Should We Fear Content Shock? (Or Could It Actually Be a Good Thing?)


There is far more content available for consumption than time to consume it. That is not up for debate.

But what is up for debate in this episode of The Lede is whether this idea of “content shock” is something to fear … or an opportunity.

In this episode, the fourth in the Hero versus Villain series, hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth bring in Robert Bruce to discuss how much fear and loathing (if any) should be inspired by content shock.

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Earn the Right to Sell

Authority Rainmaker keynote speaker Chris Brogan

My biggest belief about modern business as it intersects with the digital world can be summed up in one sentence:

Create useful content that nurtures a specific community so that you earn the right to sell and serve them to exchange value.

Boiled down tighter: content, community, marketplace.

The old saying about if the carpenter has a hammer, then everything looks like a nail is very true when it comes to me.

I’m an author and writer and someone who believes that content isn’t king, but that it’s what you feed kings.

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Why Capturing Ideas Is Essential to Your Content Strategy and Organic Search


Content is everywhere — it’s happening in coffee shops, on phone calls, and in the workplace.

But capturing and documenting these ideas is necessary so that the creator or owner of that content has the ability to capitalize on it. Without documentation, all is lost.

Conversations without accurate documentation can lead to a Rashomon effect, where a conversation can have different meanings and takeaways.

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5 Ways to Get More of the Online Attention You Crave

image of Elvis Presley toy

Listen — I remember what it was like.

Working hard on writing the best content I could. Content that solved reader problems, was interesting to read, showed some personality, and furthered my business goals.

Spending hours on posts that got nice attention from my small audience — but having trouble getting traction with a larger crowd.

It was working, but it was slow. And that’s frustrating. It’s hard to know you’re on the right path if only a few people are paying attention to you.

Over the months (and years), I learned some things about how to get that traction and grow my audience. Here are some of the most important ones I found.

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How Demian Farnworth Will Make You Read Every Single Line of This Article


Quite a challenge, right? Especially since Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth is a podcast. Trust Demian on this one.

Demian’s daughter and her strand of pink hair. The first-ever triple BMX backflip. A throbbing finger.

Strange way to begin a podcast about getting people to read every single line you write. But it’s a proven method to make content irresistible.

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The Ugly Truth About How People Read Online


In this episode of Rough Draft, host Demian Farnworth wants to put some teeth to the things he has been teaching. Some substance behind my claims.

He’ll present four research studies you should know about. They’ll help you understand the true state of what it means to write online.

But Demian needs to warn you: what you are about to learn could depress you. Could make you throw in the towel. But don’t fear. He’s here to help you get over that hump.

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