Can White Papers Make You Wealthy?

Absolutely. In fact, I know a freelance writer who makes over $300,000 a year from writing white papers alone.

And I can tell you from personal experience that I launched an entire real estate brokerage firm with a white paper that revealed the inner workings of the MLS. I’ve seen countless other small businesses go from struggling to successful with educational marketing content that not only goes viral… it persuades people to buy.

Mike Stelzner has just released a great free video that reveals how he went from desperate to knee-deep in lucrative new business… all thanks to a single white paper.

Why should you listen to Mike (other than the fact that he was a Copyblogger contributor all last year)?

Because he’s that freelance writer who makes over $300K a year writing white papers.

There’s a whole series of free videos and other content that will follow the first video. And Mike is cooking up something else that I’m not at liberty to discuss, so that’s the reason for the tracking link.

But I will tell you this. If you decide to opt-in for the rest of Mike’s free content, you’ll receive an exclusive audio lesson in which Mike and I discuss our favorite techniques for using white papers and free reports to get people to imagine themselves buying from you.

And that’s more than half the battle.

Check it out here, and don’t forget to sign up for all the additional goodness.

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  1. I really love the way this blog always makes me follow links even if referral.
    It really established a trust in my mind, making me trust and follow trough all most everything you suggest me to.
    I think this is the new post you should write here: How to sell and stay loyal

  2. Thanks Daniel. I try very hard to ensure I never recommend anything that I can’t stand behind 100%.

  3. That is good when we have in-depth knowledge. What about people like me new to this blogging?

  4. I’ve been studying Mike Stelzner’s book and applying those ideas to many of the projects I’m working on. I’m following the links!

  5. What about people like me new to this blogging?

    Stay tuned here, and check out,,,, and if you’re using WordPress.

  6. Does the 300k figure exclude the money he makes from products like _Writing White Papers_ and partnership deals? Is he himself doing all the writing, or does he outsource it?

  7. Thank you Brian Clark,
    I just started following those website. I didnt really expect reply to my comment, just bcoz you guys are busy in preparing the next post.

    Thank you very much

  8. Thanks for the link … heading there now!

  9. Kelly, yes… that’s just fees for writing 3-4 white papers a month.

  10. Ok, this might be a stupid question, but what is a “white paper”?

  11. Caitlin, a white paper is a free document that educates the reader and also gently leads the prospect toward a certain solution (that just happens to be yours).

  12. Ah, thanks for the explanation! ^_^

  13. Excellent.Loved his execution. I was seriously wondering today how to write one of these. A remarkable day, Brian.

  14. Got me to click

    Live From Las Vegas
    The Masked Millionaire

  15. Cool video. I subscribed and can’t wait to see what he has to say next.

    Thanks Brian.

  16. Oh sorry, and thank you Mike Stelzner. I really appreciate the information.

  17. I hate to be a wet blanket but this new thing of just having video and no text version is not much good for me – is there a way to access this information (about *cough* writing) in a written form? :-)

  18. I think Mike also has some “super secret bonding methods” on the video =)

    I like it when marketer treat prospects as intelligent people, and state that they are going to sell a course.

    Thanks for the info.

  19. I think white papers can be great because the very style of them is more academic and builds credibility. It’s a great example of how trust and credibility are so important in this age of hucksters. Nice post.

  20. Actually, sorry Brian and all, now that I re-read the way I phrased that question above I see that it was unnecessarily sarcastic – oops! So apologies and may I re-phrase: “Can this information be accessed in written form?”

  21. Nice stuff. And I can personally recommend Mike as the go-to guy for everything white papers.

  22. Thanks for the link and explanation, I too was unaware of the definition of white paper in this format.

  23. 300.000 $ – it’s too many to be a truth. 😉

  24. I do a lot of lurking here without comment, but I just had to write and say Wow! Great content!
    Thanks Michael and Brian.

  25. I like what Mike has to say too! Of course, I may be biased since he is my brother. :)

  26. Very useful. Very. Thank you.

  27. Thank you for all the resources you provide. I watched the video and did sign up for access to more. I can’t tell you what a timesaver it can be to go to a trusted resource to be referred to others.

  28. Michael’s video is just that good. He helped me take a kernel of an idea and convert it into a strategy with the potential to serve hundreds of charities and make a boatload of money at the same time! If you haven’t watched it yet, you must do so IMMEDIATELY!