What You Don’t Know about Your Product Can Kill Your Copy


Your product has two identities. But your customer buys your product because of just one of these identities. Oops.

See, when you pay $5,000 for your son’s braces, you aren’t buying a middle-aged man to follow you around in a white coat … nor are you buying stainless-steel rods to stick in your son’s mouth.

What you are buying are straight teeth. But not even that. You are buying what those straight teeth mean: beauty over bullying.

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How to Boost Your Conversions with Split Testing


Split-testing can create massive improvements in your results, and there is an entire industry of tools, techniques, and consultants ready to help you achieve those improvements.

And it does not have to be difficult, expensive, or complex to get started.

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Bill Kenney on Branding Your Business the Right Way


Whether or not we care to admit it, in today’s world, looks are pretty much everything. The way we are perceived matters, and that’s the bottom line.

It’s time to embrace this reality and start building your business around the idea that at any given moment, you and your business are being judged by your “cover.”

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Webinar: The 3 Reasons People Fail when Developing Online Products

free webinar - how to avoid product failure

I wrote a post last week about the awesome things that can happen when you build a business around selling your own products or services.

If you haven’t read that post, spoiler alert: You make more money.

It’s also fun, and interesting, and lets you connect with your audience in a deeper way, beyond the connections you make on your blog or social media accounts.

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

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How to Start Using LinkedIn (The Right Way)


Successful marketing on LinkedIn starts with optimizing your profile, and this episode of The Missing Link shows you how.

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important elements of any LinkedIn marketing effort.

But just because you filled in a few of the missing pieces does not mean your profile is ready.

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3 New Ways to Write a Headline (and When to Use Each)


Which desire you lead with in your headline matters. Get it wrong, and even the greatest copy won’t matter.

Get it right, however, and the world will beat a path to your door.

See, your headline is the bridge between your customer and your product. And there are basically three ways of channelling that desire in a headline.

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How to Grow an Audience on LinkedIn by Repurposing Content


Job one for any business, entrepreneur, or marketer is to grow an audience. Content syndication is one such approach to doing just that. But it’s not entirely understood.

Content syndication is an age-old idea of taking an original piece of work and then trying to get it published in other places.

By “other places,” we mean: you look for bigger sites to publish your work. In other words, effective content syndication occurs when you go up the food chain — not down.

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Business and Marketing for Artists and Creative Workers, Part Two


John T. Unger is one of the few — an artist who makes a living from his work, without the traditional gallery system.

He also didn’t win a fat grant or find a rich benefactor. Instead, over years of disciplined work, he found a way to create art that satisfied him creatively while also finding a home with happy buyers. And he’s creatively used the web as a way to find more of those buyers and get his work into more homes and businesses.

John hasn’t done a podcast interview in quite some time, preferring to spend his time on his work (both the creative and business sides), so Sonia Simone is really pleased he was willing to join us for this one.

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6 Ways to Maximize the Shelf Life (and Utility) of Your Audio Content

how to repurpose audio content

Podcasting is the Andy Warhol of content marketing.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Warhol created a unique story proposition by exploring the link between art and popular culture.

His work was at the forefront of the visual and pop art scene because almost nobody else was doing what he did — and he made much of his best work freely available.

Today, podcasting is the emerging platform for forward-thinking content marketers who want to take advantage of the power of audio.

But just like other content marketing activities, to get the most from your audio content, it’s best to approach it as one important part of an overall content marketing strategy.

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Want Copy That Actually Works? Start with Mass Desire


We all long for something. Love that will last. The ability to influence people. Scenic vacations. Financial independence. Less anxiety. Copywriters call these “mass desires.”

And copywriting that actually works connects your product to one of these mass desires.

When that is done — when you’ve convinced your prospects that you can satisfy their desires — then people will not only fall in love with and buy your products, they will become unstoppable evangelists as well.

But that all depends on whether or not you choose the strongest desire.

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