A New Way to Think About Your Show’s U.S.P.


One of the common threads from the speakers at Authority Rainmaker was the importance of differentiation.

In this new episode of The Showrunner, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor provide a new way to view the unique selling proposition of your show.

After opening with a brief discussion about incredible benefits you can gain from taking online relationships offline, Jerod and Jon dig into differentiation.

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Showrunner ‘Short': The 4 Essential Elements of a Remarkable Podcast


Do you want to create a podcast for listeners?

Or do you want to deliver a remarkable audio experience to your audience?

In this reprisal of his presentation at Authority Rainmaker, Jerod Morris dives deep into the four essential elements of a remarkable audience experience.

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Behind the Scenes: Authority Rainmaker, the Next Wave of Rainmaker.FM Shows, and the Departure of Robert Bruce


Here’s the “too long, didn’t listen version” … Authority Rainmaker was awesome (if we do say so ourselves). Especially Henry Rollins.

We’re launching a whole bunch of new shows on Rainmaker.FM. This is exciting.

Robert Bruce is leaving the show. He makes Benedict Arnold look like Arnold from Happy Days.

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The 3 Components of Podcast Profitability


Last week, Jerod Morris gave a presentation at Authority Rainmaker entitled “Become a Showrunner: The 4 Essential Elements of a Remarkable Podcast.”

One of those elements is profitability, which he and Jon Nastor break down on this week’s episode of The Showrunner.

Jerod and Jon begin by sharing their biggest “Oh crap!” moments while recording, then dive into a discussion about podcast profitability.

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The Importance of Treating Sponsorship Like Partnerships


Only a few months after launching Hack the Entrepreneur, Jon Nastor was receiving unsolicited sponsorship requests.

One turned out to be a perfect fit.

In this episode of The Showrunner, Jon takes us behind the scenes of how his deal with FreshBooks came about.

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How a Podcast Is Born [Infographic]

how a podcast is born

To borrow a phrase from LL Cool J’s immortal poetry, “Don’t call it a comeback …”

Podcasting has been around for years. Unless you’ve been unconscious for the last year, however, you may have noticed the podcast contagion that’s connecting a growing number of headphone wearers with educational, specialized, and entertaining on-demand audio content at the click of a Subscribe button.

Copyblogger has bet big on podcasting for some very compelling reasons including:

  • The proliferation of smartphones
  • All-pervading bluetooth technology in cars and homes
  • And the powerful ability of a podcast to start a conversation with an audience that breathes new life into our words

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