Paul Jarvis on Productivity and Growing Your Online Business


As creative entrepreneurs, we have a tendency to get stuck in the learning process and fail to push the needle by taking action.

Perpetuated by fear and criticism, the failure to launch a product can be crippling. We continually find ourselves spinning our wheels and getting stuck in a place that’s completely avoidable.

It’s a good thing we have pioneers and thought leaders in our space who speak encouraging words that help us take the leap of faith.

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Deadly Conversion Busters: Turning ‘Yeah, But’ Into ‘Yes, Please’


Why is your prospect on the fence?

How can you convert that concern into a reason to buy?

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The 7 Circles of Belief that Drive Customers to Your Business


Nearly all of us make decisions based on our beliefs — including decisions about what to buy and which businesses to connect with.

The 7 Circles of Belief are a spiral path that can bring customers or clients ever closer to your business.

Belief binds us together, often creating micro-tribes within our larger communities. And people want to connect with products and services that are aligned with their beliefs.

When you learn how to communicate your values and beliefs, you’ll pull your audience closer to you, along what we’ve identified as a 7-stage spiral path of belief.

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How to Take Action Before Knowing All the Steps


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who enjoys creating something from nothing. In fact, he has been creating products (both digital and physical) for the past 10 years.

He is currently the Director of Product + Strategy for Movable, a company focused on improving personal well-being by inspiring movement in groups, and was the Co-Founder of, a funeral planning resource that was acquired in 2014.

He is a featured speaker and author on building products, startups, and funding. His latest book, Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us, is now available on Amazon.

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Are Productivity Articles Making You Unproductive?


This week on No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner responds to an article written by Paul Jarvis, entitled “On becoming digital hoarders.”

Our yearning to find information that will somehow magically fill some void in our life continually leaves us unsatisfied.

We are promised endlessly how to make our lives better, how to be more productive, and how to get what we want.

But the reality, and main takeaway from Paul’s article, is at some point, we need to take off the training wheels of acquiring knowledge and ride the bike of applying that knowledge …

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Deadly Conversion Busters: Turning Fear Into Trust


Is fear stopping your audience from engaging, subscribing, or purchasing?

How can you turn that negative into a positive, while helping you stand out in your market?

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