How Michelle Miller (Writer and Producer of ‘The Underwriting’) Writes: Part Two


From wildly successful transmedia serial writer to internationally published author, this week’s guest on The Writer Files — Michelle Miller — has tapped into her former life in high finance to create a hit franchise in The Underwriting.

Billed as social satire, Ms. Miller’s original 12-part serial drew angel investors that helped her build it into a viral, multimedia maelstrom.

Her marriage of the cutthroat worlds of both investment banking and tech landed her a traditional publishing deal, and her debut novel is now being developed into a television series.

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Why Interactive Content Is Easy-to-Create and Puts Your Business Firmly in the Spotlight


Ever wished you had a “stand-out” piece of content? Something that people loved to share and reference and made you look like a superstar? The answer is easier than you think …

This week’s episode of Hit Publish is all about (get ready for a sexy title): The simple content that your customer wants but doesn’t have the time, money, or inclination to create.

This is often overlooked, but there are a number of ways that you can create simple content (okay, it might take a little effort pulling it together) that is exactly the thing your customers want to come back to and use time and time again. It’s the same process a British business man used to start a company that in 2007 was valued at £843m.

Don’t let that intimidate you; whenever host Amy Harrison has used this process, she has created some of her most-bought products and most-shared content. It’s a great way to put your business in the spotlight.

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How to Determine the Lifetime Value of Your Idea (Before You Start)


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is an App Store Optimization specialist, hustler, entrepreneur, idea machine, and a very good friend of host Jon Nastor.

When Jon met today’s guest, he had a team developing more than 30 apps per month — but he will tell you that he is not an app developer; in fact, he couldn’t care less about apps.

He looks at an app and doesn’t see a coding challenge or an opportunity for creativity; he sees a revenue stream.

Today’s guest has an uncanny ability to see business ideas, unlike anyone Jon has ever known. He is a modern-day hustler who bounces from business to business and has become truly unemployable.

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7 Commandments of Professionalism for Content Marketers


Content marketing can be a powerful way to increase your influence and authority. And, as always, along with power comes responsibility.

As writers and content creators, Sonia Simone would argue that we can and should make the world — and the web — a better place.

Assuming you have the major stuff covered (you’re not killing people, bullying, embezzling funds, etc.), here are Sonia’s thoughts on seven “commandments” for our tribe.

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5 Legal Must-Haves for Your Website

get your site's legal house in order

Most of your customers don’t walk around handing out their credit card information and home addresses to shady characters on the street.

In fact, most people these days wouldn’t even give their email addresses to those they don’t really know. Ditto on the Internet.

Before people will spend money, post comments, opt in to your mailing list, or take any action you want them to do when they arrive at your website, they need to feel safe.

Safety leads to trust, trust to loyalty, loyalty to purchases and shares.

Having the right legal language can get you to that place of trust with your visitors. It will also protect your profits.

Oh, and by the way, some of that legal language is required by law.

Here are five major elements your website needs in order to be legally legit.

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Brian Clark on the Power of Content Marketing


If you’re a fan of one or more of our shows (or products), you can now follow the hosts, writers, and developers of Rainmaker Digital as they travel further out onto the Internet to be interviewed by other smart people.

Tune in as Brian Clark sits down with Zac Johnson to chat about creating powerful content that resonates with an audience.

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The Quick-Start Guide to Finally Getting Started with Your First Virtual Assistant


In this episode of Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker talks about Delegation 101 and dives into his top 10 tips for outsourcing, virtual assistants, and working with virtual teams.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, our most precious resource is time. And the only way to leverage your time is to hire staff … particularly virtual staff. On episode 127 of Youpreneur.FM, Chris breaks down his top 10 tips on the basics of hiring and working with virtual assistants.

Chris literally wrote the book on this subject – Virtual Freedom – and today’s show is like an introduction to that book. It’s a simple and quick guide to getting started with your virtual team.

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Behind the Scenes: The Rebranding of Copyblogger Media


In case you missed it, the company formerly known as Copyblogger Media is now known as Rainmaker Digital.

This rebrand has been in the works for a while, and it became more obvious in the last year or so that we had outgrown our own company name. Even back in 2010 when we formed the company, I suspected that a change would happen at some point.

The reception to the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive, which is very pleasing. Although, a few questions did come up.

One was, why the switch from Media to Digital? And how about that new company Facebook page after we very publicly deleted the Copyblogger Facebook page?

Tune in Rainmakers, as all will be revealed. Plus, one of the things we’ve been working on that has kept me from doing this show over the last month is unveiled as well.

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How to Decide Which Ideas to Follow (and Which to Ignore)


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, a certified coach, marketing and branding pro, yogi, wife, and mom of three.

She founded her self-named business seven years ago, after leaving a six-figure, high-pressure job as a conference producer.

She launched her coaching and training business in 2008 to help and inspire women to embrace their power in business and life.

She loves guiding entrepreneurs and visionaries to embrace their gifts and find their callings. Her book, Get Gutsy, is an Amazon bestseller and a sacred and fearless guide for finding your soul’s calling and living your dreams.

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How to Draft 7 Pieces of Content that Help Build Your Audience


On Editor-in-Chief, learn about the types of content to produce when you need to grow your audience.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been producing content for a while (and feel burned out), these seven types of content will help push your content creation forward so you can attract an audience to your digital business.

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