The Benefits of Bootstrapping


The average multi-millionaire has seven different sources of income. But that’s not what you hear about, is it? That’s not what gets the press.

Instead, you hear about The Game. You know The Game … get funded, make no profit. Even better, make no revenue, cash out big, retire on an island.

This is mostly fantasy, and is becoming more so each day, as investors now turn to companies with fast-growing revenue, sustainable profit, and solid management.

But do you need an investor at all? For businesses that take smart advantage of the unique power of the Internet, probably not.

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How to Protect Your Customers by Understanding PCI Compliance for Credit Card Security


Qualified Security Assessor Sean Mathena reveals the inside scoop on PCI (Payment Card Industries) compliance and the rules you need to understand when accepting credit cards in your business, online or offline.

PCI compliance is about securing credit card information and protecting your customers.

Sean Mathena is a Qualified Security Assessor and one of the most experienced Level 1 PCI assessors in the world. Your reputation and your business can be damaged or destroyed if you aren’t securing credit card data properly.

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Are You Giving Too Much Away for Free?


The question of how much content to give away for free (and what to charge for) always vexes online content creators.

Fortunately, there is a rather simple rule of thumb to guide you.

The Showrunner hosts Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor begin this episode by following up on last week’s listener question regarding which link is better to include in weekly episode emails: the platform link or the iTunes link. They looked at The Showrunner data and have a better answer for you.

Then Jerod and Jonny dive into the topic of the week: how much content you should give away, and what you should be charging for.

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How to Move Prospective Customers Deeper Into the ARC Reactor with Segmentation


Are you sending the right people, the right messages, at the right time?

Or are you annoying people with irrelevant, unhelpful clutter?

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Vexed by Your Bankrupt Vocabulary? Listen to This


You can spot a mediocre writer from miles away …

Flat verbs. Obtuse nouns. Lame metaphors. Absence of stories. Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth should know. He used to be one.

In regard to the mediocre writers, it seems that they’d want an edge. That they’d kill to get their hands on words that crank out power like a Floyd Mayweather right hook.

That they’d do whatever they could. Even read unorthodox books.

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6 Easy Ways to Adapt Your Writing Style to the New World of Content Consumption

it's a brave new fast-paced content world

You ease yourself into the coziest chair you own, a warm beverage by your side, a blanket over your legs, and the glow of a reading lamp over your shoulder.

It’s time to sink into a nice, long session of reading.

You pull apart the pages of the nonfiction book you’re working your way through, and you begin a new chapter.

It starts with an inspiring quote. Then the author tells a story.

Eventually, she comes around to the topic at hand. Now that you’re warmed up, she’s going to share some information with you.

What’s the online version of this scene?

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