Want Copy That Actually Works? Start with Mass Desire


We all long for something. Love that will last. The ability to influence people. Scenic vacations. Financial independence. Less anxiety. Copywriters call these “mass desires.”

And copywriting that actually works connects your product to one of these mass desires.

When that is done — when you’ve convinced your prospects that you can satisfy their desires — then people will not only fall in love with and buy your products, they will become unstoppable evangelists as well.

But that all depends on whether or not you choose the strongest desire.

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Website Colors: How to Choose and Use Them


Let’s face it: if you’re not a trained artist or designer, color can be a tricky thing to use correctly.

When you’ve got your website colors working right, your brand will look polished, professional, and cohesive.

But if you don’t get your colors right — or you simply use too much color, your website can end up looking like a carnival.

Which is perfect … if you sell carnival supplies. But not for the rest of us!

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Lindsay Ostrom on Making the Leap from School Teacher to Full-Time Food Blogger


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a blogger, food enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Along with her husband and business partner, they have created Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro.

She spent the last five years teaching elementary school by day and blogging about food by night.

She always went back-and-forth about becoming a full-time blogger, but in June 2014, she officially made the jump to living the crazy full-time-food-blogging dream.

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Writer Porn: Standing Desks, Binge Reading, and James Patterson’s MasterClass


This week, award-winning, globe-trotting travel journalist Adam Skolnick returns as guest host of The Writer Files for another edition of Writer Porn to discuss pertinent, writerly paraphernalia.

Adam is the author and co‐author of 25 Lonely Planet guidebooks. He has also written for publications as varied as the New York Times, ESPN.com, Men’s Health, Outside, and Playboy.

He recently finished his first narrative nonfiction book — based on his award-winning New York Times coverage of the death of the greatest American free diver of all time — titled One Breath (slated for publication in January).

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Beyond Chitchat: Here’s How to Extract Expert Knowledge From Your Next Interviewee

maximize your audio interviews

What’s the best way to get interviewees to reveal their expert knowledge on your podcast and provide value to your listeners?

For several years, I worked as a radio producer for an Irish national radio station, and I had the opportunity to study master interviewers at work.

While researching this article, I found many expert podcasters approach interviews with the same mindset and focused techniques as professional broadcasters.

So, how do you conduct an engaging business interview people will remember?

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How Author and Speaker Michael Port Drives His Business with Books


Michael Port has been called an “uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe and a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, which he thinks is cool because he may be the only former professional actor to also be a New York Times bestselling business author.

Michael has written five books including Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, The Contrarian Effect, and the New York Times bestseller, The Think Big Manifesto.

He’s been on virtually every television network, and these days can be found keynoting conferences around the world on how to get booked solid or performing his one-man show, The Think Big Revolution.

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Is Creating Online Training Programs a Viable Business Model?


The need (and desire) for on-demand education has intensified and will only continue into the future. But can you really make a living from it?

To further our ongoing discussion about online education as a viable career and business model for content creators and entrepreneurs, Brian Clark brought in a special co-host today.

It’s Sonia Simone, Chief Content Officer of Copyblogger Media and Brian’s long-time co-conspirator in all things content marketing and online education.

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Don’t Quit Your Night Job


Editing is evaluating choices you’ve already made to move forward intentionally.

If Person A and Person B both work with equal passion and effort to move their businesses forward, but Person A has gained financial stability from a self-directed, creative career and Person B has not, what does Person B lack?

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The Curious Secret to Building Trust and Credibility


Ever wonder how you could get more people to believe you? To trust you? It’s easy, actually. And quite odd the way it works.

What’s the secret? Never tell anyone more than they’ll believe. Sounds like a moronic statement, right?

It’s not.

See, the moment your claim passes the point of believability, credibility drops off like a rock. Unless, of course, you introduce the disadvantages first.

Here’s how to do that.

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What Makes Seth Spears and Katie the Wellness Mama Genesis Framework Superfans?

StudioPress Power Users Seth and Katie

Seth Spears and Katie (the Wellness Mama) are a dynamic husband and wife team with booming online businesses.

And those businesses are built on the Genesis Framework.

Their reasons for preferring StudioPress products differ. Seth’s reasons are technical, and Katie’s are practical.

Let’s hear from Seth and Katie about how their businesses are both thriving by using the Genesis Framework.

And if you’re ready to make the most of the Genesis Framework in your business, take a look at our first StudioPress Workshops class. Doors are open this week only!

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