The Problem with the ‘Hell-For-Leather’ Writing Movement


As of late, it’s fashionable to write hell for leather. In fact, there’s a hot cottage industry in the writing culture. But is it good for the writing community? Or detrimental?

For lack of better terms, let’s call this trend the “The Hell-For-Leather Writing Movement.” Or HFLWM.

You see HFLWM in titles like “How to Write Fast,” “Write an Article in 20 Minutes,” and “How Fast Can You Write?”

Growing content demands and aggressive editorial schedules shove this thinking into our faces. But it gets empirical with 5 Personal Writing Metrics Every Content Marketer Should Track by Nate Baker at Raven.

And it also gets personal.

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How an Editor-in-Chief Creates Editorial Standards, Part Two


This week’s installment of the editorial standards series on Editor-in-Chief outlines three digital publishing best practices you can implement right now.

Get ready to start making details a priority …

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Let This Stupid Machine Read Your Copy Out Loud


You know that conventional wisdom that you should read everything you write out loud? Let’s put a twist on that advice.

Say you lost your voice. Or are simply lazy. But you just finished a 300-word article and are ready to refine it. It’s natural to read it out loud to see how it sounds.

So let’s say you do that two or three times. But you are still not satisfied with it. So you want someone else to read it.

But no one is around. Enter Ginger.

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How an Editor-in-Chief Creates Editorial Standards, Part One


Discover how to make your digital business stand out by creating and managing editorial standards that add a superior layer of quality to the work you produce.

Now that we’ve established connection is king, rather than content alone, how do you ensure that your content helps you establish a strong bond with your audience?

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The Anatomy of an Editor-in-Chief of a Digital Business


Discover the five key roles of an Editor-in-Chief and how they help you establish your own digital business.

Through the Editor-in-Chief mindset, you can create a business asset that has the potential to move your career forward.

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An Editor-in-Chief’s Responsibilities in the Digital Age


Jerod Morris, VP of Rainmaker.FM, stops by Editor-in-Chief to discuss the responsibilities of an Editor-in-Chief in today’s on-demand digital content world.

Does the current role of an Editor-in-Chief in the digital space differ from the traditional definition of an Editor-in-Chief?

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