The Best Damn Copywriting Advice I’ve Found

The Best Damn Copywriting Advice I've Found

Copywriting is not writing, copywriting is assembling.

Great copywriters collect the varied parts of their research and assemble those parts into a true story that resonates with the particular worldview of an audience. Then that story is tested, tweaked, and deployed again. A story that enters the conversation an audience is already having, can be a story that wins.

The assembly of these parts is key.

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A 52-Installment Content Marketing Course (Free, and Right Here)

The Copyblogger Content Marketing Codex

Listen. If you are even remotely connected to the marketing and advertising world then you’ve probably heard the word “content marketing.”

You’ve at least been exposed to it:

  • Blogging
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • White papers
  • Tutorials
  • Email Autoresponders

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Why No One Cares What You Think (And How to Stop Being So Freaking Boring)

image of moulin rouge, paris

It’s time for a little tough love, okay?

All that stuff you’re publishing … all those blog posts and videos and podcasts and white papers … it’s not getting you anywhere, is it?

You thought it would. People told you to get busy online, to say what you think, to publish lots of content, because if you do, people will find you and love you and support you and everything will be perfect, forever and ever and ever.

But it was a lie. Not totally, no, because publishing great content is crucial. But there were a few critical pieces missing.

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Scribe 4.0: Way Beyond SEO

Scribe Content Marketing Software by Copyblogger Media

If you’ve read my new content marketing ebook that we released this week, you know we consider targeted search engine traffic the most valuable site visitors you can get when it comes to meeting business objectives.

Here’s the thing … those great search rankings are a beneficial outcome of an integrated content marketing process. One that involves audience-focused content, social media distribution, and on-page and site-wide optimization in a way that Google likes.

In other words, you win with content, you win with social, and you end up also winning with search.

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Could Bad SEO Bring Down Your Business?

image of danger sign

We’ve been telling you for awhile now that the old-fashioned “black hat” SEO doesn’t work.

The evolution of SEO means that keyword stuffing, buying links, content spinning, and other shady practices just don’t pay off the way they used to.

But Marie Haynes wrote a terrific piece over on SEOMoz about how the wrong kind of SEO isn’t just useless … it’s actively dangerous.

Dangerous enough to destroy a small business, and maybe even a business that’s not-so-small.

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Why Sex Doesn’t Sell

image of shadow of high heeled shoes

In his essay It’s Necessary for the Scene, American Playwright David Mamet explains why no play or movie he writes or directs include explicit sex scenes.

Mamet is no prude. He cut his teeth in the theatre, working in and around that last great institution of vagabonds and players, excess and fornication.

No, what he’s getting at here is something more important than a hopeless moral stance.

“When we see the scene of simulated sex we can think only one of two things: 1) Lord, they’re really having sex; or 2) No, I can tell, they aren’t really. Either of the above responses takes us right out of the film.”

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