Three Basic Elements of Content that Spreads

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Have you ever asked yourself why a specific blog post stopped you dead in your tracks?

Did you truly feel the author’s pain?

Maybe the post was so captivating that you shed a tear, finished the entire piece, and left a comment thanking the blogger for sharing his story and changing your perception.

There are patterns at play here. Patterns that I ignored for too long.

You might be ignoring these elements — and one in particular — and your content marketing may be suffering for it.

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10 Ways to Build Authority as an Online Writer

Image of Allen Ginsberg Seated

Picture the set of a late night talk show, circa 1983.

Allen Ginsberg is fat, bearded, and sitting in the interview chair. Long hair grows in unruly patches from the side of his otherwise bald head. His eyebrows sprout from his brow like wild hawthorn in bloom. He’s wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt with a hole in it. His fingers are stained from nicotine resin.

Ginsberg wanted to talk about the generation gap, and what he was saying about the challenges youth had to face actually made a lot of sense.

But nobody could take him seriously. He simply didn’t appear to be a credible expert.

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Claim Google Authorship for Your WordPress Website in 3 Easy Steps

Image of WordPress and Google+ Icons

Editor’s note: On August 28, 2014, Google ended their Authorship program. To discover what this means for you as an online content creator, check out this post by Sonia Simone.

Hopefully you’ve already caught the importance of Google Authorship, the mechanism by which Google’s search engine rankings can be influenced by Author Rank.

If you haven’t, Google Authorship basically amounts to the biggest shakeup in search since the link. It’s Google’s way of identifying the author of a piece of content to factor it as a signal of content quality.

We realize that most writers and online publishers don’t have tons of time to sift through excessively geeky posts involving underlying website code (rel= “author” or rel=”me” anyone?).

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How to Transform Yourself from an Underpaid Copywriter into an Authoritative Content Producer

image of superhero kid

You probably know that business and marketing are moving in a new direction.

You know that it’s based on producing high-quality content that attracts an audience and nurtures prospects.

And you might know that, increasingly, the author is going to be at the center of it all.

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How to Become an Influential Writer in the Age of Author Rank

Image of sign: Gentlemen, Adjust Your Dress

Let’s admit it.

Sometimes it feels like everything has been written already. There’s too much information on the web.

How can you write original content? How can you craft influential articles? How can you inspire others with your writing?

It may seem difficult (or too late) to imagine how you can become an influential writer online. An authority. A thought leader. Let me tell you, it’s not too late, not yet.

Hard work is required, but you can write authoritative content — even if you feel like a beginner. But you need to start right now …

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2013: The Year of the Online Writer

Image of Authority Logo

We’re coming up on seven years since I started Copyblogger. That alone is hard for me to wrap my head around, and yet … here we are.

Since day one, it’s been about content. Not just words that fill up a webpage, but valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds businesses.

But there’s another thing Copyblogger has always been about, and that’s the people who create the content. For the most part, especially for us, that means writers.

The last several years (and especially 2012) you’ve heard a lot about content marketing. Some might say too much, but trust me, it’s not going away. We won’t go back to straight pitches, clever commercials, and filler website copy after being offered strategic content with independent value – the Internet-empowered prospect won’t tolerate it.

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