Is ‘Choose Yourself’ Good Advice … or New-Age Phooey?


Seth Godin says “pick yourself.” Choose yourself. Select yourself. It’s a refrain we hear across the web. But what does it really mean?

On the latest episode of The Lede, the second in the “Hero versus Villain” series, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth debate this question.

Before you listen, see if you can guess which side of the debate each of them is on. ;-)

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Making Time for Your Online Business in the Fringe Hours


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is different than every other guest who has been on the show so far. She is an entrepreneur, but only during her “Fringe Hours.”

One of the hardest parts of starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is finding the time. This can get even harder when you have a job, family, and all of the demands that come with both.

She has a full-time job working in social media and content development at a Children’s hospital, she is a mom to three beautiful children — the youngest being only a few weeks old at the time of this conversation.

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Brian Kurtz on Avoiding the ‘Entrepreneurial Gap’


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur has recently ended a 34-year career as a serial direct marketer and made the transition from intrapreneur to entrepreneur.

He made this transition while taking Boardroom Inc. — which he worked within and later became a partner of — from around $3 million in revenues in 1981 to a high of $150 million and creating marketing messages that have reached more than one billion people.

As of last January, Jon Nastor’s guest made the official and final step into entrepreneurship with the launch of his own consulting business. To kick it off, he held a conference called The Titans of Direct Response and featured today’s greatest direct marketing entrepreneurs.

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On Pink Hair, Marketing, and Business on Your Own Terms

image of Copyblogger CCO Sonia Simone

It’s always interesting being in an airport as a person with pink hair — especially when I’m traveling for business.

Pink hair is a little more mainstream these days (curse you, Nicki Minaj), but it still gets attention.

Small children think I’m some kind of live-action muppet, which I enjoy very much.

TSA security officials look at the combination of the pink hair and the business jacket, and give me a puzzled smile. My fellow business travelers give me confused looks … mixed, sometimes, maybe with a tiny bit of jealousy as well.

Anything you do that’s visibly different will get people telling stories in their own heads. Pink hair seems to inspire stories about freedom from arbitrary rules, about navigating the economic changes of the 21st century, about 4-hour workweeks.

The 4-hour workweek part is bogus, but the rest of it has some merit.

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Most Things in Business and Life Fail (and Why That’s Okay)


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is one of host Jon Nastor’s all-time favorite writers, and Jon rarely goes more than a few months without rereading his book Choose Yourself.

He is a hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, blogger, and podcaster.

He has founded (or cofounded) more than 20 companies, and 17 have failed. He sold one for $15 million and spent all of the money — all of it. Then he built and sold another within its first year for $10 million.

He fails quickly. He fails frequently. He claims Entrepreneurship is a sentence of failures punctuated by brief success.

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How to Build Your Digital Business with the ‘MVP’ Process


Last week on The Mainframe, Tony Clark explained how he and Brian Clark built Copyblogger into an eight-figure business using the minimum viable product process.

In this episode, Chris Garrett and Tony explain how you can implement the MVP process in your own business for faster time to market, better customer experience, more effective launches, and profitable bootstrap funding.

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