Josh Pigford on Shipping, Hiring Smart People, and Not Being Epically Wrong


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a self-proclaimed maker — but host Jon Nastor would call him an entrepreneur, writer, designer, developer, and master marketer.

He has been developing and shipping products online for more than 10 years now and has seen his share of successes and not-so-successful ventures.

He is currently the founder of Baremetrics, software analytics and reporting for Stripe. Baremetrics seemingly came out of nowhere with an awesome content marketing strategy, lead by today’s guest, on the Baremetrics blog — one of the best software business blogs on the Internet.

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The Oddest Story About Overcoming Obscurity You’ll Ever Hear


It’s a monumental moment in the history of Rough Draft because we are going to break — for the first time ever — the monologue mold of Rough Draft.

In fact, we’re going to do it all week.

See, Demian Farnworth has four short interviews for you from four superb web writers. People who will teach you fabulous lessons on overcoming obscurity, finding your voice, choosing the right words, and rapidly expanding your audience.

Right now, you’ll hear from the lovely James Chartrand, a single mom with two kids who built a world-class design and copywriting boutique called Men with Pens.

But her ride wasn’t pretty. Her story is one of intrigue and forced anonymity. And downright sexism.

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5 Reasons Why It’s Practical and Profitable to Share Your Expertise Online

how to find students who care

We were silent as the car left the coziness of our home to the bright lights of the train station. I’d never been so anxious.

At the drop-off bay, I opened the door to leave and gave a barely noticeable lurch … barely noticeable. My husband looked at me with wide eyes.

“Did you just throw up in your mouth?!”

“No …” (I lied.)

And so I went, to run the copywriting workshop that made me (almost) decide to give up live workshops altogether and only teach online.

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Showrunner ‘Short': The 4 Essential Elements of a Remarkable Podcast


Do you want to create a podcast for listeners?

Or do you want to deliver a remarkable audio experience to your audience?

In this reprisal of his presentation at Authority Rainmaker, Jerod Morris dives deep into the four essential elements of a remarkable audience experience.

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Behind the Scenes: Authority Rainmaker, the Next Wave of Rainmaker.FM Shows, and the Departure of Robert Bruce


Here’s the “too long, didn’t listen version” … Authority Rainmaker was awesome (if we do say so ourselves). Especially Henry Rollins.

We’re launching a whole bunch of new shows on Rainmaker.FM. This is exciting.

Robert Bruce is leaving the show. He makes Benedict Arnold look like Arnold from Happy Days.

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Editor-in-Chief: The Reader’s Advocate


An Editor-in-Chief evaluates what’s best for the reader in ways a writer does not …

Discover why a writer’s “final” draft is different from an Editor-in-Chief’s “final” draft.

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