Pro Tips on Building an Audience That Will Stick with You


This week on The Showrunner, get a sneak peek at the lessons inside The Showrunner Podcasting Course as Chris Garrett and Christina Canters provide expert advice on the right way to build, and even move, your audience.

The episode opens with a reflection on the unique experience Jerod and Jonny shared this week: Jerod stepping into Jonny’s Hack the Entrepreneur host shoes and hacking … Jonny.

The occasion? The 100th episode of Hack the Entrepreneur. (And yes, there was an important lesson learned.)

Then it’s sneak peek time.

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How to Master the Technology that Drives Your Digital Business

frustrated man at laptop - time to conquer your fear of technology

Technology is frustrating when you’re not a technical person, and dealing with “techies” is even more so.

Developers, designers, and power users speak a different language, and often lose sight of the day-to-day challenges that entrepreneurs and freelancers face.

Users want tech to “just work,” and technologists often throw up their hands and tell everyone to reboot … again.

It cuts both ways, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

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Why the Phrase ‘Leaders Are Readers’ Should Die


The prevailing business and management wisdom over the years has been that “leaders are readers.”

Is this still true today?

With the emergence of technology like podcasts and an over-abundance of opportunities to learn, it seems like the landscape may be changing … In fact, was the idea “leaders are readers” ever really true?

And so, in this new edition of “Hero v. Villain” on The Lede Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth debate the issue with the hot vehemence that only white Midwesterners can truly muster.

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The One Irrefutable, Universal Law of Podcasting Success

a train - the surprising power of showing up day after day

There is no secret to podcasting success. There is just this:

Show up.

Show up reliably.

Show up reliably over time.

Showing up isn’t half the battle. It’s not 90 percent of the battle. It is the battle.

It’s the battle for audience attention — that grueling war of attrition in which attitude always triumphs over aptitude.

And your attitude is revealed by when you show up, how you show up, and how long you show up over time.

It’s simple to say. It’s hard to do.

Which is why the rewards are so great for those who stick it out.

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The Keys to Being Confident in Front of the Microphone


Meekness has no place in front of a microphone.

But, for new showrunners who are just getting started, and even grizzled showrunners who still deal with the roller coaster of human emotion, how do you develop and maintain the confidence necessary to run a remarkable show?

This episode was inspired by a reader email, the kind of email that would make any showrunner’s day. Included in the email was a request that Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor cover a new topic: confidence.

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Handing the Mic to Amy Harrison, Your New Hit Publish Host


In this episode of Hit Publish, you’ll meet Amy Harrison (your new host!) and learn about the plans she has for the future of the Hit Publish podcast.

Yes, Pamela Wilson is handing the mic to Amy Harrison on this episode of Hit Publish.

Find out why you’re going to love listening to Amy, and hear what she has in store for the future of the show!

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