Are You Creating Bookmarkable Content?

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Way back in the old days (OK, it was September of 2006, but it feels like forever ago), I wrote a post for Performancing explaining why Delicious bookmarks beat Digg traffic hands down. I still find that to be true today, so check out that article for some of the reasons.

Another way Delicious beats Digg is in the quality of links that result from an appearance on the Delicious popular and/or home page. So don’t forget about that.

I’ve often alluded to bookmarkable content in interviews and various other places, but never got around to writing a solid follow-up post fleshing things out properly. Sure, “bookmarkable” is not a word, but it sounds a lot like remarkable, so… well, you get it.

It looks like I won’t have to write that post now, because Chris Garrett has done a wonderful job of that without me. Check out How to Get More Bookmarks and Better Links over at Garrett’s place and start creating some remarkable bookmarkable content.


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  1. Thanks for the link Brian :) seems to get overlooked now in favor of younger or prettier competitors but it is still a great resource and well worth including in your promotional tool box.

  2. I have often seen that people routinely publish their bookmarks on their blogs. I haven’t tried it out and you must already know it that there is a setting in that automatically publishes your bookmarks onto your blog. This must be great source of traffic for the bookmarked-and-then-published links.

  3. Thanks Brian! That was worth the link and the read! Chris wrote a fine article, and it’s bookmarked!

  4. You hit it right on the nose. Bookmarkable = remarkable…something that actually makes the reader WANT to come back for more…and more…and more.

    The key to bookmarkable content: keep it spicy and ecclectic mix of content that our web-visitor just can’t find at any ol’ website http.

    Our content mix has to be fresh and tasty enough to make them say to themselves, “This is good stuff….I’ve just GOT to come back for more.”

    Thanks for sharing the insight!

  5. Bookmarkable -> Remarkable -> Clarkable

  6. Sorry to be so corny but I’ve decided that should be part of a new rating system – Is your content BClarkable? Now that’s a new blog post for somebody.

  7. Nice info.. I just now learn more about bookmarks to increase my traffic.

  8. And as an added bonus, Yahoo just recently started including Delicious results as part of their natural search results. Definitely a good thing.

  9. Great post and how do you get such a great Adsense ad like the Free Email Marketing report.

  10. Also add StumbleUpon & Reddit into the mix.

    How would you compare the overall quality of Digg vrs Delicious vrs Stumbleupon – in terms of the overall quality of the ‘most popular’ among those three

    It does appear that Digg is far more abused and biased towards Top members – but now the others may be affected by the controversial promotion tactics of a few attempting to pay their members to vote on submissions.

  11. Great post! I believe that we should write as though we are writing for the world, instead of feeling that no one is reading. I have only been blogging for two years, but once I started writing for an audience, whether or not they were there, my posts became richer and more ‘bookmarkable’.

  12. Thanks for all that.I was thinking I can do without delicious.But I have to surrender to it.I joined it and now feel relieved.

  13. I had always thought digg and stumble were only the most popular ones! Now i guess i must change my views!

  14. Bookmarkable… a geeky neologism. Your nerd is showing.