How to Read a Book in 2 Hours


If you’re like Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth, you like to read. And you like to read a lot.

In fact, some people might call you obsessed. Demian gets that all the time. No surprise, since he tries to read 100 books every year …

But it can be frustrating. Daily demands. Lack of time. Big books. You get so close to reading 100 … but alas, at the end of the year Demian falls, slump headed, 16, 20, or 40 books away from his goal.

If that’s you too, you’re not alone.

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The Shocking Way to Master Any Book


What Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth is about to say might make you grit your teeth. Clench your fist. Or even pick up a crow bar …

Demian wants to show you why marking in a book is a good thing. And he wants to show you that unless you do this, you’re likely missing out on the best kind of reading.

The point of reading a good book is not to see how many you can get through. The point is to see how many get through to you.

How many you absorb into your blood. Marking in it helps you do that.

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What You Don’t Know About Copyright Can Hurt You

are you breaking the law with your content?

As writers, we are very protective of our own creations.

But when we perform research on a topic and come across the perfect passage on a website, or an image that perfectly captures the essence of the point we are trying to make, sometimes it can be tempting to just copy and paste it into our own content.

With that one move, however, you commit copyright infringement — which could cost you your reputation and your business.

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How Sarah Stodola (Author of ‘Process: The Writing Lives of Great Authors’) Writes


Journalist and creative non-fiction author Sarah Stodola shared her writer’s file with host Kelton Reid in this episode of The Writer Files.

Her recent book Process: The Writing Lives of Great Authors is a fascinating collection of the habits and habitats of heralded scribes.

Ms. Stodola is also an accomplished journalist and editor whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Mental Floss, The Daily Beast, The Fiscal Times, Condé Nast Traveler, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, Storyboard, Slate, and many others.

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9 Copywriting Books for Web Writers


Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth doesn’t care who you are — a blogger, freelance journalist, ghostwriter, or ad copywriter — if you are writing on the web, then you need to read these copywriting books.

Two are more recent than the others (and Influence by Robert Cialdini is not technically a direct response copywriting book).

But these are the books Demian would demand you read if teaching a ground-level graduate course on writing for the web, since so many principles of direct response copywriting obey the unbreakable law of the web.

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What’s Your Favorite Word?


In this episode of Editor-in-Chief, discover why you should let go of your preferences to become a more mature writer.

Examine your writing like an Editor-in-Chief to keep your audience engaged and to continue growing as a content creator.

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