But Facebook Doesn’t Work for … (waily waily)


There’s a new article every day claiming that this or that tool “doesn’t work” to market your product. Sometimes it’s a fair statement … and sometimes it isn’t.

In this ranty little episode of Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer, host Sonia Simone talks about how to use Facebook (or any other tool or platform) in a smarter way and how different communication tools work together to attract an audience and get your message across.

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How to Craft and Deliver Captivating Presentations

craft a story that steals the show

You’re great at writing copy, articles, and other long-form content. But do you stare blankly at the computer screen when it comes time to write a speech?

Maybe it’s because you are nervous about actually giving the speech live — which produces much more anxiety than clicking “publish” to make a blog post go live.

You can always go back and edit the post if you find a mistake or get an idea that will improve it. You can’t do that when giving a speech, though.

Once the words come out of your mouth, they’re out there and the moment is gone. And when giving a speech, the only thing that matters is the moment when all eyes are on you.

In this post, I’m going to address how to create content that is ready for prime time and how to be ready to steal the show when it’s your moment.

You’ll find these topics and more detailed in my new book, Steal the Show.

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The Counterintuitive Truth About Working Hard


You can stay on top of your content production schedule without getting burned out.

Listen to this week’s episode of Editor-in-Chief to get digital publishing tips that help you manage your workload.

You’ll discover why taking a break is part of hard work. What type of breakthrough will you have when you take a break?

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How to Automate Multiple Businesses Around Multiple Books Within Multiple Niches


Being successful in business is all about understanding one simple rule: find an audience of people who have problems, then work hard to offer them real solutions.

With more than 17 books in multiple niches, Honorée Corder has created a multiple-niche business structure that not only allows her to sell a ton of books but also enables her to use those books to venture into courses, consulting, speaking engagements, and certified training programs.

All of which are automated to the point where she only has to work the hours she wants to work — and never on weekends.

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Webinar: Create a Website Experience that Converts with Free Downloads, Courses, and Member Areas

Free webinar! How digital products create a high-converting website

Every great website is a membership site.

In today’s economy and online environment, marketing can no longer simply be the promise of an experience — marketing must actually begin the experience.

Hence our indefatigable focus on the idea of media, not marketing.

Because your marketing is not effective if it is something people want to avoid. Instead, it must become an experience that is sought-after and valued.

And this experience is powered by content.

But not just any content — adaptive content: the right high-value content delivered at the right time to the right person. This is what creates a deeper, more meaningful experience.

Which is why membership has its privileges, for both you and your prospects, customers, and clients.

So, what are the first steps toward creating a membership website? Attend our free webinar, Create a Website Experience that Converts with Free Downloads, Courses, and Member Areas, on Thursday, September 24, 2015, and we’ll tell you. 😉

Register for the free webinar, space is limited

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3 Resources to Help You Pinpoint and Thrive in Your Niche

Copyblogger Collection: pinpoint your niche

“Drive-thru Bakery.”

That is the ad copy on a billboard for McDonald’s on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

Did you know the fast-food chain also serves baked goods? Now you do.

If you’re a busy Angeleno, why spend time parking and going in to a coffee shop to get a muffin or croissant when you can visit the convenient drive-thru bakery?

Since McDonald’s knows how to serve its customers in new ways consistently, the business thrives in the fast-food niche.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to determine if you’ve found the right niche
  • How to express yourself with your content and get more business
  • How to create the ultimate message for your clients and customers

Bonus tip: before you study the following lessons about pinpointing your niche, create a brand statement to clearly define what you do and whom you serve.

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