The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing

plug in to social media essentials

By now you know it’s a bad idea to be a digital sharecropper and build your business entirely on someone else’s land (like Facebook, Tumblr, or any other third party you don’t control).

But you may be asking yourself, “What type of social media marketing should I be doing?”

How are savvy businesses using social media effectively to find more customers, boost their reputations, and make more sales?

Here are the seven essentials that will turn your social media marketing from an annoying time-waster to an effective bottom-line booster.

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Up Periscope: Why Twitter’s Live Streaming App is a Personal Branding Game-Changer


Today’s episode of Youpreneur.FM is all about the latest social media favorite, Periscope, and how it’s taking the online marketing world by storm.

Chris gives tips on how to start your own scopes and how he’s been able to monetize the app himself.

He has seen firsthand how this app increases personal brand recognition like nothing else on the market right now. In fact, Chris is such a believer, he has devoted an entire show to helping you utilize Periscope for building your audience and your business.

Chris highlights some of the biggest benefits and useful tips so you get the most bang for your Periscope buck. He talks about how best to engage your viewers, why you must be consistent with your Periscope schedule, why you should watch your replays, and a whole lot more!

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Revisiting Authenticity: What It Is, What It’s Not, and Why It Matters


Creating a remarkable experience for an audience starts with authenticity, which should never be confused with transparency.

In this week’s episode of The Lede, Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth (Hey! They’re back together again!) tackle the topic of authenticity to give you a better understanding of how to create an authentic connection with your audience, no matter what type of content you’re creating.

Jerod has discussed authenticity a lot in relation to podcasts. He wanted to hear Demian’s thoughts on how developing an authentic connection may differ depending on the medium.

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The Art of Branding


Your brand isn’t what you say it is … it’s what your customers and clients say it is. That doesn’t mean you can’t influence the space you occupy in the minds of your intended audience, as long as you understand the role you’re playing.

Beyond your logo, and your site design, and your copy, your brand is how the right people perceive the value and assistance you provide for the journey they’re going on. In short, branding is the culmination of everything you say and do as perceived by them.

Today, Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative & Consulting joins Brian Clark to geek out about the art of branding. Braid specializes in branding & business visioning for creative entrepreneurs, so tune in for some actionable advice on building the right brand for you.

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Michael Port on the Power of Presentation


You may know Michael Port as the author of the small business classic Book Yourself Solid. But did you know that he was once a professional actor, with roles on Third Watch, Law and Order, and Sex and the City?

Given his unique mix of business savvy and acting skills, it makes sense that Michael is committed to creating heroic public speakers. Whether or not you ever get on stage, though, we’re all in the presentation business when it comes to building our businesses.

Of course, speaking engagements can be one of the most effective forms of “content marketing” for freelancers and entrepreneurs. But the same skills are required for podcasting, Periscoping, and pitching.

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Bringing More Emotion into Your Writing, from the Inside Out


Great content and copywriting builds emotional resonance. But how does that happen? And do you need to be a “genius” writer to create it?

Handling emotion in your writing is a favorite topic of many writers — from novelists to copywriters and including those who write content for the web.

But sometimes we mistake professionalism for whitewashing, and we miss out on using a full range of emotions to create content worth reading and sharing.

Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer host Sonia Simone recently saw the wonderful movie Inside Out, and it sparked some thoughts about how professional writers bring emotion to their work.

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