How Telling Great Stories Helped This Author Sell More Than 350,000 Books


With more than 350,000 copies of her self-published book Go for No sold, and more than 793 reviews on Amazon, Andrea Waltz has built a publishing empire that would make most aspiring authorpreneurs jealous.

This successful business parable draws an audience of targeted customers to her audio training programs and assists her in gaining valuable speaking engagements.

If you’re at all interested in learning how to build a lifestyle business around a great book, then this interview on Authorpreneur is one you will not want to miss.

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Your Top-to-Bottom Email Checklist: What to Include Before You Hit Send

Free checklist - send emails with confidence

It’s time for you to send an email to your list — but you’re scared silly.

Now that you’ve grown your mailing list beyond just your closest friends and family, sending emails to your subscribers has turned into a nail-biting experience.

When you’re sending an email, there are a lot of little details to remember — and those details can make or break the success of your email campaign.

Email mistakes are difficult to correct and can be costly or damaging to your reputation.

That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step checklist that contains the elements you need to think about before you send an email to your list. Think of it as a quality-assurance check for your marketing emails.

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3 Resources to Help You Create Exceptional Content that Grows Your Business

Copyblogger Collection: Create content that connects and converts

Content alone doesn’t grow your business.

Only the right type of content, combined with a focused strategy, has the power to connect with your target audience and inspire those individuals to take actions that help you achieve your business goals.

Do you know the difference between mere content and exceptional content that moves both your audience and your business in a positive direction?

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to use content marketing to achieve your business goals
  • How to produce remarkable content
  • How to offer tantalizing content samples that pre-sell your product

Don’t forget to join Brian Clark and Jerod Morris for their free webinar on Thursday, September 24, 2015 where they’ll walk you through a step-by-step strategy for using free downloads, courses, and member areas to create a great website experience that converts.

Space is limited, so grab your spot right now!

Register for Free: Create a Website Experience that Converts
with Free Downloads, Courses, and Member Areas

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How to Easily Find and Schedule Guests for Your Podcast


With the surge in popularity of the interview-based podcast, what can you, as a Showrunner, do to stand-out and be remarkable?

In this episode, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor tackle this very question. In fact, this topic started as their listener question, but both of them felt that it deserved its own episode.

With Jerod’s sports podcasting background and Jon’s business podcasting background, this conversation touches on ideas that will help podcasters across a wide range of subjects.

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Why You Need a Membership Site


In this new series on The Mainframe, Tony Clark and Chris Garrett explore membership sites and why they are so beneficial to both you, as a business owner, and your customers.

Listen in to find out more.

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Listen to Win: How Actionable Observation Provides Profitable Answers


Tara Gentile is a very smart entrepreneur who’s just published a short, affordable book on one of Brian Clark’s favorite topics — listening. It’s a critical skill for developing products and services.

Once Brian got into the product and software game, he started with an audience, rather than the product or service. This gave Brian a group of real people to listen to and learn from, even as they learned from him.

Whether or not you start with building your own audience, you’ll need to learn the art of observation. Tara chats with Brian today about her own processes for and experiences with listening to win.

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The Ultimate Faceoff: Facebook vs. LinkedIn


Sean Jackson and Jon Loomer go head-to-head in an epic battle between Facebook and LinkedIn. Who wins? You decide …

Ladies and Gentlemen, in one corner, we have Jon Loomer with Facebook and its 1.5-billion users. But Sean Jackson is not intimidated with LinkedIn and its 380-million users in the other corner.

Which is better for your business? Which statistics make sense to use?

The Missing Link team did their homework, using many different resources, and Sean makes the case for LinkedIn throughout this too-close-to-call fight.

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Webinar: How to Attract and Work with the Right Talent, No Matter Where They’re Located

Webinar: How to Attract and Work with the Right Talent, No Matter Where They're Located

I’ve spoken with a lot of “traditional” CEOs in the last year, and I always learn something new from them. But at the same time, they all ask me the same question, often with a confused look on their faces:

How do you manage 60+ people who are all over the world?

The answer is, I don’t. We just hire the right people, and collaborate with them to get cool things done. Simple, right?

Well, it’s a learned skill, to be certain. I’ve always had a knack for collaboration over my 17-year entrepreneurial journey, and I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way.

So, I consider this to be a crucial topic. But rather than just preach it “my way,” I’ve enlisted a man who has helped countless small businesses and solo entrepreneurs make more happen without “hiring up” in the traditional way.

That man is Chris Ducker … a British businessman, founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder, and head pundit over at He’s well known as a “Virtual CEO,” and we’re thrilled that his podcast just joined Rainmaker.FM.

Finding and working with virtual talent is the quickest way for a solopreneur or very small business to increase impact. In this no pitch webinar, Chris and I will lay out best practices and actionable tips for leveraging freelancers, consultants, and contractors to get great things done.

It’s happening on October 1, 2015, at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific. See you there?

Here’s how to attend:

  1. Head over to and register for your free membership.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link you’ll need to click.
  3. When you do that, you’ll be sent to a Welcome page that has a link to the Unemployable Member area. Click that.
  4. Upon arrival in the Member Area, you’ll see the Webinar section.
  5. You’ll see a box with this webinar title and description, except there will be a blue button that says “Register Now With One Click.”
  6. Click that.
  7. Then, watch the webinar replay that’s already there on smart processes.

The cool thing is that once you’re a registered at Unemployable, you’ll get additional webinars, weekly audio lessons, and other cool stuff I’m working up.

See you soon!

From a Hidden Niche, an Empire Is Born

Hero's Journey: A hidden niche that paid off

Back in the day, Michaela Clark had quite a glamorous career.

She worked in radio station promotions, and her job involved international travel and mingling with celebrities. Every day was different.

Then she became a mom. When her second child was diagnosed with autism, she knew she needed to make a drastic change, and she left her promotions job.

Within a span of a few short years, she went from mingling with celebs to changing diaper after diaper. Around this time, a friend suggested she look into becoming a virtual assistant.

The new career suited her life — her work was flexible, and she could do it from home.

But that wasn’t enough for her.

She took all her career experience and created something much, much bigger. And she did it using content marketing.

Michaela’s story is this month’s Hero’s Journey feature. We’re tapping the collective wisdom of our community members to bring you reports from the front lines of the content marketing world. Read all the Hero’s Journey posts here.

Now hear how Michaela’s story has played out, directly from Michaela.

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Why Content Creators Should Kiss Their Programmers


Some would say it’s the age of digital content creators. That this is their time to rise up and conquer. And there’s a lot of evidence that’s exactly what they are doing.

In this episode of The Lede, Pamela “Battle-Ax” Wilson joins hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth one more time for this award-winning series (listen to find out why) to help Jerod put Demian in the hot seat.

A couple weeks ago, Demian wrote an article called “The Unstoppable Rise of the Digital Content Creator.” While it’s loaded with some of the best writing this side of Saturn, what can’t be missed is Demian’s central premise: programmers and engineers have paved the road for digital content marketers.

Without these professionals, modern-day content creators would still be forced to develop coding chops or hire someone to do it for them.

Instead, we live in a world where it’s easy to create and share digital content online. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

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