The Best of Copyblogger in 2012

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For a mere blog, Copyblogger has been around for quite awhile now. And we’ve developed a few traditions.

One of them is that every year, just around the time when you wondered if your relatives were ever going home, we slip in a “Best of Copyblogger” post right before New Year’s.

It’s a chance for you to catch up on something you might have missed.

And it lets us revisit content we are particularly proud of.

These are some of our votes for the best Copyblogger articles from 2012, based both on your enthusiasm and our own.

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The Granola-Munching Hippie’s Guide to All-Natural SEO

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This is the fourth post in the “Content Connections” series

You may have heard the bell tolling for SEO.

It’s dying. It’s dead. It’s so 2011. Google killed it.

If you’ve read articles about this, and believed them, you have my permission to not tell anyone about your foolishness.

Because the “SEO is dead” story is dangerously, laughably wrong.

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What Michael Phelps’ 19th Olympic Medal Can Teach You About Smarter Online Marketing

image of Olympian Michael Phelps
If you were an Olympic-caliber swimmer, you could be forgiven for sort of hating Michael Phelps.

On Tuesday, he broke the record for holding more Olympic medals than any other athlete in history — 19 medals, of which 15 are gold.

During this summer Olympics, he’s been battling it out in a widely-publicized rivalry with his U.S. teammate Ryan Lochte.

Even a casual observer gets the impression that Lochte is, well, kind of sick of hearing about how great Michael Phelps is.

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How Great Web Design Grows Your Audience

image of the Generate theme for WordPress

Let’s quickly review: Email marketing works.

In fact, none of the shiny new communication technologies even come close. With more than 188 billion messages sent every day, email is a more important and influential tool for your business than it has ever been.

Email isn’t going anywhere, and we think it’s time you got serious about building your email list.

Our StudioPress division has built the Generate theme for WordPress to help you get that done.

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Introducing The Lede: A Copywriting and Content Marketing Sheet

The Lede |

Welcome to The Lede.

Every week I’ll be digging up and linking to stories, news, and opinion relevant to online marketing and copywriting.

Email, social media, innovation, SEO, productivity, mobile, conversion, publishing, and everything in between.

No commentary, just a fast, single page of headlines that you can grab, scan, and squeeze for all they may (or may not) be worth.

All right then, on with it …

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A Social Media Marketing Case Study: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

image of Jonathan Field's Uncertainty

I started blogging in 2007 because I’d just signed my first book deal with Random House and I realized that social media was about to become a huge tool in any author’s marketing arsenal.

What I didn’t realize was how huge.

It’s become the core of my marketing outreach not just for books, but for everything I do.

But with the launch of my new book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance, I decided to take things to an entirely different level, test a bunch of new strategies, and bring video strongly into the picture.

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