10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website

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Every day, some scary report about a major site being hacked or a sensitive database being compromised hits the web … and freaks everyone out.

Last week, in preparation for an interview about my work at Copyblogger’s managed WordPress hosting division, I chicken-scratched a top 10 list of tips for keeping your WordPress website(s) secure.

We’ve been discussing WordPress security a lot over at the Synthesis blog, here, here, and most especially here), but these days, you can’t be secure enough, right?

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The Exotic Entrepreneur’s 3-Step Guide
to Growing Your Business Online

image of vintage map of mongolia

What can Mongolian hospitality, the post office in Antarctica, and a Belgian pommes frites chef teach you about growing your business?

Well, you could take the long way around to the answer by dusting off your passport, selling everything you own, and wandering the world for the next two years.

But, to save you the awkward family questions we got from doing that very thing (You want to do what?!), I’ve boiled it down for you into a quick, 3-part series of lessons from around the globe.

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How an Unknown Street Artist Used
Content Marketing to Build a Global Brand

image of shepard fairey's OBEY poster

The word “OBEY” first caught my attention in 2000.

It was printed underneath a huge black and white silhouette of the famous wrestler Andre the Giant, and plastered across a derelict billboard on Wilshire boulevard in LA, of which there are hundreds.

It appeared both haunting and hilarious amidst the bland, big-box advertisements for Office Depot and Vons grocery chain.

What did it mean? Was it a call to arms, coercion, a warning? I really wanted to know.

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How to Build an Email List that
Builds Your Business [Free Webinar]

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If you want to build your business online, there’s no better way to do it than by building an audience first.

An audience gives you everything you need — direct or indirect feedback, the sharing of your content, ideas for products and services, and eventually … revenue.

And there’s no better way to build a responsive, buying audience than with email marketing.

But how do you build that initial audience? How do you organically grow a responsive, permission-based, spam-free list?

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Need More Links and Social Shares? Try Making More Enemies

image of a woman boxer

This is the sixth post in the “Content Connections” series.

So by now you know that real links (the kind you earn, not the kind you pay for) and social sharing are key components of natural SEO.

And by “natural” I mean “the kind that still works.”

So you’re busting your tail to:

  • Create really good content,
  • To get a decent headline on it,
  • And to cultivate your online network to get the word out

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A Comprehensive Guide to Formatting Your WordPress Posts and Pages

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The WordPress publishing platform makes it incredibly easy to create readable, engaging pages, but only if you use all the editing bar bells and whistles to their fullest.

This post is going to show you how to make the most of the tools on the WordPress post (and page) editing bar.

By then end of it, you’ll understand how to create pages and posts that are interesting to look at, easy to read, and engaging to … even the most jaded web surfer.

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