Seth Godin’s Top Tips for Freelancers


When Brian Clark started his first business in 1998, it turns out he did a lot of things right. It wasn’t until May of 1999 when Brian read a book called Permission Marketing that he realized what he was missing, which led to his first successful business.

Since that time, Seth Godin has written several other marketing classics. In a wonderful twist of fate (given his influence on Brian), he’s even mentioned Brian in a couple of them.

In short, when Seth has something to say, Brian is listening. Earlier this year, Seth created a course for unemployable types, specifically freelancers. So, it seems like a natural thing to bring Mr. Godin on Unemployable as Brian’s second special guest.

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Dan Pink on the State of Free Agent Nation in 2015 (And Beyond)


In 1997, a young man quit his job to become a writer. In January 1998, an article he wrote entitled “Free Agent Nation” appeared in a young magazine called Fast Company, and a career was launched.

That article proved viable demand and led to a book deal. The interesting intersection here is that another young man who had quit his job to become a writer was featured in the book version of Free Agent Nation, and that young man was Brian Clark.

Oh yeah … the first guy’s name is Daniel Pink. He’s written five provocative books, including three long-running New York Times bestsellers: A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human.

So, there was no other choice for Brian’s first guest on Unemployable. Fortunately, Dan said yes.

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How to Pre-Sell Your Product by Offering Tantalizing Samples

increase sales by giving away a taste of your product

Selling a product is much easier when you have a pre-sell strategy in place.

To understand the concept of the pre-sell, it might be a good idea to take a walk around a supermarket.

In this store, you’re likely to see some folks doling out samples of their products. Some days, these folks look kind of forlorn as they passively stand there with their sausage, ice cream, or wine samples as people politely taste their offerings and walk away.

To us, it just looks like a feature that keeps customers happy as they walk around the store.

To the company promoting their products, the samples have the power to dramatically increase sales.

Surely samples don’t work that well, do they?

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The Psychology of Selling Books with Sean D’Souza


Sean D’Souza is the master “Rainmaker.” Through years of experience studying human behavior, Sean has created a powerful business that teaches business owners — and authors — how to sell their wares and provide maximum value.

The bottom line is that everyone who sells anything needs to understand how the human brain works, whether it’s a book or the Brooklyn Bridge.

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The Critical Importance of Customer Onboarding


So many businesses focus solely on getting the sale, but as far as the customer is concerned … the sale is just the beginning.

What comes next can make or break not just that one customer relationship, but the future viability of your business as a whole.

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How Bestselling Author Daniel Pink Writes


Multiple New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink stopped by The Writer Files to chat about his secrets for getting words onto the page.

Mr. Pink is the author of five provocative titles on the subjects of business, work, and human behavior — including To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others — and has written for the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Sunday Telegraph, Fast Company, and Wired.

In addition to having one of the most viewed TED talks of all time — “The puzzle of motivation” — Dan recently hosted and co-executive produced the TV series “Crowd Control” for the National Geographic Channel.

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