The (Unfinished) Story of an Accidental Entrepreneur


On this episode of No Sidebar with Brian Gardner, you’ll hear a story of one creative who followed his passion and built a company without a business plan.

In the journey of every person who wants to build a digital business, there comes a point when you need to make a decision. Usually that decision is surrounded by fear, and in some cases that fear can be crippling.

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Giovanni Gallucci on Images as Content and Understanding Usage Rights


Giovanni Gallucci is one of the most generous people Technology Translated host Scott Ellis knows when it comes to sharing his knowledge, and he’s been teaching about image usage and optimization since 2008.

Giovanni is a successful social media consultant and practitioner, videographer, and photographer. He also has a knack for pushing the boundaries of SEO.

He stays on the “light side” of SEO, but by pushing the edges, he is able to find opportunities and gain advantages that most people don’t know about.

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The Intersection of Minimalism and Running a Successful Online Business


Years ago, Courtney Carver was working a day job where she felt unsatisfied and was putting in too many hours.

It was affecting her life at home, as well as her health.

She decided to make some intentional decisions with her life — she turned to the fundamentals of minimalism, removed the unnecessary, and got down to business.

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Bill Kenney on Branding Your Business the Right Way


Whether or not we care to admit it, in today’s world, looks are pretty much everything. The way we are perceived matters, and that’s the bottom line.

It’s time to embrace this reality and start building your business around the idea that at any given moment, you and your business are being judged by your “cover.”

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Website Colors: How to Choose and Use Them


Let’s face it: if you’re not a trained artist or designer, color can be a tricky thing to use correctly.

When you’ve got your website colors working right, your brand will look polished, professional, and cohesive.

But if you don’t get your colors right — or you simply use too much color, your website can end up looking like a carnival.

Which is perfect … if you sell carnival supplies. But not for the rest of us!

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Growth and Rebranding of No Sidebar


Today’s episode of No Sidebar is an inside look at the why and what of the rebrand.

When you experience growth of any kind, it’s natural to make an assessment of the changes that might become necessary in order to scale properly.

Such was the case with, and Brian Gardner thought it would be fun to share the experiences he had while putting it through a transformation.

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