Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media?

image of social networking logos

I’ve noticed a weird trend lately.

For some reason, people seem to be equating social media with social networking.

At the same time, they seem to be treating blogs as something other than social media.

I find this very strange indeed.

For example, here the author proclaims that he’s quitting social media and gives his reasons why. But he goes on to state that he’ll continue to produce content on his own blog.

So what exactly is he quitting?

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3 Steps to Writing Copy that Speaks to Real Desire

image of heart in a wrench

When you’re doing your best work with your clients, it can be magical, sacred. There’s almost something holy about what you do, like you aren’t there at all.

And that’s what your clients love most too — those moments of transcendence in the work and the relationship.

The best businesses always originate from an attitude of service, and Copyblogger has talked many times about putting your customer’s needs before your own.

But if you try to talk about this sacredness in your copywriting, it doesn’t make an impact.

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48 Elements of Persuasive Written Content

image of old locked door

You feel your blood pressure rising.

Maybe you’re mad, maybe you’re inspired, or maybe you’re just excited to find someone who really, truly gets you. Regardless, your attention is riveted — you can’t look away.


You’ve just been spellbound by content that persuades. It grabs us like nothing else can.


The truth is, words are very powerful things.

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How to be a World-Changing Writer

image of a young writer

As a copywriter, you know that words have power.

You know words can influence, inform, and inspire.

They can persuade your fellow humans to do some amazing things (or to do the wrong things, but we won’t go there today).

What you may not realize is that your words can change the world.

Here’s something else that’s really cool that you might not have realized …

The keys to world-changing writing are also the keys to damn good copywriting.

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Putting the Social Back into Social Media:
40 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience

image of number 40 on old car

Is your blog a lonely place?

Maybe no one is visiting. Or, if they visit, maybe they don’t comment.

Maybe they don’t share your post on social networking sites. Or they don’t subscribe to your email list.

Or maybe you’ve got the big problem — you can’t convert the traffic you do get into buying customers.

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58 Ways to Create Persuasive Content Your Audience Will Love

image of pen and paper on wooden desk

Would you like to become a better writer?

Would you like to create content that people will remember, tweet, and plus?

How about content that inspires your audience to click, subscribe or buy? That’s the Holy Grail, right?

It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t.

You’re about to become a writer that’s incredibly persuasive and completely unforgettable.


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