Marketing for Writers and Other Creative Souls


Creativity is a wonderful thing. You get to make something out of nothing, have a fascinating life, and bring brand-new ideas and expressions into the world.

But a creative soul can sometimes make one thing tough: marketing yourself and your work.

In this session of Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer, host Sonia Simone talks about some ways that creative folks (especially writers) can get more comfortable marketing themselves and the work they do. You’ll learn about building your platform and what to do with it as it grows.

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Test Drive Rainmaker Platform to Get Free Access to More than 230 Hours of Included Training

why a rainmaker could use authority

It’s been almost a year since we launched the Rainmaker Platform, which provides a complete managed website solution for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs. And as is customary for us, we’ve given our absolute best deal to the thousands who have joined us so far.

One of the truly generous aspects of the current offer is including our Authority training community free of charge — a $399 annual cost otherwise. Membership in Authority delivers an astounding amount of value:

  • More than 230 hours of on-demand content marketing education
  • Weekly events like webinars and Q&As hosted by our team of experts
  • An interactive forum for networking and asking questions specific to your work
  • Exclusive discounts on essential tools and live events
  • Discounted access to the Copyblogger Content Marketing Certification Program

So it would be crazy to just give Authority memberships away for free … right? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing for Rainmaker Platform customers.

You might have already guessed that’s not going to be the case any longer. So, if you’ve been considering Rainmaker, you’ll want to give serious consideration to getting started in the next week.

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How to Create Legendary Content that Builds Your Business


“Storytelling” and “empathy” have become business buzzwords, which is either hilarious or sad depending on your perspective. These two words, however, are at the root of what it means to be a human being.

And yes, these two words are also the key to effective marketing of any kind. When you add in a strongly integrated mix of content and the right products and services, you’ve got an amazing business.

Bryan Eisenberg joins Brian Clark on New Rainmaker today to discuss the principles from his book Buyer Legends (co-written with his brother Jeffrey Eisenberg and Anthony Garcia). In short, they talk about stories told from the point of view of your customers, because your brand isn’t what you say it is … it’s what your customers say it is.

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A Crash Course in Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a path-finding coach, speaker, writer, non-conformist, and entrepreneur.

She is co-host of the Wild Crazy Meaningful Life podcast. She offers path-finding and peaceful productivity courses and has given inspirational talks at many events, including World Domination Summit and App Camp for Girls.

She has a degree in Logic and Computation and had her dream job as an artificial intelligence programmer, until she decided to follow her heart and help others.

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How to Use a Semicolon


Incorrect semicolon usage perpetuates additional incorrect semicolon usage.

Learn the appropriate way to use this punctuation mark and put an end to the cycle.

The next punctuation lesson in the editorial standards series on Editor-in-Chief will help clarify misconceptions about an elegant and practical punctuation mark.

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Claiming Your Power as a Writer

Embrace the power and magic of the writer's life

Do you remember the first time you spoke the words?

I’m a writer.

It’s a little like getting that letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.

It’s exciting and intriguing. Maybe a little scary as well.

Of course, your parents think you’ll end up living in a van by the river. You think you might end up living in a van by the river.

And there may be some marketing involved. That’s a little weird to think about.

The actual life of a professional writer isn’t always as fascinating or as sexy as people think. But that’s okay. You don’t have to ruin the magic for everyone else. In fact, I want you to own it.

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3 Resources to Help You Become a (More) Productive Content Marketer

Copyblogger Collection: content marketing productivity tips

Each week on my show Editor-in-Chief, I discuss the editorial standards that can help distinguish your content from your competition’s.

Editorial standards for your content include both specific publishing tasks, such as fact-checking, and general publishing processes, such as systems for effectively managing a content calendar.

When you’re the Editor-in-Chief of the content you produce, you have a lot of decisions to make in a limited amount of time, so this week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that show you:

  • How to make the most of your writing time
  • How to get things done like a blue-collar genius
  • How to write one powerful piece of online content each week

Whether you need to produce content daily or once a week, these productivity lessons will help you master the content creation process.

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How to Admit that You Are Terrible at Podcast Interviews (and Why This Matters for Your Success)


Sometimes inspiration overcomes planning. For this episode, The Showrunner hosts Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor had planned to cover an entirely different topic. Luckily, the record button had been hit during their pre-call discussion, so they decided to roll with it.

This conversation goes deep and was entirely unplanned, but it became a revelation for the two of them, and they think that it will do the same for you.

In this episode, Jerod and Jon have a completely unscripted and unplanned discussion about the journey to becoming a remarkable podcast interviewer. They struggle with this topic, but the conclusion they come to will help you become truly remarkable. (Hint: Jerod hosts a show based on this very topic.)

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Seth Godin’s Top Tips for Freelancers


When Brian Clark started his first business in 1998, it turns out he did a lot of things right. It wasn’t until May of 1999 when Brian read a book called Permission Marketing that he realized what he was missing, which led to his first successful business.

Since that time, Seth Godin has written several other marketing classics. In a wonderful twist of fate (given his influence on Brian), he’s even mentioned Brian in a couple of them.

In short, when Seth has something to say, Brian is listening. Earlier this year, Seth created a course for unemployable types, specifically freelancers. So, it seems like a natural thing to bring Mr. Godin on Unemployable as Brian’s second special guest.

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How to Double Your Business with Practical Management and Measurement


In the second part of this series on The Mainframe, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett discuss how you can grow your business with the right focus, measurement, and management processes.

Listen in to get all the details.

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