How to Write Not-to-Miss, Valuable, Unique Content


After discovering that content marketing was the perfect fit for her online business, Editor-in-Chief host Stefanie Flaxman realized she had a lot of work to do.

What was she going to write about?

If Stefanie just copied what other freelance copy editors wrote about on their blogs or copied GrammarGirl, her writing wouldn’t stand out.

She didn’t want to invest time creating content that would just be ignored.

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Tenacity and Tissues (or, a Specific Example of Why You’re More Capable Than You Think You Are)


Editor-in-Chief host Stefanie Flaxman likes being extremely prepared when she learns something new.

She wants to have gotten a solid eight hours of sleep the night before. She wants to be in her office, at her desk, working on her iMac. She wants to have her favorite brand of green tea in hand.

But that can’t always happen.

So, this past January Stefanie found herself learning something new in a conference room in a hotel in Dallas, Texas, with a pile of tissues in her lap.

Why did she have tissues in her lap?

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On Taking Responsibility for All of the Communication You Put Out Into the World

You have to communicate clearly before you can form a bond with an audience

I’d like you to take a trip back with me for a moment to first grade. Specifically, when I got my first report card during my first marking period in first grade.

Like both my mother and father before me, I received a certain comment in the miscellaneous section of my report card.

I got average to good marks in all the subjects I was learning at that time, along with this extra note …

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Can You Be a Writer and an Editor-in-Chief?


An editor’s job could be viewed as a writer’s safety net — an opportunity to catch and correct mistakes before the general public views a writer’s work.

But what if an editor regards a section of text as a mistake and the writer regards that same section as an integral part of his work of art?

Right before Rainmaker.FM launched, Editor-in-Chief host Stefanie Flaxman got the chance to talk to her co-worker, Copyblogger Media’s Chief Content Writer Demian Farnworth, about the fragile nature of writer-editor relationships.

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Execute a Practical Editorial Strategy with the ‘Prepare; Don’t Plan’ Philosophy


Are you an Editor-in-Chief?

Editor-in-Chief (noun): a person who assumes complete responsibility for and ownership of all the communication he or she puts out into the world to enable a self-directed, creative career.

Do you want to become one and learn effective ways to take control of your own digital media platform?

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Guest Posting Best Practices From Copyblogger’s Guest Post Gatekeeper

gate opening to a property

Many years ago, when I began developing my personal guest posting strategy, Copyblogger sat atop my “Where I Want to Guest Post” list.

Five years later, I achieved my goal.

So, how did I spend the time between making my list and May 23, 2013 when my first blog post appeared on Copyblogger?

Rigorously practicing my writing, of course.

Although I had high hopes of guest posting for Copyblogger during the early stages of my online copy editing business, it was my rejection from Copyblogger that shaped my subsequent guest posting success.

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