The Dysfunctional Guide to Blogging (and Business) Success

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Ever wonder how some bloggers seem to suddenly take off — or come out of nowhere and steal your attention and your audience?

Their subscriber numbers blow up into the six-figure digits … they garner a gargantuan mob of Twitter followers … and everywhere you look people are talking about them.

To top it all off, they land the book deal, the sweet speaking gigs, and the adulation by big media.

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How to Set Up Your SEO-Friendly WordPress Website in 15 Minutes

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For serious WordPress publishers with specific online business objectives, there is no more critical component to your website’s long-term value than its search engine rankings.

Brian Clark reiterated this just a few days ago when announced the launch of Scribe 4.0:

“… we consider targeted search engine traffic the most valuable site visitors you can get when it comes to meeting business objectives.”

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Last Day to Grab Our New Content Marketing Ebook Without Registration

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Heads up, today’s the last day to download our free 22-page content marketing ebook without registering first.

I wrote this piece to explain the integrated process of content + social + search as an introduction to an entire series of in-depth follow-up ebooks, seminars, and other educational resources.

There’s no charge … and no email address required until the end of the day. So go grab it, and if you like what you see, register for access to the entire ebook series that follows (link at the end of the book).

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The Best Damn Copywriting Advice I’ve Found

The Best Damn Copywriting Advice I've Found

Copywriting is not writing, copywriting is assembling.

Great copywriters collect the varied parts of their research and assemble those parts into a true story that resonates with the particular worldview of an audience. Then that story is tested, tweaked, and deployed again. A story that enters the conversation an audience is already having, can be a story that wins.

The assembly of these parts is key.

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A 52-Installment Content Marketing Course (Free, and Right Here)

The Copyblogger Content Marketing Codex

Listen. If you are even remotely connected to the marketing and advertising world then you’ve probably heard the word “content marketing.”

You’ve at least been exposed to it:

  • Blogging
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • White papers
  • Tutorials
  • Email Autoresponders

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Why No One Cares What You Think (And How to Stop Being So Freaking Boring)

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It’s time for a little tough love, okay?

All that stuff you’re publishing … all those blog posts and videos and podcasts and white papers … it’s not getting you anywhere, is it?

You thought it would. People told you to get busy online, to say what you think, to publish lots of content, because if you do, people will find you and love you and support you and everything will be perfect, forever and ever and ever.

But it was a lie. Not totally, no, because publishing great content is crucial. But there were a few critical pieces missing.

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