Webinar: Smart Systems and Processes for Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Startups

Unemployable - Webinar: Smart Systems and Processes for Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Startups

I’ve started nine businesses so far. The first one failed, but each successive company has yielded greater revenue, profits, and (mostly) happiness.

There was a particular period of time — 2002 to 2005 — that I without doubt enjoyed the higher revenues and profits. I set out to prove something to myself, and made more than I would have made if I had remained practicing law, and even more than most of the partners of the law firm I left in 1998.

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Why Content Creators Will Flock to Cleveland This September

a live event featuring content professionals and inspiration

Content Marketing World is big, bold, and designed for people who aspire to be at the top of the content marketing field.

And this year, our Rainmaker Platform is proud to be a sponsor of this epic event — billed as the largest content marketing event on the planet.

We even have a special discount to offer you. But first, let’s talk about why you might want to put Cleveland, Ohio on your list of travel destinations in the next month.

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How Bestselling Author Hugh Howey Writes


In this episode of The Writer Files, prolific, bestselling, and multi-genre author Hugh Howey took host Kelton Reid on a walk through the writer’s process.

Mr. Howey is the well-known author of Wool and his self-published dystopian Silo series that has sold more than two-million copies worldwide. His books have been optioned for film and TV by well-known Hollywood director Ridley Scott and Heroes creator Tim Kring, respectively.

He has been a fierce advocate for self-publishing authors and even inked a rare print-only contract with major publishers to retain the electronic rights to his early works. Hugh is a tireless proponent for the pure craft of writing, and he has built an intensely loyal following.

As he prepares to sail around the globe on his catamaran, Hugh took time out from his busy schedule to talk with Kelton on a short walk.

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The ‘Magic’ Words that Make Your Media Content Pop with Authority and Expertise


This week on Hit Publish, we’re looking at the words and phrases you can use to make your content stand out with confidence. You’ll learn some techniques for turning timid writing into copy written by a trusted expert.

If you have a great business, you have to sound confident whether you’re writing a sales page, blog post, email newsletter, or any other piece of media content. We’re not talking about “bragging,” but rather, having the conviction to stand by your product and your expert opinion.

The process of writing and publishing content for the world to see can be a daunting task, and sometimes those nerves can be picked up in your writing. Fortunately, there are some practical words and phrases that you can use to beef up the tone-of-voice in your copy, without sounding pushy or arrogant.

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Benji Rogers on Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is the President and Founder of PledgeMusic, a direct-to-fan company that offers musicians a unique way to engage with their fans during the music-making process.

He is an independent musician who received the A&R Worldwide Digital Executive of the Year award in 2014 and appeared in the 2013 Billboard 40 Under 40 Power Players list.

His recent engagements include keynote addresses and panels at events such as Canadian Music Week and GRAMMY Camp. He also gained a position on the Board of Directors for the Future of Music Coalition this year.

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How This Social Media Thing Kicked Web Writing Right in the Feels


Before social media entered the stage, a marketer’s job was two-fold: write a compelling landing page and drive traffic to that landing page. But the Internet has changed all of that.

Not so much the Internet, but social media. In particular — networks like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube — the most potent platforms for transmitting and spreading an idea.

The influence these sites have had on web writing is huge. So huge that some online publishers have changed their editorial processes to reflect this influence.

And some publishers are even launched to take advantage of social sites.

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How to Pre-Sell Your Product by Offering Tantalizing Samples

increase sales by giving away a taste of your product

Selling a product is much easier when you have a pre-sell strategy in place.

To understand the concept of the pre-sell, it might be a good idea to take a walk around a supermarket.

In this store, you’re likely to see some folks doling out samples of their products. Some days, these folks look kind of forlorn as they passively stand there with their sausage, ice cream, or wine samples as people politely taste their offerings and walk away.

To us, it just looks like a feature that keeps customers happy as they walk around the store.

To the company promoting their products, the samples have the power to dramatically increase sales.

Surely samples don’t work that well, do they?

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The Psychology of Selling Books with Sean D’Souza


Sean D’Souza is the master “Rainmaker.” Through years of experience studying human behavior, Sean has created a powerful business that teaches business owners — and authors — how to sell their wares and provide maximum value.

The bottom line is that everyone who sells anything needs to understand how the human brain works, whether it’s a book or the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Native Commerce: Media That Makes Real Money


This podcast began with the mantra “media not marketing.” In other words, valuable online content does the job that marketing is supposed to do, but instead of people avoiding it, they seek it out.

Once you have an audience, you can intelligently determine what people want to buy. Not with random ideas and guesswork, but by serving the problems and desires of a group of real people.

There’s a new buzzword for this process: Native Commerce. In short, this means an integration of media and related products and services developed and owned by the media company itself, not by outside advertisers.

That’s the Copyblogger model. It’s also the model of today’s special guest, Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, and his portfolio of commerce-powered media sites.

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Uncover an Idea, Find a Co-Founder, Build a Business


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur helps startups and companies attract new clients online.

He is the co-founder of HubStaff.com, which allows businesses to manage their remote staff by tracking time and activity levels, providing screenshots, and calculating employee payments.

HubStaff allows us to see exactly what virtual teams are working on so we can track expenses to specific projects.

Today’s guest is also a self-published author, consultant, and father of two.

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