Take a Look at These Four Breathtaking New WordPress Themes

Image of Sixteen Nine Theme from StudioPress.com

If you’re not a designer by trade or hobby, then putting a WordPress website together from scratch can feel a bit like scaling a mountain on your own (if you’ve never climbed before).

Daunting. Arduous. Maybe impossible.

Even experienced climbers, certainly those concerned with safety and support, are going to begin at a base camp and follow a somewhat beaten path — a framework.

Now, we can’t teach you the first thing about scaling a mountain, but our StudioPress team can most certainly guide you with ease and comfort toward majestic new heights when it comes to designing your website.

Think of the new and improved Genesis Framework 2.0 as your base camp and the four new child themes below as scenic trails that lead to your site’s design summit.

The view just might take your breath away.

This brand new theme has a story to tell

Image of Sixteen Nine Theme from StudioPress.com

Sixteen Nine is a brand new theme for Genesis 2.0, originally created by StudioPress founder Brian Gardner for his own website. He’s since moved on to a new design (go figure!), but now it can be all yours.

Sixteen Nine is the quintessential setup for a personal blog but far from limiting. Which makes sense, based on how Brian named the theme.

Sixteen Nine takes its name from the elevation of Mount Everest’s North Base Camp (16,900 ft). Located in Tibet, it is the more difficult of Everest’s two base camps to set out from because of the extra permit required. South Base Camp is in Nepal and is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas.

But regardless of where climbers start, reaching the top is all that matters. Likewise, whether you have personal or professional goals in mind for your site, you can use Sixteen Nine to get there. Check out the demo or just go ahead and buy it now.

Or …

If you want to truly turbocharge your site’s performance, get Genesis 2.0 and Sixteen Nine plus W3 Total Cache Pro for free (seriously) when you sign up for a new hosting plan over at Synthesis.

Subtle redesign, same simplicity

Now let’s swing the pendulum in the other direction, from the maximums that Mount Everest represents and demands … to Minimum.

new studio press themes - minimum

Our Minimum Pro theme takes the original Minimum, adds a subtle redesign, and infuses it with all the goodness of Genesis 2.0.

Like Sixteen Nine — and all new StudioPress themes — Minimum Pro is mobile responsive, built with HTML5 markup, and fully supportive of microdata.

Pitch perfect for portfolio projects, Minimum Pro gives you exactly what your site needs to succeed … and nothing more.

View the demo for Minimum Pro here.

Stunning imagery stands out even more after overhaul

Whereas Minimum went through only a subtle redesign, the Expose theme received a complete makeover once Genesis 2.0 was released.

new studiopress themes - expose

Having HTML5 at their disposal allowed the designers at StudioPress to make Expose Pro even more conducive to creating stunning displays of beautiful photography.

See for yourself right here with the demo.

Now, if you’re still breathing, let me tell you about one more splendid new Pro theme from StudioPress.

The best gets better …

It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

Metro is one of the most popular StudioPress themes ever, and we weren’t going to mess with a working formula that you love.

new studiopress themes - metro pro

That is why Metro Pro is visually a carbon copy of regular ol’ Metro … but freshened up and modernized with HTML5, mobile responsiveness, and all of the other essential under-the-hood features of Genesis 2.0.

What can you do with Metro? What can’t you do with it? WordPress themes don’t get much more versatile than this.

The Metro Pro demo is available here.

… Or is the best still yet to come?

What you see above is just a little taste to whet your appetite. New and updated child themes for Genesis 2.0 are being released at the StudioPress blog every week.

And once you become a My StudioPress member by purchasing a theme, you can get others at a mountainous discount. Or you can become a Pro Plus member and save, literally, over $1,000.

So catch your breath and keep climbing. You’re not far from the best view of your website that you, or your audience, have ever seen …

101,000+ people take WordPress further with StudioPress

Image of Genesis 2.0 Logo

Our Genesis Framework for WordPress empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress.

With search-optimized code and functions, 55 turn-key designs, state-of-the-art security, and unlimited support, updates, and websites you can build, Mashable calls Genesis the “best of the best” among premium WordPress themes.

Serious online publishers trust Genesis to provide a solid foundation for their sites. By serious, I mean people planning to get somewhere with this Internet thing.

Whether you’re a novice, or an advanced developer, Genesis provides you with the rock-solid infrastructure to take WordPress places you never thought it could go.

Pick up Genesis 2.0 today!

Need a little help?

If you have questions about Genesis that you’d like to get answered before purchasing, please contact our Support Division directly.

If you are an existing StudioPress customer, please log in to MyStudioPress for all support questions.

For non-support related discussions about WordPress, CSS, design, and site feedback, please jump into the StudioPress Community Forums anytime.


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