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The Anatomy of a Hyperlink That Woos Readers


Links are hugely important for the web.

In a macro, 30,000-foot way, links are the currency that help search engines evaluate the essence and quality of content. They help search engines determine the authority behind a web page.

On a micro level, though, from the reader’s perspective, links also serve as one more of these landmarks that stand out for the reader as she surveys her media landscape.

And when you have mere minutes to woo a potential reader, you do whatever you can to make your page stand out.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Bullet Points That Work


Why bullet points? Like it or not, they keep people reading your blog posts, pages, articles, and copy like nothing else …

In the online attention economy, studies show us that readers behave in very predictable ways.

They’ll read the headline, the first sentence, they’ll scan the page, particularly the left-hand side of the page, looking at the sub headlines and slowing down at the bullets.

But they’ll fly by those bullets if you fail to craft them in a certain way …

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About Pages: How to Fascinate and Engage with Just One Look


If you want your website’s About page to work, you have to answer one crucial question.

And no, the question isn’t, “How many years have you been in business?”

It’s the one question that’s at the top of your site visitor’s mind. And if you answer it to her satisfaction, there’s a good chance she’ll stick around to see what else you have for her.

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How to Create Exquisite Subheadlines


The purpose of the subheadline is two-fold. Standing out to a reader is its first purpose. The second purpose is a little more complex.

Imagine your average reader. She has fallen in love with your headline. It’s a good one. It’s a humdinger.

And now she is scrolling down the page, evaluating whether or not she wants to invest time in reading this article of yours.

As she scrolls, she sees a subheadline and thinks, “Oh, now that’s interesting.” So she stops scanning, and she reads that section.

Sound simple enough? But not so fast. How you write a subheadline so she stops and reads is not as easy as you might think.

There are tactics you have to master.

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The Hipster’s Dilemma


Join host Robert Bruce for the second episode of Allegorical …

A simple story about one of the greatest hipsters who ever lived … and the reality behind the facade of his particular brand of cool.

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The Old Man and The Pen


Join host Robert Bruce for the first episode of Allegorical …

A simple story about a writer, the writing life, and how he ignored the one thing about his craft that would give him everything he truly wanted.

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