How to Write Multiple Magnetic Tweets About Any Content (Without Being Repetitive)


If you’re using social media channels such as Twitter to promote your content, then this show is for you. This week, Hit Publish host Amy Harrison is looking at different ways you can ‘beef up your tweets’ and write multiple updates to promote just one post (without sounding boring or repetitive).

When you’re posting tweets (or other social media updates) to get people to your content, it can feel like you are broadcasting again and again, just repeatedly sending out information and hoping someone bites.

But social media is really just a conversation, so when you’re thinking about what to write, don’t think about sending a message to your followers, instead, imagine you’re sitting opposite one potential reader. You have one sentence to encourage them to read your content. What would you say?

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Behind the Scenes: The Reimagining of

nr-behind-the-scenes-6 started it all on this particular crazy portion of the journey. It’s constantly evolved over the years, and it’s about to take another giant step forward.

When you strip away the fact that Copyblogger has historically been the mothership platform for our company, you realize that it’s essentially a membership site with free and paid components.

The foundational elements of a scalable, replicable membership site model are already in place there. We’ll be talking about that in the future, but first we’re taking it to the next level for our own sites — and that job is in the hands of Pamela Wilson.

Pamela has been perhaps the longest-running outside writer for Copyblogger over the years, so we were naturally thrilled when she joined us inside the company. And then she further quickly joined the small lineage of people who have taken on the primary responsibility of running, growing, and reimagining our central content platform.

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8 Signs of Weak Writing that Turn Off Readers


What makes writing “weak,” and are you able to identify the specific aspects of your writing that are weak?

Writers can be hard on themselves. They may think everything they write is lousy. But “lousy” is a vague word — and that general self-judgment doesn’t help you move beyond “lousy” writing.

Check out these eight specific signs of weak writing and how to strengthen each one.

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6 Easy Ways to Adapt Your Writing Style to the New World of Content Consumption

it's a brave new fast-paced content world

You ease yourself into the coziest chair you own, a warm beverage by your side, a blanket over your legs, and the glow of a reading lamp over your shoulder.

It’s time to sink into a nice, long session of reading.

You pull apart the pages of the nonfiction book you’re working your way through, and you begin a new chapter.

It starts with an inspiring quote. Then the author tells a story.

Eventually, she comes around to the topic at hand. Now that you’re warmed up, she’s going to share some information with you.

What’s the online version of this scene?

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How ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse Writes


New media pioneer and entrepreneur Darren Rowse — creator of both Digital Photography School and ProBlogger — joined Kelton Reid to chat about the opportunities that 13 years of blogging have provided, his new podcast, and the importance of having the right mindset as a writer.

This sage blogging veteran and educator has blazed an inspiring path for enterprising online publishers.

His step-by-step blog series — 31 Days to Build a Better Blog — went from zero to viable business in no time, and now it’s a podcast every content creator can listen to … for free.

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How Andy Weir Took ‘The Martian’ from Blog to Bestseller to Blockbuster Movie (Starring Matt Damon)


Say you write a book and it takes off online. What if it then turned into a mega-hit … say the movie rights were sold to a Hollywood studio and Matt Damon was cast to star in it?

Don’t believe it can happen? Listen to this …

This is Andy Weir’s story, and in this podcast he explains exactly how it happened.

Oh, and you should go read his book, The Martian; it’s really great.

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