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Blog Action Day

I’m happy to announce Copyblogger’s participation in Blog Action Day, an initiative dreamed up by Leo, Collis and Cyan Ta’eed. Here’s the scoop:

The goal is to bring the blogging community together, for just one day, talking about one issue — and for Blog Action Day 2007 (Oct. 15, 2007), that issue is the environment.

Participating blogs include Lifehacker, GigaOm, SEOmoz, ProBlogger and over 1,000 others. Why not yours?

Sign up here to get involved.

P.S. If you’re wondering how this relates to copy, I’m going to make my post on October 15 an exercise in persuasive writing. So, hopefully you’ll find value on several levels.

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  1. I’m glad that big names like yours are taking part Brian, and I’m looking forward to reading your copy on 15/10.

    I’m also planning to use the day to write something on the power of words and language to make a difference.

    If we can learn how to write persuasive compelling copy about the environment who knows where it might lead…?


  2. I joined on Auguest the 17th, the reach of this thing is just getting bigger and bigger

  3. Brilliant!!! Timely and ABOUT TIME!!!

  4. Interesting, I’m sure you are going to inspire us to care more about our environment (or something to that effect)


  5. I’m glad you big timers decided to become a part of this initiative, and i’m most definitely looking forward to your post on the environment and you’re (unique bent) on it.


  6. Yep. I registered gymtops.com. This will be monster!

  7. I too joined the Blog Action Day on the 17th of August. I look forward to reading your post on Post Action Day 2007. I’m sure it will inspire me as all of your posts do. 😉


  8. I signed up Live Holistically a few days ago. My goodness it is growing like crazy, and now with you on board it’ll really take off. Together we can all make a real difference.

  9. We’ll be proud to join you over at LighterFootstep.com and our other green lifestyle publications. Huzzah! Thanks for jumping in, Brian.

  10. With all the global warming hysteria I have no doubt this will go over well.


  11. The initiative is nice but it’s said it has to be this topic again. The fear for terrorism has faded a little, so the government has to create a new topic to keep the mass afraid. This time it’s the environment…

  12. > The government has to create a new topic to keep the mass afraid. This time it’s the environment…

    I’m not afraid. And our topic, at least, won’t be about global warming. It’s time to move beyond histrionics and start thinking about how to insure our kids and grandkids inherit a clean, equitable, sustainable world.

  13. I agree, this doesn’t have to be about global warming. The mountains have garbage in them. When you swim in the ocean you come across garbage washing around your feet. Lets just enjoy our planet.

  14. This is a great idea! I’m definitely in. We could also take a big step toward helping to end the war this way. Hint hint.

  15. Hey, thanks for the heads up on this.

    I’m in, I’ve already promoted it and my October 15 blog post is locked and loaded, ready for the big day.

    I hope it works.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  16. I signed up for this Friday, I think it’s a cool project. (And I forwarded it to a conservation nonprofit I do a bit of work with, wild.org.) The idea of mobilizing a giant cacaphony of blog voices on one topic on one day is a very cool one.

  17. Randomn3ss and staff are in, post is here about Blog Action Day just to bring awareness.

  18. I have already tossed my hat into the ring as well! Glad to see so many people are coming on board for a good cause.

  19. I think this is a great idea. I hope it takes off!

    I work for a coalition of groups working to protect the Great Lakes.

    With help from you guys, maybe we can get the 2008 presidential candidates to address our issues!

    Take a look at our site: