Why Hunter S. Thompson Would’ve Loved Author Rank (And Why You Should, Too)

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Editor’s note: On August 28, 2014, Google ended their Authorship program. To discover what this means for you as an online content creator, check out this post by Sonia Simone.

Are you one of them?

One of the thousands — maybe millions — of faceless web writers toiling away on content that immediately slips into obscurity?

Are you doing what you love for something you hate? Feeling used — even abused — because you are not getting credit for your work?

It’s like a page out of a science fiction novel where people aren’t known by a name, but merely a number.

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9 Ways to Lose the Trust of Your Audience

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Know. Like. Trust.

You know the formula by now. When you accomplish that holy trifecta, you’re well on your way to earning a paying customer. You might even win that customer’s loyalty.

But your readers have very sensitive slime radars.

You don’t even need to be a complete slimeball to discredit your character. Your readers’ trust issues may not trace back to the words you say or write — they could even be inflamed by the stuff you don’t say.

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64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

Google+ isn’t only a social network. It’s the very backbone (and future) of Google itself.

As Brian Clark wrote yesterday, authorship and the possible effects on the Google algorithm have the potential to be extremely beneficial to savvy content creators.

If you’re a writer, this is either going to be very good for your career, or you’ll risk becoming relatively invisible online.

If you’d like to land solidly in the former camp of writers, the question becomes one of how to use Google+ to further your own goals.

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Get Over Yourself and Get On Google+

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Editor’s note: On August 28, 2014, Google ended their Authorship program. To discover what this means for you as an online content creator, check out this post by Sonia Simone.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • That’s just dumb.
  • No one’s over there.
  • Who needs another social network?

Yep, many people, including me, were saying that about Twitter in 2008. Seems we were wrong.

Now, some people are saying the same things about Google+. Some of those people owe their current careers to being Twitter early adopters.

Threatened much?

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Why Content Marketing is Not Branding

image of branding iron

It would appear that our buzzword du jour is “content marketing.”

You might have noticed that they talk about it a lot here on Copyblogger.

(If you haven’t noticed that, you’re either new or you don’t pay attention very well.)

At a gathering in Boston recently, I threw out this one: “Content marketing is weaponized storytelling.”

It got a lot of retweets. And now, weeks later, I don’t really know if I even agree with that.

But I do believe that content marketing is a lot more like sales than it is that dubious (and yet somewhat important) word “branding.”

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Try This: A Valentine’s Day Promotion for Content Marketers

image of paper valentines

So you’re a happy internet marketer, writing awesome relationship-building content to promote your business.

Today I want to suggest a quick, simple promotion you can put together in the next couple of days and fire off next week. The business purpose? To strengthen one of the most important aspects of your business.

Every business needs a steady stream of new prospects, and there’s a lot of information out there to tell you how to attract and nurture those new prospects.

But most businesses — large and small — tend to chase new customers at the expense of their existing customers.

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