Solve Your Blank-Page Problem With This Visual, 3-Step Content Creation System

A visual system for organizing your content ideas

In the movie Amadeus, the creatively frustrated composer Antonio Salieri discovers pages of Mozart’s original, handwritten compositions and remarks, with utter anguish:

He had simply written down music already finished in his head. Page after page of it — as if he were just taking dictation.

When it comes to writing, do any of us know what that feels like?

Maybe once in a blue moon we are lucky enough to stumble into a Mozart-esque state of content creation — dropping perfectly formed prose into our blog or ebook without any struggle.

For most of us content marketers, this is not the case, even though we aren’t short of inspiration, ideas, or coherent thoughts.

Why? Because we’re writing backwards.

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How Demian Farnworth (Copyblogger’s Chief Content Writer) Writes


Welcome to The Writer Files, a tour of the habits, habitats, and brains of renowned writers — from online content creators, to fictionists, journalists, entrepreneurs, and beyond.

Great writing is more vital and in demand than it’s ever been.

But sometimes writers get stuck — the right words don’t appear, we get distracted, or worse, lose interest in our work — and that’s when the solitary nature of writing can become a curse.

Host Kelton Reid is here to remind you that all writers have moments of doubt, feelings of ineffectiveness, and droughts where the words won’t flow.

For writers to stay productive, creative, and sane, sometimes we just need to take a look at how other scribes find ways keep the ink flowing and the cursor moving.

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A Personal Story about How to Lose Your Fear of Hitting Publish


Your online business won’t go anywhere until you hit publish.

Great content needs to see the light of day, and that means pushing past your fears on a regular basis.

But how exactly is that supposed to happen?

This week on Hit Publish, host Pamela Wilson shares a personal story about compassion and fear. You’ll come away with a new mindset about your content — one that will help you feel the fear, but forge ahead and hit publish anyway.

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Immaturity, Impulsiveness, and the Art of Becoming an Entrepreneur


Before today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur built a successful company in China, he was just a wandering 20-year-old backpacker, only looking for an adventure.

He planned on making a brief stop in the city of Beijing to earn some funds, see the Great Wall, and move on to his next adventure.

Turns out, that trip would do more than just earn him enough funds to travel; it would lead him to become a pillar of Beijing’s pop culture. He is the founder and Creative Dictator of China’s first streetwear clothing brand, Plastered T-Shirts.

He has also been awarded the British Chamber of Commerce in China’s Entrepreneur Award in his home country of England.

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How to Answer the Most Important Question About Becoming an Exceptional Writer


Have you ever asked yourself why you want to become a writer?

You should. Because writing can be a thankless job. Like doing the laundry.

Listen. There will be times when you will hit a wall. You are exhausted. Lost. Broken. And you’ll ask yourself, “Why?”

Why am I doing this to myself?

You have to be able to answer that question. At the drop of a hat. All exceptional writers can. And when you do, you’ll walk away gritting your teeth, buckling down, and girding your loins.

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The Single Most Important Reason Why You Should Start a Podcast

the truth behind what makes podcasts work

What are the most intimate activities that you do on a daily basis?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. Not those activities. Okay, so I walked right into that one. My bad. Let me tweak that …

What are the next-most intimate activities you do each day?

Probably bathe and dress, drive to and from work, walk your dog, work out, etcetera.

These are activities that are important, often routine, and you typically do them on your own. You don’t broadcast them to the world or share them. If you do share them with anyone, it’s a spouse, a significant other, or a very close friend.

So … then why are Demian and I talking to you about content marketing while you shower?

And why is Robert Bruce telling you a story while you take your pooch for an afternoon walk?

And why is Sonia Simone answering juicy questions while you sweat and struggle through a treadmill workout?

Because you invited us.

That’s the power of podcasting.

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