The Most Beautiful Boat in Town

Original Illustration by Tony D. Clark

A young fool had spent seven years building a beautiful small boat by hand.

An entire year was taken sketching out the design, throwing away hundreds of ideas until he hit upon the flawless one.

He’d traveled hundreds of miles to find and fell the perfect cedar tree. He milled the strips himself. He’d planed and sanded for months.

Neighbors started coming to his home and sitting for hours, watching him labor. They were all amazed by his skill, focus, and passion.

Local blogs picked up the story and ran profiles about the young fool, and his ambitious project.

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The Civility Manifesto: A Call to Action (Your Input Needed)

manifesto logo

The history of the internet has not been a particularly polite one.

The medium has been used in wonderful ways, and it has also been used in repulsive ways.

Human nature seems to amplify itself when we get online. Our generosity comes to the forefront, but so do our petty differences and our blind spots.

And it seems to me (do you agree?) that the upcoming election in the U.S. is bringing an unusual amount of spite, venom, and rage to the forefront.

It’s ugly out there.

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Research Ain’t Easy (But it’s Necessary)

Image of Vintage Archive

Let’s face it — doing research might not be as fun as creating killer headlines, writing the first draft of a genius blog post, or crafting your next irresistible offer.

But solid research is absolutely essential if you truly want to be successful as a content marketer.

When you hear the word “research” in conjunction with content marketing, you might immediately think about keywords (and optimizing your content for search engines using those keywords.)

And yes — keyword research is incredibly important. Mostly because it’s the language of your audience — even if search engines didn’t exist.

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How to Get More Subscribers for Your Email List

Email Marketing 101

Email subscribers are the lifeblood of the online business.

We all know we need them, and we all have specific ideas about how to capture them.

Ethical bribes, free eBooks, special reports, pop-up forms, Internet radio shows.

But if you want to have a truly fantastic conversion rate, you need to look deeper at the mind of the email subscriber.

You need to find out what causes them to hand over their email address to complete strangers.

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8 Strange Rituals of Productive Writers

Image of Writer in Flying Machine

Writers and content producers are always looking for a fresh perspective, and sometimes subjects completely unrelated to a niche can send you down a rabbit hole of creative thought.

Robert Bruce recently sent me a stark email with the subject line “Read Me” and a link to a short article about baseball great Ichiro Suzuki and the strange ritual that dictates how he prepares for each game.

At first it seemed weird and unrelated to what we teach at Copyblogger … then the connection came to me in a flash.

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Scribe 4 Integrates with Raven Tools for
Smart Content Optimization

Raven Internet Marketing Tools

When it comes to hardcore competitive research, social media monitoring, and metrics, we love Raven Tools.

Our resident data nerds Tony Clark and Jessica Commins can often be heard singing the praises of the diverse set of online marketing tools that Raven provides.

So we couldn’t be more please to announce that the all new Scribe 4 has been added to Raven as the content optimization solution that complements those other premier tools.

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