6 Ways to Become a Completely Original Writer


Let’s admit it: in a world where blogs and blog posts proliferate, it’s hard to be original.

But it’s not impossible … as long as you’re willing to do a little work.

So what can you, as a web writer or blogger, do to write a post that stands out? That’s original? And will be shared broadly?

Here are six techniques to try.

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Introducing Unemployable: Smart Strategies for Ambitious Freelancers and Solopreneurs


Last year, I did a cool exercise. The idea was to identify the one word that represents your life philosophy. The word I ended up with was further, which some of you know is now the title of a personal development newsletter I write.

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How Pamela Wilson (VP of Educational Content for Copyblogger) Writes


Award-winning designer and marketing consultant Pamela Wilson — who has helped small businesses and large organizations alike create 
”big brands” since 1987 — stopped by The Writer Files to chat about what it’s like to run the blog at Copyblogger.com and her mission to publish impeccable online content.

As head of the editorial team for Copyblogger Media, she helps guide an abundance of educational content for one of the top content marketing and copywriting sites in the world.

Pamela’s unique point of view comes from the marriage of design, branding, content, and conversion — something she has coined “Customer Experience Design.”

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3 Tips for Getting Your Content Seen (by Even the Busiest Readers)


Millions of pieces of content are published every minute.

Listen in to Hit Publish to see how you can steal an advantage and make sure yours get noticed.

It’s no longer enough to simply publish valuable information as part of your content marketing strategy.

You’ve got to make sure you’re presenting your content in a way that’s going to catch your reader’s eye.

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How to Build a Business that Lets You Live the Life You Want


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is the founder of Design Pickle, a graphic design subscription service that offers unlimited requests and revisions for a monthly fee.

He is also a creative consultant at Digital and Disruptive, where he hosts workshops to help companies rapidly develop marketing or brand strategies.

He is a charitable guy and has been on the board of directors for the Alzheimer’s Association and is the co-founder of One Small Business, which provides entrepreneurial education for young people.

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The Oldest Writing Trick in the Book


Web readers are people on a mission. Cramped for attention. Bent on skimming rather than diving deep. They don’t go to the web to window shop.

They go there to drive 60 miles per hour — and look at billboards. That’s the unbreakable rule of the web.

So what can you do as a web writer to not only catch their attention, but also give them what they want in less time than it takes to finish reading this sentence?

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Conquer Content Shock with Illegitimate Ideas

how to use the unexpected to grab attention

Here’s the thing: nobody can deny that there is more content out there than ever before. But I don’t think the challenge this creates for content marketers is any more unique than 60 years ago or 600 years ago.

In the face of so much content, yes, we are shocked — but after the shock wears off, we adapt. Because we are really freaking excited about the possibilities.

And because we, as readers, can develop skills that allow us to navigate through this world without getting swallowed alive, it’s only natural that we, as content marketers, can too.

By “adapt,” I mean find new ways to stand out with content that makes an impact. And one way to do that involves illegitimate ideas.

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How Andy Weir Took ‘The Martian’ from Blog to Bestseller to Blockbuster Movie (Starring Matt Damon)


Say you write a book and it takes off online. What if it then turned into a mega-hit … say the movie rights were sold to a Hollywood studio and Matt Damon was cast to star in it?

Don’t believe it can happen? Listen to this …

This is Andy Weir’s story, and in this podcast he explains exactly how it happened.

Oh, and you should go read his book, The Martian; it’s really great.

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Here’s the Key to Turning Your Failures into Opportunities


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur has a passion for assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs start and protect their businesses.

Alongside her husband, she pioneered the business filings industry with MyCorporation.com in 1997, while they were both in law school. A Fortune 500 company acquired MyCorporation.com in 2005, which allowed her to retire at the young age of 30.

She hated being retired and soon grew restless, so she and Phil founded Corpnet.com. Corpnet prepares and files the documents necessary to start a new business in any state or county in the U.S., and sends alerts to up-and-running businesses when annual reports and other business filings are due.

Her companies combined have helped more than 100,000 corporations and LLCs get started.

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A Simple 5-Step System for Editing Your Own Writing


In order to revise your writing effectively, you need to look at your work objectively.

You don’t want to just glance at what you’ve written, quickly decide it is perfect, and then move on … missing an opportunity to become a stronger writer.

But how do you accurately critique your own creation?

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