John Lee Dumas on Discovering Exactly Who You’re Speaking To


You could be blogging, podcasting, working YouTube, or creating any other type of content. Or … you might just be looking to craft the perfect message to land more customers and clients.

You may have heard of creating personas or avatars as a smart way to better understand how to communicate with your prospects, but blown it off as some artificial marketing exercise.

Today’s episode of Unemployable with Brian Clark will make it abundantly clear that this is actually a core procedure in becoming a more efficient, and more human, business person.

Brian is joined by podcasting superhero John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire. His methodology for creating a spot-on avatar is one of the best Brian has heard, and the proof is in the multimillion-dollar business John has been able to create from understanding exactly the pains, passions, anxieties, and aspirations of his ideal prospect.

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How to Tame Content Creation Chaos with Rock-Solid Workflows

how to systematize content production

Have you ever noticed that your content marketing activities tend to amount to doing the same types of tasks over and over?

At the process level, there’s not much that changes from one blog post to the next or from one social media campaign to the next, though the content itself may change.

Whether or not you’ve noticed it, your content marketing activities are a collection of workflows.

I hinted at this in my last post, on how to delegate content marketing tasks.

Now, let’s take a closer look at workflows, because it’s a game-changer when you shift from thinking about your content marketing tasks as a loose collection of activities to thinking about them as workflows.

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The 7-Minute Content Makeover


A few tweaks and checks can often boost a piece of written content about one “grade level.”

In other words, if it starts out “good,” this will take it to “very good.” Here’s the process Sonia Simone uses.

No, this isn’t a “write a blog post in seven minutes” podcast.

It’s the process Sonia goes through once she has written a piece, to add that final layer of polish. Once you have the habits in place, you should be able to make these changes in about five-to-seven minutes.

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Jerod Morris on Podcast Junkies


Jerod Morris sits down with Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies to discuss how he runs five regular podcasts, his struggles with creating content, and how he stays committed to his audience.

Listen in.

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3 Resources to Help You Achieve Digital Commerce Success

Copyblogger Collection - Use content to boost sales

I’ve never claimed I invented the Internet, but at one time I thought I invented the idea of a digital business. Let me explain.

In 2008, I set out to establish Revision Fairy, my own online editing and proofreading service. Since I wasn’t planning to interact with any clients in person or over the phone, my business, which would also sell ebooks, was 100 percent digital.

I thought I conjured up a revolutionary concept because I didn’t know anyone else who had ventured into this unknown, pixel-dominated territory. Simultaneously, I was struggling because I didn’t know where to look for guidance about legitimate digital commerce.

Then I discovered a blog called Copyblogger written by a guy named Brian Clark (you may have heard of him). All of the practical content marketing and copywriting advice Brian wrote about made me feel like my idea to sell digital products and services was possible.

I studied Copyblogger daily because Brian understood what I wanted to accomplish. He provided the information I needed to keep following my vision — and the rest, as they say, is history.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to decide which content to sell and what to give away for free
  • How to create a digital home that welcomes visitors
  • How to put together irresistible digital product packages

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The Beautiful Message Joseph Campbell Was Really Trying to Tell Us


In the last episode of Rough Draft, your host Demian Farnworth explored storytelling from a myriad of angles, culminating in a thorough vetting of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey concept.

This time, Demian thoroughly vets Campbell — the man — with superstar Campbell scholar Robert Segal.

Professor Segal is an unstoppable fount of knowledge about Campbell and his work, particularly the Hero’s Journey.

This is a frolicking good ride for those who love myth, psychology, and storytelling. Not to mention a little treat from your host about 20 minutes in. Not to be missed!

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