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The Proper Way to Grow an Audience on Medium


What does a boy band pop group called Jerod Morris and the Sponge Bags have to do with content marketing? More than you might think.

In this episode of The Lede, hosts Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris introduce you to the perfect illustration for understanding content syndication.

Content syndication is nothing more than circulating the same article, video, or podcast across multiple pubs. For example, Demian could take a Copyblogger article he wrote and try to get it published on Business Insider, Fast Company, and Huffington Post.

How could this be a good thing? Easy. It broadens your reach and exposure to new audiences without demanding you invest more time in creating new content.

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The 7 Circles of Belief that Drive Customers to Your Business


Nearly all of us make decisions based on our beliefs — including decisions about what to buy and which businesses to connect with.

The 7 Circles of Belief are a spiral path that can bring customers or clients ever closer to your business.

Belief binds us together, often creating micro-tribes within our larger communities. And people want to connect with products and services that are aligned with their beliefs.

When you learn how to communicate your values and beliefs, you’ll pull your audience closer to you, along what we’ve identified as a 7-stage spiral path of belief.

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What You Don’t Know About Copyright Can Hurt You

are you breaking the law with your content?

As writers, we are very protective of our own creations.

But when we perform research on a topic and come across the perfect passage on a website, or an image that perfectly captures the essence of the point we are trying to make, sometimes it can be tempting to just copy and paste it into our own content.

With that one move, however, you commit copyright infringement — which could cost you your reputation and your business.

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How to Roll Out the Red Carpet on Your Home Page


Your home page makes an important first impression … and you only have one chance to make it.

You have the opportunity to begin a long and fruitful relationship if you set your home page up to meet the needs of the people who land there.

Or you can confuse them and turn them off, never to return.

Hit Publish host Pamela Wilson is betting you’re aiming for the former, not the latter, right?

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9 Copywriting Books for Web Writers


Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth doesn’t care who you are — a blogger, freelance journalist, ghostwriter, or ad copywriter — if you are writing on the web, then you need to read these copywriting books.

Two are more recent than the others (and Influence by Robert Cialdini is not technically a direct response copywriting book).

But these are the books Demian would demand you read if teaching a ground-level graduate course on writing for the web, since so many principles of direct response copywriting obey the unbreakable law of the web.

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5 Insider Tips to Make More Sales During Your Webinars

boost webinar conversions with these five tips

Hosting your own webinars can be incredibly frustrating.

It seems like your competitors are all making tons of money by presenting free promotional webinars. They deliver great content, then do a sales pitch at the end of the webinar and bring in tons of sales.

However, you’re starting to get perturbed. You’re delivering useful, engaging content, and you’re getting rave reviews on every webinar you present. But you can’t seem to make any sales.

At this point, you’re starting to wonder if should continue hosting webinars at all.

I get it. I’ve been there.

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