s podcast.

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How to Sweep Away Skepticism with a Dramatic Demonstration


If you want people to believe in something that’s true-but-hard-to-believe, you simply demonstrate that your product does what you say it does. Show them how it works.

Here’s one famous example …

The history of the elevator is long and rich. But the first elevators weren’t installed until the mid-18th century.

While these elevators were convenient, there was just one potentially fatal problem. If the lift cable broke, the cab dropped — wounding or killing everyone inside.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Build (and Grow) Your Online Business

Listen and learn - How to use LinkedIn

It’s easy to think of LinkedIn as merely a fancy job board masquerading as a social network.

Kind of like that old uncle that shows up to the family picnic dressed in a three-piece suit.

Sure, you might be thinking, it has a role in the content marketing family, but it’s kind of boring and — from its appearance — not too cool, right?


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How Neuroscientist Michael Grybko Defines Empathy


Have you ever wondered why great writing creates an emotional response in readers? Welcome to another guest segment where The Writer Files host Kelton Reid picks the brain of a neuroscientist.

Research scientist Michael Grybko — of the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington — returned to the show to help Kelton define empathy from a scientific standpoint.

Mr. Grybko sheds some light into the darker corners of our understanding of how to tap into the hopes, dreams, and fears of your readers.

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How to Make Your Business a Painkiller, Not a Vitamin


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a brilliant technology entrepreneur with incredibly lofty goals for himself and his business.

He is the founder and CEO of, a global online freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, but this is in no way his first entrepreneurial venture.

To date, has acquired 18 outside companies to add to its arsenal — with being the most recent.

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How to Make Friends With Bloggers and Journalists to Gain Influence


In this episode of Search & Deploy, host Loren Baker talks with special guest John Rampton about the art of the PR pitch and building relationships with influential bloggers.

John writes for Inc., Forbes, and TechCrunch (among other sites) and took the time to discuss the pitches he gets — which ones work and which don’t.

Loren and Jon also talk a bit about entrepreneurship — John just launched

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