How to Build a Referral Engine That Works

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Producing a remarkable product is good marketing, but even the best products need help in spreading the word.

Movie producers (now) know the value of a good trailer that’s shareable on social media. A teaser to whet your appetite.

Coke hasn’t changed its product in years, but they always put out feel good commercials that remind you why you like to drink it.

Zappos knew that they needed to create such amazing customer service that nobody could stop raving about them, and they passed the 1 billion sales mark — without shelling out the big bucks in traditional advertising.

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How to Keep Your Audience Interested by Writing Long-Term Story Arcs

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You know it, I know it, and even if you’re as cynical as I am about shiny marketing fads, you probably realize that our lives ultimately revolve around stories.

Human beings are wired for story.

Stories really are how we make sense of the world.

In my role as Content Manager for ProBlogger, I think quite a bit about what makes a good story. If you’re a normal human being with any interest in others, you probably already have a good instinctive sense of story.

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7 Email Publishers Profiting From the Inbox

Image of a Vintage British Telegram

The oldest form of social media is still the most potent for online publishers.

No, I’m not referring to Friendster.

The first email was sent in 1971, and it definitely didn’t include any “today only” offers on flatscreen TVs or discounted Indian food.

When we think of “social media” we think of faster, sexier platforms like Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or (ahem) Facebook.

But every single minute, some 170 million emails are sent by an estimated 3.3 billion accounts worldwide, and around 100 a day land in your own inbox.

How can this ancient technology possibly drive the profits of a business online?

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The State of Facebook: What’s Working Now

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You may have noticed some of your fellow business owners are getting just a little bit fed up with Facebook.

If you’re trying to use it to grow your business online, you may have joined them. You might be tired of the moving target that Facebook marketing presents. You might be annoyed at new “features” that seem to make the experience worse, not better.

And of course, lots of people are talking about the latest aggravation — the question of whether or not your Page’s updates, images, and links are reaching enough of your fans.

But there are things that are still working — and working well — on Facebook. So if you’re going to stick with it, let’s get into what does work.

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The Smartest Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

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Some see content marketing as the latest online marketing trend. But if you’re a Copyblogger reader you know it goes much deeper, and longer term, than that.

Content is the smart, cost-effective way to market virtually any product or service. And real estate is no exception.

If you’re a real estate professional, then you want to generate more and better leads, and convert more of those leads into sales. And the best way to do that online is the strategic combination of content, social media, and search marketing.

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Why Emotion-Based Writing is Crucial to Your Business Goals

Image of Comedy and Tragedy Theatrical Masks

Allow me to tell you two stories.

One is about a person who — through tragic accident — had part of his brain destroyed, leading to revelatory advances in psychology and brain research.

The other, about a stout, whiskered man who thinks sound decisions can come only from a cool head.

Do emotions affect our decisions? Do cool heads truly prevail when faced with choices?

And who cares? What does all this have to do the art and craft of copywriting and content creation?

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