A Simple Way to Boost the Credibility of Your Website


It’s not enough today to merely be trustworthy in your digital business, you have to prove it.

Whether you sell products or services, customers have to trust you before they’ll want to do business with you, and building trust online can be a challenge.

People are much more skeptical and cynical these days about the promises made to them. Unscrupulous organizations have eroded consumer trust, so people are much more wary when believing the claims made by a business. Especially if that business is actually trying to sell them something.

So when you have something valuable to offer, it’s important that customers feel comfortable enough to listen to you, engage with your content, and even do business with you.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Leads and Make Sales


Sales prospecting can be a challenge. But luckily, LinkedIn makes it easy — if you’re smart about how to use it.

Eve Mayer (a.k.a. @LinkedInQueen) is one of the most influential women in social media according to Forbes & CNN, and in this episode of The Missing Link, she shares her insights into how to use LinkedIn for sales leads.

If you have ever been in sales, you know how frustrating it can be to find qualified leads. And while LinkedIn makes sales prospecting easier, if you are not careful you can easily ruin your opportunities.

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What You Don’t Know about Your Product Can Kill Your Copy


Your product has two identities. But your customer buys your product because of just one of these identities. Oops.

See, when you pay $5,000 for your son’s braces, you aren’t buying a middle-aged man to follow you around in a white coat … nor are you buying stainless-steel rods to stick in your son’s mouth.

What you are buying are straight teeth. But not even that. You are buying what those straight teeth mean: beauty over bullying.

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5 Insider Tips to Make More Sales During Your Webinars

boost webinar conversions with these five tips

Hosting your own webinars can be incredibly frustrating.

It seems like your competitors are all making tons of money by presenting free promotional webinars. They deliver great content, then do a sales pitch at the end of the webinar and bring in tons of sales.

However, you’re starting to get perturbed. You’re delivering useful, engaging content, and you’re getting rave reviews on every webinar you present. But you can’t seem to make any sales.

At this point, you’re starting to wonder if should continue hosting webinars at all.

I get it. I’ve been there.

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Deadly Conversion Busters: Turning Fear Into Trust


Is fear stopping your audience from engaging, subscribing, or purchasing?

How can you turn that negative into a positive, while helping you stand out in your market?

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Deadly Conversion Busters: Building a Targeted Audience


Lots of people talk about “traffic,” but how can you attract more of the right people?

How can you grow an audience of people you can help the most — people who will see success from using your products and services, and who will be long-term, loyal customers?

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