How This Social Media Thing Kicked Web Writing Right in the Feels


Before social media entered the stage, a marketer’s job was two-fold: write a compelling landing page and drive traffic to that landing page. But the Internet has changed all of that.

Not so much the Internet, but social media. In particular — networks like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube — the most potent platforms for transmitting and spreading an idea.

The influence these sites have had on web writing is huge. So huge that some online publishers have changed their editorial processes to reflect this influence.

And some publishers are even launched to take advantage of social sites.

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How to Pre-Sell Your Product by Offering Tantalizing Samples

increase sales by giving away a taste of your product

Selling a product is much easier when you have a pre-sell strategy in place.

To understand the concept of the pre-sell, it might be a good idea to take a walk around a supermarket.

In this store, you’re likely to see some folks doling out samples of their products. Some days, these folks look kind of forlorn as they passively stand there with their sausage, ice cream, or wine samples as people politely taste their offerings and walk away.

To us, it just looks like a feature that keeps customers happy as they walk around the store.

To the company promoting their products, the samples have the power to dramatically increase sales.

Surely samples don’t work that well, do they?

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The Psychology of Selling Books with Sean D’Souza


Sean D’Souza is the master “Rainmaker.” Through years of experience studying human behavior, Sean has created a powerful business that teaches business owners — and authors — how to sell their wares and provide maximum value.

The bottom line is that everyone who sells anything needs to understand how the human brain works, whether it’s a book or the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Native Commerce: Media That Makes Real Money


This podcast began with the mantra “media not marketing.” In other words, valuable online content does the job that marketing is supposed to do, but instead of people avoiding it, they seek it out.

Once you have an audience, you can intelligently determine what people want to buy. Not with random ideas and guesswork, but by serving the problems and desires of a group of real people.

There’s a new buzzword for this process: Native Commerce. In short, this means an integration of media and related products and services developed and owned by the media company itself, not by outside advertisers.

That’s the Copyblogger model. It’s also the model of today’s special guest, Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, and his portfolio of commerce-powered media sites.

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Uncover an Idea, Find a Co-Founder, Build a Business


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur helps startups and companies attract new clients online.

He is the co-founder of, which allows businesses to manage their remote staff by tracking time and activity levels, providing screenshots, and calculating employee payments.

HubStaff allows us to see exactly what virtual teams are working on so we can track expenses to specific projects.

Today’s guest is also a self-published author, consultant, and father of two.

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The Anatomy of an Editor-in-Chief of a Digital Business


Discover the five key roles of an Editor-in-Chief and how they help you establish your own digital business.

Through the Editor-in-Chief mindset, you can create a business asset that has the potential to move your career forward.

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Is Reinvention the Secret to Success?


Ever meet someone who completely revamps the way you look at an issue? This is the story of how an older gentleman changed Demian Farnworth’s mind about what it takes to be successful.

The first time Demian met Peter Hut was in a swank, open-air lounge where the concrete floor shone from a glossy finish. Peter draped himself over one of the three black faux-leather couches and complained about how cold the place was.

Demian took the couch across from him.

Everything about Peter looked smart. The long-toed, alligator-skinned shoes. The pressed long-sleeve shirt with mini checks. And the short, but neat white hair. The turtle-shell rimmed glasses punctuated that intellectual flair.

But Demian only knew Peter on a superficial level. So he really didn’t know if Peter was smart.

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Webinar: A Podcast Strategy That Attracts Attention and Builds Your Content Arsenal

Free webinar! How to use a podcast to build an audience

Podcasts attract audience attention and build connection. You get that by now.

But have you ever stopped to consider how far the tentacles of one podcast episode can extend?

This is the subject of our next free Rainmaker Webinar: Start a Podcast to Attract Attention and Seed Your Content Library

Register now, space is limited

Consider everything you get from a single episode — or can get, with a smidge more effort and a dollop of strategic thought …

  • An episode that plays directly on your site
  • An mp3 file for distribution via your feed to iTunes, Stitcher, and scores of other podcast channels
  • A blog post that “sells the listen” that can generate traffic via search and social media
  • A transcript of the episode provides more meaty content
  • An ebook or section of an ebook (by editing, polishing, and combining transcripts)
  • A video that could be uploaded to YouTube, one of the world’s largest search engines, or even used inside of a course (if you simply turn on your webcam as you record)
  • An outline for an infographic or SlideShare presentation, or the start of an outline that can be combined with other episodes into the full, final version
  • Idea development and practice delivering those ideas for in-person, on-stage presentations
  • Content that could leverage the live video craze if you broadcast it via a Google Hangout or on Periscope
  • A legitimate reason to have people send you voice recordings of questions, which then becomes a benefit of joining your membership site

Yeah. All that. From a podcast episode.

Also consider the following quick case studies, and how you might adapt the strategies for your own projects …

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3 Resources to Help You Add Outstanding Audio to Your Content Marketing

Copyblogger Collection: create scintillating audio

Imagine you’ve just watched an interview with a charismatic celebrity on a late-night talk show. He told a funny personal story, and now you’re excited about seeing the new film he’s starring in that premieres next week.

Wouldn’t it be powerful if your content could spark the same type of connection with your audience members?

The intimate nature of audio content helps you entertain, educate, and inspire your audience in ways that make them naturally want to find out more about your business.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to produce a podcast
  • How to write smart audio content
  • How to avoid common podcasting mistakes

To discover even more about developing, launching, and running your own remarkable show, check out our proven, step-by-step podcasting course, which is currently open to new students for a limited time.

Click Here to Learn More About The Showrunner Podcasting Course

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Your Most Valuable Intellectual Property (Plus, How to Compensate Partners)


We’re all in the intellectual property business now. But as business people, how much do we enforce our rights when others infringe on them?

Creative freelancers are thought of as service providers, but what they’re really selling is their copyright in the work product they create for clients. This has special implications on both sides of the transaction.

But the true area of confusion that persists is copyright when it comes to web content. Is attribution okay? What about a link? Maybe a disclaimer?

Copyright law is strict in favor of creators, and yet, a more laissez faire attitude often makes better sense. There are other IP rights, however, that you should defend with a vengeance.

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