How to Immediately Become a More Productive (and Better) Writer

a small step to improve your writing today

You want to become a better writer.

I know this because you’re reading Copyblogger.

I also know that you fear becoming a better writer.

This I know because you must change to become better and to fear change is to be human.

But what if I told you that you only need to change one thing — one small thing — to achieve your goal of becoming a better writer?

Would you believe me?

You should. It’s not just theory; it’s science.

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How to Maintain Well-Being While Building Your Business


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a creative and somewhat reluctant entrepreneur.

She is the founder of The Sherman Project and

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she studied under healers and scholars from all around the world and has completed her PhD at the University of Minnesota, with a research focus in healing therapies for well-being promotion.

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The Counterintuitive Truth About Working Hard


You can stay on top of your content production schedule without getting burned out.

Listen to this week’s episode of Editor-in-Chief to get digital publishing tips that help you manage your workload.

You’ll discover why taking a break is part of hard work. What type of breakthrough will you have when you take a break?

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A Crash Course in Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a path-finding coach, speaker, writer, non-conformist, and entrepreneur.

She is co-host of the Wild Crazy Meaningful Life podcast. She offers path-finding and peaceful productivity courses and has given inspirational talks at many events, including World Domination Summit and App Camp for Girls.

She has a degree in Logic and Computation and had her dream job as an artificial intelligence programmer, until she decided to follow her heart and help others.

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3 Resources to Help You Become a (More) Productive Content Marketer

Copyblogger Collection: content marketing productivity tips

Each week on my show Editor-in-Chief, I discuss the editorial standards that can help distinguish your content from your competition’s.

Editorial standards for your content include both specific publishing tasks, such as fact-checking, and general publishing processes, such as systems for effectively managing a content calendar.

When you’re the Editor-in-Chief of the content you produce, you have a lot of decisions to make in a limited amount of time, so this week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that show you:

  • How to make the most of your writing time
  • How to get things done like a blue-collar genius
  • How to write one powerful piece of online content each week

Whether you need to produce content daily or once a week, these productivity lessons will help you master the content creation process.

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5 Ways to Write More, Faster, and with Less Stress


This week on Hit Publish, host Amy Harrison is talking momentum and productivity tricks. If you’ve ever found that things get in the way of your flow when you write and wish you could get more out of your writing time, this episode is for you.

On a previous show, Amy looked at how you could create content consistently, even when life gets in the way. Well, since then, a listener wrote a Dear Amy letter and asked about how to make actual writing time more productive.

Amy has struggled more than once to stay focused when she has a content creation project to do, but she’s found some workarounds to keep her on track.

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