Score More Traffic, Subscribers, and Buyers by Discovering Your Second Customer

Content Connections

This is the second post in the “Content Connections” series.

We all know what a customer is.

The customer is that lovely, wise person who buys our stuff. Whether we sell a product, a service, an idea, a candidate, a change of habits … the customer is the one who buys.

If we don’t have customers, we don’t have a business. Simple enough.

But when you’re doing business online, particularly if you’re using content in your marketing, you need another customer. One who might never take out a credit card to buy from you … but who can still help take your business to amazing places.

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9 Articles for Serious WordPress Publishers

image of wordpress logo

It’s one of the most overlooked (and undervalued) elements of an online platform that converts.

In an instant, the poor performance of your website can undermine much of the hard work that every serious WordPress publisher does to build their presence and livelihood.

Poorly coded themes, unstable plugins, and lapses in security can all turn a normal day into a digital panic room. We’re not big fans of digital sharecropping or shoddy, unoptimized hosting. If you remember, we dislike it so much, we actually built our own managed WordPress hosting.

And, thanks to Jerod Morris, we’re compiling some very valuable WordPress management advice over on the Synthesis blog.

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How Amazon Grew My Audience By More
Than 24,000 Readers in Three Days

image of amazon kindle logo

It’s every writer’s dream. Every entrepreneur’s struggle. Every marketer’s goal.

The promise of more. More readers, more revenue, and more exposure.

What if I told you there was a way that you could find all three — but that it required you give something truly valuable away? Would you listen to me?

If you’re a Copyblogger reader, you understand the power of smart marketing that benefits your audience. In fact, you’re probably doing this in some form already: a free eBook, or a valuable email autoresponder series for new subscribers to your content.

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What Michael Phelps’ 19th Olympic Medal Can Teach You About Smarter Online Marketing

image of Olympian Michael Phelps
If you were an Olympic-caliber swimmer, you could be forgiven for sort of hating Michael Phelps.

On Tuesday, he broke the record for holding more Olympic medals than any other athlete in history — 19 medals, of which 15 are gold.

During this summer Olympics, he’s been battling it out in a widely-publicized rivalry with his U.S. teammate Ryan Lochte.

Even a casual observer gets the impression that Lochte is, well, kind of sick of hearing about how great Michael Phelps is.

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6 Enduring Marketing Lessons from the Ironman World Championship

image of ironman race logo

Could you swim 2.4 miles? How about bike 112 miles? Or run 26.2 miles? What about doing all three, one right after the other?

Now, if you can imagine doing this in temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees, you’ll understand what truly makes an Ironman, as well as what defines the Ironman.

Every year a few thousand athletes compete in an endurance event called the Ironman World Championship which is held in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This isn’t for the faint of heart, and quite honestly, I classify these people as borderline insane.

But that’s what makes them so appealing and — to put it simply — awesome.

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How to Protect Your Business’s Most Important Asset (No, It’s Not Your Website)

image of audience

We talk a lot about your self-hosted website as a cornerstone business asset. You own it, you control it, and over time, if you take care of it, it becomes more and more valuable.

Your permission-based email list is an asset as well. You don’t control it to quite the same degree as your website, but it’s still something you build over time that keeps getting more and more valuable.

But there’s something more important than your site or your list. In fact, it’s what gives them value. It’s the reason you’re in business in the first place.

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