5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

What’s one of the most reliable ways to earn an income online?

If done right, affiliate marketing is a hard model to beat.

Problem is, there’s a lot of bad (and unethical) advice out there on how to approach it. So, I’ve invited Sonia Simone and Jessica Commins to jump on the line today to counter that bad advice, and offer their best strategies for effective, ethical, and profitable Affiliate Marketing.

Where do you begin? How do you attract customers? What are the pros and cons of various Affiliate Marketing business plans? How do you make money by building a loyal audience?

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Why Not Sell Physical Stuff With Digital Media?

We know that online marketing works when selling digital products.

When’s the last time you thought about selling physical products online?

Of course, the business of physical widgets is booming, even though Internet types tend to shy away from it. Online marketing doesn’t necessarily mean an exclusively online business.

Ben Settle jumped on the line with me this week to talk about his old school physical information product business.

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Whether You Call it Blogging or Not, Online Content Still Rules

What if most of the business world stopped blogging tomorrow?

Would you stop as well?

No, if that happened, you’d find yourself sitting on the opportunity of a lifetime. Social networking sites would explode with likes and retweets and pins and +1s of your original content all day long.

This is why the annual “blogging is dead” claim is so dumb. Even if it were true, your continued content production would dominate the web in every way.

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Answers to the 3 Biggest Email Marketing Questions We Get

I asked two pros to come on and spill their best advice on the three biggest email marketing questions we get here at Copyblogger.

DJ Waldow joins me and Sonia Simone to discuss:

  • The best way to build an email list
  • The 2 reasons why people open an email
  • The most important element of an email that sells
  • How to write emails that get opened
  • How to stay out of your reader’s spam filters
  • Sonia’s secret weapon of email marketing that works

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How to Newsjack Your Way to Free Media Exposure with David Meerman Scott

What if getting big PR and media exposure for your business or idea were no longer out of your reach or budget?

What if you could “inject” your name or brand into a national or international story of your choosing, becoming part of the story yourself?

David Meerman Scott, a veteran PR and marketing expert, has written a book that teaches you how to accomplish that, and more.

Enter Newsjacking, a powerful way to get seen and heard in today’s big media environment…

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Steven Pressfield and the War of Work

It’s human nature to look for the easy way out.

We dream of the “big break” that will carry us away from our current troubles forever.

Then, along comes a guy like Steven Pressfield.

He’s the type that tells you that this single day is what matters. That money and recognition come and go, but your desk and your work remain.

He’s the type that shatters your illusions about the very nature of work, and the reasons why you do what you do.

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