A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Growth and Rebranding of No Sidebar


Today’s episode of No Sidebar is an inside look at the why and what of the NoSidebar.com rebrand.

When you experience growth of any kind, it’s natural to make an assessment of the changes that might become necessary in order to scale properly.

Such was the case with NoSidebar.com, and Brian Gardner thought it would be fun to share the experiences he had while putting it through a transformation.

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The Princess of Profanity on Finding Your Voice as a Writer


Are you comfortable in your own skin? Or do you feel awkward and out of place? If the latter, then today’s episode of Rough Draft is for you.

Whenever host Demian Farnworth talks about authenticity or finding your voice, Erika Napoletano is always his go-to person for someone who’s owned her personality with an unapologetic, straightforward flair.

Don’t let her blunt approach and love of swear words drive you away, though. She is utterly human — full of compassion, humor, and business wisdom.

But she wasn’t always that way.

Her story of getting there is one of heartbreak. And trust Demian when he says you will cry. He did.

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Deadly Conversion Busters: How to Craft Your Uniqueness and Stand Out from the Competition


How do you get your market to notice, remember, and value you, when there are so many competing and conflicting messages out there vying for their attention?

And why did Tony record this session from within a pillow fort?

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Showrunner Short: Why Color Psychology Matters for Your Branding


There are many elements to take into account when you are determining how you will brand your podcast. Don’t overlook the psychological impact of the colors you choose.

In this Showrunner Short, Jerod Morris delivers a quick lesson on the oft-overlooked importance of color psychology in podcast branding. It matters both for your podcast’s artwork and for the overall branding of your platform.

How do you want your content to make your audience feel? What kind of emotional connection are you trying to make?

Your color choices should fall in line with the answers to these questions.

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About Pages: How to Fascinate and Engage with Just One Look


If you want your website’s About page to work, you have to answer one crucial question.

And no, the question isn’t, “How many years have you been in business?”

It’s the one question that’s at the top of your site visitor’s mind. And if you answer it to her satisfaction, there’s a good chance she’ll stick around to see what else you have for her.

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The Right Way to Approach Branding Your Podcast


You may think that branding your podcast begins with the name and ends with your show art. Not so.

There is so much more to it, and it’s vitally important that you get it right from the beginning.

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