A Small Gift for Your Dark Days as an Obscure Writer


This episode is personal. Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth offers you something that helped him during one of his most difficult times as an online writer …

It was in late September 2011. Occupy Wall Street was everywhere. And he longed to drop everything and join the movement because what he was doing at the time was killing him.

Then there came out of the dark a life preserver. A 182-year-old piece of content. A dramatic monologue about pushing forward beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

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The Savvy Marketer’s Checklist for Seductive Landing Pages

How to create a seductive landing page

Ever wonder what you could do to stop people from bouncing off your landing pages?

You work hard to polish your sales copy. You’ve even recorded a snazzy demonstration video.

But when you check your site’s analytics? You feel soooo frustrated.

And the worst thing is … you don’t know what else you can do. How can you improve your conversion rates?

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Should We Fear Content Shock? (Or Could It Actually Be a Good Thing?)


There is far more content available for consumption than time to consume it. That is not up for debate.

But what is up for debate in this episode of The Lede is whether this idea of “content shock” is something to fear … or an opportunity.

In this episode, the fourth in the Hero versus Villain series, hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth bring in Robert Bruce to discuss how much fear and loathing (if any) should be inspired by content shock.

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Sunni Brown Explains How to Find Your Entrepreneurial Creative Essence


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, artist, and the founder of SB Ink, a creative consultancy and agent of social change.

She has worked with companies like Disney, Sharpie, Zappos, and SXSW. Using common sense, experience, and neuroscience, she is proving that to doodle is to ignite your whole mind.

Today’s guest is also an author and aims to teach the world how to master “strategic doodling” in her latest book, The Doodle Revolution.

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Productivity for Flakes, Head Cases, and Other Natural Disasters


Some people are naturally productive. Naturally organized. Naturally get the important things done, every day.

They have clean desks and rational calendars and earn the admiration of family and peers.

Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer host Sonia Simone is not one of those people.

The truth is, she considers herself a natural disaster. Left to her own devices, she’d eat pie and play Minecraft all day.

And yet, somehow she has figured out how to be a grown-up about the things that matter. Here’s how …

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Steal This Episode


As a writer, you should be swiping ideas nonstop. Stealing ideas nonstop.

William S. Burroughs said, “All writing is in fact cut-ups. A collage of words read, heard, overheard.”

Your content is going to be made up of all the resources you absorb. So it’s essential you research wide, and effortlessly capture those ideas.

But you don’t stop there.

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Earn the Right to Sell

Authority Rainmaker keynote speaker Chris Brogan

My biggest belief about modern business as it intersects with the digital world can be summed up in one sentence:

Create useful content that nurtures a specific community so that you earn the right to sell and serve them to exchange value.

Boiled down tighter: content, community, marketplace.

The old saying about if the carpenter has a hammer, then everything looks like a nail is very true when it comes to me.

I’m an author and writer and someone who believes that content isn’t king, but that it’s what you feed kings.

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Affiliate Programs: Why You Should Build a ‘Second Audience’ for Your Business


Want to expand the reach of your business and find new audiences for your products and services? An affiliate program could be the answer for you.

Copyblogger’s affiliate programs run like a well-oiled machine, and in this episode of Hit Publish, you’re going to find out why.

We want you to take advantage of our hard-won knowledge so you can put together an affiliate program that expands your reach and boosts your profits.

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Seth Godin on the Difference Between Failure and Your Struggle With Failure


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is one of the most well-respected and prolific marketing minds alive today.

After his first job out of college working at a software company, today’s guest started a book packaging business, which he later sold to his employees.

He then co-founded Yoyodyne, a unique marketing service and company. He sold this company to Yahoo! in 1998 for $30 million.

During that time, he launched another web company called Squidoo, which was acquired by HubPages in 2014.

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Why Capturing Ideas Is Essential to Your Content Strategy and Organic Search


Content is everywhere — it’s happening in coffee shops, on phone calls, and in the workplace.

But capturing and documenting these ideas is necessary so that the creator or owner of that content has the ability to capitalize on it. Without documentation, all is lost.

Conversations without accurate documentation can lead to a Rashomon effect, where a conversation can have different meanings and takeaways.

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