The Key to Innovative Business Ideas:

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Gather round, everyone. It’s time to have “The Talk.”

You know the one I mean. You’ve started asking lots of questions and I can tell you’re ready for it, so make yourselves comfortable and let’s go over the basics.

Because if you’re in business, you need to know about this. It’s crucial to your success. Mastering this technique will put a spring in your step, and bring new life to your ventures.

Plus, it’s actually pretty fun.

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The Cure for Analysis Paralysis

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You try to kick someone under the table and your leg stays as inert as the table’s leg. Your toes are unwiggleable. Your eyebrow won’t arch wryly in disdain.

You want to make something happen, but that desire isn’t translating into movement. Your muscles don’t obey the signals from your brain.

That’s paralysis.

Analysis is pretty much the same thing.

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The Foolproof Cure for Weak Content:
4 Ways to Get Some Perspective


When I was fifteen, I wrote a novel. I thought it was pretty good, and daydreamt about literary stardom.

Fast forward ten years. I recently found my old notebooks and read that novel over again. And … let’s just say it wasn’t as good as I remembered, and leave it at that.

It’s amazing what a difference perspective makes.

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Is Spiritual Business a
Contradiction in Terms?

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With all the beads, prayers, affirmations, “laws of abundance,” and other woo-woo business accoutrements flying around these days, you’d think there’s some fire sale promotion going on spirituality.

Maybe it’s the rough economy, or the unsettling pace of change. Business seems to be getting more and more difficult, and support is hard to come by. When you’re struggling, the idea of having the unseen realms backing you is pretty appealing.

But can getting more spiritual really help your business?

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How to Develop an Endless Source of
Ideas that Sell

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Your bottom line is bottoming out. Your customers are looking elsewhere. Your well of new ideas has run dry. What can you do?

You could turn to your accountant for money-saving schemes, or hire a lawyer to re-structure your business. You could bring in a salesperson to drum up customers.

I’ll bet you wouldn’t think a technique used by designers could help you out of a bad spot.

The technique I’ll outline here is the secret to creating products and services your customers will buy. It’s a powerful way to keep your well of ideas overflowing.

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The 7 Essential Steps to Creating
Your Content Masterpiece

image of Johann Sebastian Bach

In the UK, we have a derogatory term for newspapers: chip wrappers. No matter how good, today’s front page wraps tomorrow’s fish and chips.

Bloggers can relate. You slave for hours to write a stellar article that bursts into the limelight for only a few days, or even hours, before it’s forgotten. Readers who find you this week won’t know what you wrote last week, much less last year.

It’s tough to feel like even your best work is destined to become nothing but a chip wrapper.

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