A Behind the Scenes Look at The Missing Link (They Bare It All)


In this episode of The Missing Link, you’ll learn why the podcast was created with its specific style and personality.

Jon Nastor joins The Missing Link host Sean Jackson and Mica Gadhia to share how to run a podcast and the three critical elements to becoming your own showrunner.

Content marketing has all of the same elements that it always has, but you can learn more about creating powerful content through audio — and how to get started.

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Getting the Most Out of a Conference When You’re There to Promote, Part 1


Conference season is quickly approaching. If you want to get the most out of your conference attendance, you need to be prepared.

In Part One of this two-part series on The Lede, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth offer advice on how to approach a conference when you are there with a primary goal of promoting your product or service.

The conversation begins with a caveat: nothing is more important than networking at a conference. That must be understood.

Assuming you are meeting people and making connections and contacts, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you promote your product or service as effectively as possible.

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How Long Will It Take for My Business to Start Making Money? And Other Impossible Questions


Sonia Simone gets this question all the time (natural, Sonia guesses, since she teaches people how to start or grow businesses): How long will it take before my business starts to take off and make money?

And there are two parts to the answer. One part is nuts and bolts — the processes of building an audience, uncovering market opportunities, crafting your marketing message, creating products and services.

But the other part is all the “fluffy” mindset stuff — the mental game that lets you take action on those nuts and bolts. And in Sonia’s experience and observation, the mental game tends to be the hard part.

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4 Ways to Get Attention by Rocking the Boat


Lots of people make careers out of controversy. But constant controversy can take a toll.

You could get by with a lot of controversy in the early days of your blog or books in order to gain critical mass. But soon you’ll need to take your foot off that particular pedal.

The goal (when it comes to rocking the boat) is to select topics carefully and to space these pieces at least a month apart.

That way, you avoid burning the conflict candle at both ends.

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How to Conduct Podcast Interviews Like a Pro


This week, Amy Harrison invited expert podcaster Jon Nastor to the Hit Publish house where he shares his top tips for growing an engaged audience through podcast interviews.

Get ready to access the cheats, tips, and hacks that will give you some serious interviewer skills (and boost your business credibility).

Jon Nastor hosts Hack the Entrepreneur, where he’s managed to get more than 100 entrepreneurs to reveal the habits, philosophies, and actions that have helped in their success.

By publishing show after show, Jon combatted nerves and honed his interview skills but more importantly, saw how podcast interviews could build a seriously engaged audience.

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Podcasting for SEO? Yep …


Loren Baker sits down with Jerod Morris from The Showrunner to discuss the world of podcasting, self-publishing, and how the game of producing one’s own content has changed over the past decade.

Both Loren and Jerod started down similar paths as personal bloggers and dreamers (one with ambitions for film, the other sports journalism) … and then found themselves taking different paths for career ambitions, only to end up doing exactly what they had originally intended.

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