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How Not to Be a Sleaze (or a Martyr) in Your Business

Don't take shortcuts; they take too long.

Don’t take shortcuts; they take too long.

I first wrote that advice in a post about site quality as an SEO strategy for content marketers.

It sprang back to mind when we lost the incomparable Yogi Berra last week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do Yet Another Blog Post with Yogi Quotes (this is a good collection, if you’re looking for one).

But there’s something about that “so wrong, it’s right” Yogi logic that seems to be a constant in business and in life, and I thought I’d write about it.

So what does that initial advice mean, anyway?

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The Anatomy of Amazing Podcast Show Notes


In this episode of Youpreneur.FM, host Chris Ducker pulls back the red curtain and discusses how a podcast comes together as he talks to Lara Loest, his show notes editor.

Lara breaks down the process, what it takes to put together quality show notes, and understanding new processes.

Lara is the proprietress of Show Notes Made Easy, a company dedicated exclusively to show notes services.

She’ll go through her step-by-step creation process, as well as her recommendations for the effective use of SEO.

Even if you aren’t a podcaster, this episode shows you how to put a process in place to streamline your business and save you time!

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The Evolution of SEO: Adapt or Die


This episode of Search & Deploy discusses the differences between SEO consulting for clients and offering a business solution for the SEO industry.

Today’s guest is Melissa Fach, who reinvented herself in the SEO world after years of consulting and training. She now offers community management for companies that provide SEO tools, data, or conferences.

Since pivoting her professional role in the SEO industry, Melissa has managed the blog publishing and community management for companies such as Moz, AuthorityLabs, and now Pubcon.

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How to Optimize Your Headlines for Content Discovery with Vinegar (Before You Die of Cholera)


Are you curious how the beginning and end of this headline actually fit together? It’s quite a promise to deliver on. Well, hosts Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris do just that on this week’s episode of The Lede, and they improve your content discovery in the process.

And that’s important, because optimizing your content for discovery is a foundational principle of SEO on the modern web. And the element that most influences whether your content gets discovered is the headline.

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3 Ways Writers Must Adjust in a World Dominated by Social Media


The job of the online copywriter is to attract attention, stoke interest, create desire, and incite action. AIDA. Attracting attention used to mainly involve stopping the reader dead in his tracks. A good headline will do that.

Before the web — in the world of print — advertisers bought space in magazines and newspapers. Naturally, promoting an ad in spaces with high volumes of traffic would increase the number of times eyeballs saw the ad.

This meant the front page, back page, inside front, and so on.

In the early days of the web, the sales letter was static. It sat on a page on your website. You drove people to it by banner ads and email. It was all about pulling people to your message.

Then along came social media and the meme. You don’t have to pull people to your idea any longer — if it is good, people will spread it for you.

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How This Social Media Thing Kicked Web Writing Right in the Feels


Before social media entered the stage, a marketer’s job was two-fold: write a compelling landing page and drive traffic to that landing page. But the Internet has changed all of that.

Not so much the Internet, but social media. In particular — networks like Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube — the most potent platforms for transmitting and spreading an idea.

The influence these sites have had on web writing is huge. So huge that some online publishers have changed their editorial processes to reflect this influence.

And some publishers are even launched to take advantage of social sites.

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